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Well, you're CSI Miami investigators. They can either be off the show if you like but you can make them up. There are different positions, I know that, but I'm not majoring in crime scene investigations so I don't know them all. If you do, please tell me :) Oh, and murderer is also available for position

Name: First and last
Age: Above 22
Crush/BF/GF: tell if he/she is a crush or BF/GF
Other: anything else we should know about them

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Name: Miki Lyric
Age: 22
Gender: F
Position: murderer/ former CSI investigator
Personality: revealed in RP
Family: none
Crush/BF/GF: open
Other: was fired from the CSI after found guilty in assisting a murder. She is now a murderer herself, and knows everything about how to clean up the after-math about it

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Name: Shawn Collins
Age: 23
Gender: M
Position: murderer
Personality: revealed in RP
Family: none
Crush/BF/GF: open
Other: works with Miki ocassionally

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Name: Fiona
Position:umm idk
Appearance: (shes the girl lol)
Family: no
Crush/BF/GF: Mike (the guy)
Other: loves to blow things up

Name: Micheal
Age: 24
Gender: Male
Position: burned spy
Personality: TBA
Appearance: guy lol)
Family: no
Other: hes the master of fake accents and disguises

((they are from burn notice so they rock lol))

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Name: Anna ((pronounced like ah-na))
Age: 23
Gender: F
Position: head investigator
Personality: clever, not easily fooled, serious about work, bold, brave, doesn't take things personally, won't let things get her down, she won't usually show weakness
Appearance: dark chocolate brown hair, bright green eyes, slightly taller than average height, very pretty, almost constantly thinking (and it shows), light to average build
Family: none
Crush/BF/GF: open
Other: very good at piecing together parts of a crime to solve it

((go burn notice! haha))

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