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SOLVED: Children's/YA > SOLVED. Children's/YA- A boy living underground with the wicked Queen for a long period of time (after a disaster), then moving back to the surface of the earth [s]

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message 1: by Sarah (last edited Jul 13, 2010 07:45AM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Sarah | 33 comments This book takes place in a fantasy world where there has been some sort of disaster that forces the Queen and a boy (he might be the prince) to live underground for a long period of time. There might have also been a little girl involved. It is possible that the entire society has to live underground, as well. The Queen is very wicked and scares the boy. Either in real life, or in the boy's dreams, the Queen bites off the fingers of children. "Queen" may not be what that particular character is called, but she is a queen-type figure. I think at some point, the people return to the surface of the earth.

The cover of the book was grayish-green. On either the top half or the bottom half of the cover, there was a picture of the Queen wearing a crown. The crown's points was rounded and looked like little white horns.

I read this book in Middle School (1992-1995), and got it from my school's library. Any help finding it would be greatly appreciated! This has driven me crazy for 15 years!

message 2: by J10 (new)

J10 (jantien) | 13 comments Could be "the silver chair" by C.S. Lewis. Good luck!

Sarah | 33 comments That was a good suggestion! However, I have never read that particular Narnia story. I do own it, so I looked at The Silver Chair just to be sure. It is definitely not the book I'm looking for. Thanks anyway!

Sarah | 33 comments I'm bumping this up!

message 5: by M— (last edited Jul 14, 2010 12:45PM) (new) - rated it 3 stars

M— | 379 comments Possibly Children of Time? It was a YA book published in 1989.

It has a boy protagonist who became 'adopted' by a strange woman right before a nuclear event. The woman had adopted other children over the years, hid them sleeping underground while waiting for the radiation levels to drop, and planned to have the children repopulate the Earth. She isn't called 'Queen' in the book, but she does make all the children call her 'Mommy'. The boy becomes close friends with a young girl who was one of the first children the woman had adopted.

I don't remember a finger scene like described in the OP, but there were some dark bits in this book and I wouldn't rule such a scene out of it.

ETA: The more I think on it, the more I think there was such a finger scene in this book. In a dream sequence? And maybe the fingers wriggled like worms or snakes? But were they the boy's fingers or someone else's? Hmm. This is going to bother me until I track down a copy of this book and read it again. :(

message 6: by Philip (new)

Philip (philiphabecker) | 24 comments Xenocide (ignore this cover) first published in 1991, is the third book in the Ender's Game Series/Saga.

There is a "Hive Queen" that lives underground. Ender, along with another boy and two girls go down to visit her and while they're there she bites off the apendages of one of her own kind. She's always referred to as "The Queen" or "The Hive Queen."

There was a disease that made the planet uninhabitable to all except pair groups that adapted...

Anyway, there's a good chance this isn't it, because the "boy," Ender is no longer 6 - as he was in the first book. He's like... 3000/40.

Sarah | 33 comments Thanks, M!!! I think Children of Time is a definite possibility! It is by far the closest book I've seen yet! I just ordered a copy from Amazon, but it may not arrive for a few weeks. I will give an update once I've had a chance to look through my new copy. Even if Children of Time isn't the right book, it looks interesting and I'd like to read it!

Thanks for the suggestion, Philip! I'm pretty sure that Xenocide is not the right book, but I will check it out from the library just to make sure. I don't recall the book being part of a series, and it wouldn't have been like me to start with the third book in the series! Ender's Game is on my to-read list, so thanks for giving me more motivation to read the series by sparking my interest in the third book!

message 8: by Lisa (new)

Lisa Vegan (lisavegan) | 1382 comments Thanks, Sarah. We'll be eager to hear if it's the book. Do you want this thread moved to possibly solved or should it just stay here until you've seen the book?

M— | 379 comments Sarah wrote: "Even if Children of Time isn't the right book, it looks interesting and I'd like to read it! "

Oh, wonderful! I really liked it myself as teen. Even if it isn't want you were looking for, I hope you enjoy it!

Sarah | 33 comments I'd like to keep it as unsolved in case it isn't the right book and other people have suggestions while I'm waiting for my book to arrive. Thanks!

message 11: by rivka (last edited Jul 15, 2010 10:09AM) (new)

rivka | 303 comments Xenocide is a great book, and you should read Ender's Game NOW*, but I don't think Xenocide is the book you are looking for.

*Really. It's all right, we'll just wait here till you're done.

Sarah | 33 comments My 15-year search is over! I have read Children of Time and it is definitely the book I've been looking for!!! Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU, M!!!!!! The more I look at the book cover, the more I remember it (who knows where my description came from!). I feel like this unreachable itch at the back of my brain has finally been scratched! Thanks again!


M, the finger scene is in this book, and is what made me absolutely positive that it is the right book. It was in a dream, though it was "Mommy's" fingers that looked like snakes, and she breaks some of them off instead of biting them off. Hopefully, this won't bother you anymore! :)

message 13: by Lisa (new)

Lisa Vegan (lisavegan) | 1382 comments Thanks Sarah (and M & everybody.)

Sarah, Thanks for adding the book to the bookshelf. I edited your entry to add the young adult shelf, and a link to this thread also.

message 14: by M— (new) - rated it 3 stars

M— | 379 comments Fabulous, Sarah! I'm so glad!

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