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Here are our reviews for Elantris.

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Wonderful! Sanderson is able to make such unique worlds and systems of magic that it always leaves me astounded. The story is the most unique fantasy book that I have read and he is able to create characters that I completely fall in love with. I recommend it to all!

Most fantasy books that I have read, including other Sanderson books, have a little more action in them while Elantris seems a little more focused on suspense in the political world he created. However, he brings in some intense action sequences near the end that were superbly implemented.

My only complaint would be the lack of knowledge concerning other magiks that are introduced but never explored. This is a standalone novel but at the same time it leaves room to go further into the world of Elantris. I don't know if Sanderson is going to write future books in this world but I would love it if he did.

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