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Hey Group, I am DrJon - a new member from Tennessee. I have read and re-read all of the Dresden Files. Harry is one of my favorite characters of all time. I read A LOT, but these books are so good - all of his characters, dialogue, development, plot, etc.. are all so superlative, that everything pales in comparison. The Codex Alera is not (in my opinion) nearly as good as the Dresden Files, but I would still read classified ads if they were written by Jim Butcher.

message 2: by Gregory (new)

Gregory Haney (haneyg) | 40 comments Mod
Welcome Jon, you are certainly in the right group!

I agree that The Dresden Files are Butcher's stunning achievement, and Hell's Bells it brings great joy to know that he is only halfway done with the series!

message 3: by Patrick (new)

Patrick | 17 comments While Dresden is certainly a 'fun' series, I must disagree that they are Butcher's best work. His Codex Alera series is far better (did you read them all or even all of book 1?). They're not even in the same league frankly [IMO of course :D].

message 4: by Gregory (new)

Gregory Haney (haneyg) | 40 comments Mod
I'd say it's hard to choose on that front. The Dresden Files and Codex Alera are two completely different fantasy genres in respect. Dresden is more urban fantasy, with dark gritty humor and bitter themes, and Codex Alera is definitely high fantasy with a twist on magic usage.

Even the protagonists differ in the same regard. Dresden is mostly a loner, few friends, and has been known to give in to his inner demons on occasion. He's sort of an anti-hero in that his motives are just, but his actions are not always so. Tavi on the other hand started off alone and ridiculed but quickly grew into the heroic commander for peace and justice whom all adore.

Granted, it is difficult to make a full comparison seeing as Codex Alera is finished, and the Dresden Files are not. Who knows, maybe Butcher will fall off his writing and the Dresden Files will plummet. I am already a bit apprehensive about Harry having a child in the next novel...

message 5: by Patrick (new)

Patrick | 17 comments While I love the Dresden series and will continue to read them, frankly I think Butcher has been kind of phoning them in lately [just like the Nightside series by Simon Green:]. A bit Saturday morning serial if you know what I mean.

Speaking of Dresden like stuff, if you guys haven't tried them, I definitely recommend the Marla Mason series by T.A. Pratt. Book 1 is called Blood Engines and get better and better [and book 1 was very good:].

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I guess it's a personal preference... For some reason I really relate to Harry as a real character - his internal struggles to combat the darkness inside him, etc. I have read all of the Codex Alera except First Lord's Fury. The last four I have listened to on audiobook while driving, so maybe I didn't give them the full attention they deserve. Butcher could write anything and I would love it, but the Dresden files are my favorite.

Did you say Harry's having a kid????

message 7: by Gregory (last edited Mar 16, 2010 05:16PM) (new)

Gregory Haney (haneyg) | 40 comments Mod
Bad wording on my part. To explain, Harry is not "having" a kid, apparently he has one already...

I don't know any more than the description, but if you go to Butcher's website you can find and read the first 4 chapters of Changes there.

message 8: by Jamie (JK) (last edited Mar 16, 2010 06:07PM) (new)

Jamie (JK) (eimajtl) Perhaps I should post here since I just joined as well.

Definitely loving everything Jim Butcher related - can't wait for Changes next month! I'm more in favor of his Dresden series, but Codex Alera was amazing as well.

Anyone here read the comics as well? I was amazed how well they were done. The prequel was nice because it was just like reading a Dresden short story. Storm Front was fun to read as well, even if it's an exact rendition of the novel [which is a big plus in my book:].

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I have read the Welcome to the Jungle graphic book but that is it. Are there others?

message 10: by Kharm (new)

Kharm | 8 comments I just joined so I'll say hi as well.

I'm quite fond of both Codex Alera and the Dresden Files. Since they take on two entirely different segments of fantasy, I tend not to compare them too much. I do find it easier to relate to the characters in the Dresden Files, but Kitai takes the cake for awesome characters written by Butcher.

I haven't yet read Welcome to the Jungle. I like the images in my head, so I'm a little apprehensive about reading a graphic version.

message 11: by Jamie (JK) (last edited Mar 17, 2010 02:57PM) (new)

Jamie (JK) (eimajtl) Storm Front was also adapted into comic form. They finished the first trade and did a few issues of the next, but the company was bought out by another one so I'm not sure where it stands at this point.

It followed the novel darn well too. My only complaint was with the art - it could have used a better artist.

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Hey Kharm. How's life? I agree that Kitai is an incredible character. I think you're right - I just find it easier to relate to more of the Dresden Files characters.

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Bjoern | 6 comments Hi Guys,

I'm new and i'm addicted to the Harry Dresden Novels ^_^

Have started last fall and am meanwhile through half the series (last read Blood rites and loved it) dosing the rest carefully so i will not to soon run out of new stuff of my new favorite wizard

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Kharm | 8 comments Life is busy (funny how it tends to get that way so often :P). Life has been so busy I haven't had the time to read any of the new books out from my favorite authors since last October. I've finally picked up again with First Lord's Fury and I'm eagerly awaiting Changes.

It's so good to have time to read good books again.

message 15: by Liz (new)

Liz Schulte Hello all. I am new to the group. I am a huge Dresden Files fan. I love the writing style, the stories, and of course the pop culture references. I find Harry Dresden is a wonderful, engaging, sympathetic character that keeps me locked in his world until the bitter end.

message 16: by Sarah (new)

Sarah | 1 comments Hey everyone. Obviously, I'm new since I'm making a post like this.
Anyway, I recently became a Dresden Files fan after I bought Storm Front for my eReader. I'm only on Fool Moon at the moment, due to still being in class and trying to read several other books at the same time, but I'm hoping to get as much of the series read this summer as possible.

Has anyone seen the tv series that was based on the books? It's actually not all that bad and you can see the entire series on YouTube.

message 17: by Brian (new)

Brian Rubin (brianrubin) | 3 comments Hi there, I'm a new member here as well. *waves* Nice to meet fellow Dresden Files fans. :)

message 18: by Chompa (new)

Chompa | 5 comments I'm a new member too. Just joined this group after reading "Changes". I've read all of Jim Butcher's books at this point, so I'll throw in on the Dresden vs. Alera debate. Both series are excellent and have very interesting and compelling characters.

I honestly think the quality of writing was better with the Codex Alera, but I think that is largely due to Butcher having grown as a writer. And the proof of that has got to be "Changes". Wow, that was a great book. If you stood that alone - it is by far his best.

Unfortunately, I'm not sure if someone starting with "Changes" would really understand the full history - there were so many changes going on and Butcher relied on his readers being familiar with Harry's life.

Great books, great author.

message 19: by Caleb (new)

Caleb (calebg) Hi All. By some lucky chance, I stumbled upon this group while writing my review for Side Jobs: Stories From the Dresden Files.

I fell in love with the Dresden Files about two years ago when I read Summer Knight. Since then I have read nearly everything Jim has published. He is an amazing author and IMO one of the greats of all time.

message 20: by Phogbound (new)

Phogbound (phogboundverizonnet) Welcome to the Insanitarium!

message 21: by Brian (new)

Brian Rubin (brianrubin) | 3 comments Woohoo!

message 22: by Rick (new)

Rick Bundren (bundy845) Hello, new guy here. I stumbled upon the Dresden Files via Amazon. Started reading in late july and burned through the current books by October. I am defiantely hooked. After getting so much so fast, I must say I am not a fan of this waiting for the next installment!

message 23: by Justin (new)

Justin (fanlitsjustin) | 23 comments Mod
Welcome! Ditto on the waiting part. There are a fwe authors out there I consider to have good "substitute Dresden Files" books. Patricia Brigg's Mercy Thompson series is one. I think I'll make a thread about all the suggested reading while waiting for the next Dresden Files.

message 24: by Rick (new)

Rick Bundren (bundy845) That sounds cool. I had seen that series pop up in my amazon recommendations but I was a little afraid it would be more suited to the books my wife likes.

message 25: by Kevin (new)

Kevin Xu (kxu65) | 16 comments I started reading the series after a few of my friend told me to read it a couple of years ago. They said that it was one of the best they have read. One even went to one of their other friend to get an ARC of Turn Coats.
P.S. Jim and I share a birthday, and live in the same state.

message 26: by Simon (new)

Simon Hi, everyone. I'm Susie and I am totally addicted to the Dresden books. I read almost all of them back to back and can't wait for Ghost Story.

message 27: by Phogbound (new)

Phogbound (phogboundverizonnet) Susie wrote: "Hi, everyone. I'm Susie and I am totally addicted to the Dresden books. I read almost all of them back to back and can't wait for Ghost Story."

Welcome to our little sanitarium! Anybody with a wienerdog avatar is all right in my book!!

message 28: by Josephine (new)

Josephine (craftyjosie) | 1 comments Hi, another new fan, I started with the dresden book, i've read the first 2, then found the Codex Alera series. Oh My. I am hooked. Thought I really liked Harry Dresden, but this so so good. I am looking forward to finishing both series.

message 29: by Simon (new)

Simon Phogbound wrote: "Susie wrote: "Hi, everyone. I'm Susie and I am totally addicted to the Dresden books. I read almost all of them back to back and can't wait for Ghost Story."

Welcome to our little sanitarium! A..."

lol...thanks! That's my dog, Greta. I love wienerdogs! I have two!

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