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Contraversy over the name Luthiel

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Ellen In Luthiel's Song, the original meaning of the word Luthiel is 'water through stone,' which some have taken to be a symbol for earth itself. In old Germanic, the name means 'one for good.' But in a few recent posts on the internet, seems a some people have taken issue with our heroine's good name -- equating it to Lucifer.


I think we, as Luthiel's Song readers, need to set the record straight about our heroine's good name.

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Ron That's it! I'm off to Wikipedia tomorrow.

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Tom This is about the silliest thing I've ever seen. Luthiel is a fine name. I'd be proud to have a daughter named Luthiel.

Gabriel Just a little silly, I think.

Something interesting to think about, though. Luth is also French for the word lute.

Jack I read the link. It's tough to believe people can be so small minded. But there you have it.

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Astraea I know what I thought when I first saw it -- that it was a takeoff of Luthien, an important character in Tolkien's mythology. In Tolkien's language, as far as I can make out, Luthien means "enchanting", and also "flower". So there you are, it's just somebody being stupid, as usual on the internet -- they may not even believe it's connected to "Lucifer", they just say that to get people riled and upset. In other words, a troll. So don't respond.

As far as what to name your kid: In the 1960s, some people really did name their kids after the characters in Lord of the Rings. I think Luthien is fine, especially since it can be shortened to "Lu".


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Amanda I also liked the name Elwin from the book. I think that would be a great name for a girl even in modern times. And that's not to say that I didn't like the name Luthiel either. I think it's lovely as well and it's interesting to learn so much about it from people here.

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Astraea Amanda wrote: "I also liked the name Elwin from the book.

I have known several guys named Elwin, too. It used to be a pretty popular name for men around the turn of the century.

Josh I think it's pretty cool there's such a real world history to the name Luthiel. It would make a nice name for a girl.

Ashley Saunders Luthiel is a really awsome name!

#1 SUPER FAN for Luthiel's Song!!!!!!!!!!!!

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