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message 1: by Mishelle, 'The Book Bag' (new)

Mishelle LaBrash (mishalabrash) | 1520 comments Mod
The Clan of the Cave Bear (Earth' Children #1) by Jean M. Auel The Valley of Horses (Earth' Children #2) by Jean M. Auel The Mammoth Hunters (Earth' Children #3) by Jean M. Auel The Plains of Passage (Earth's Children, # 4) by Jean M. Auel The Shelters of Stone (Earth's Children, # 5) by Jean M. Auel

Another series collecting dust on my shelves.. I have heard such mixed reviews regarding this series. Thoughts? I will read them one day.

message 2: by VWrulesChick (new)

VWrulesChick I liked the first 4 books, fifth one was not as good as the first 4. Try the first one and see if you like it and go from there. This series is called the Earth Children series - FYI.

message 3: by Nona (new)

Nona (goodreadscomnona) I read these in high school and loved them, though at that time the 5th was not out yet which I have but have not read yet.

The story has little dialogue(it is in caveman time period) so I sometimes thought it was tedious but over all well worth the read. Auel has a gift to bring the times and place to life though, very good descriptions.

message 4: by seton (new)

seton (lindaseton42) i read Valley of Horses. good reading, very dense but i wasnt into that time period

message 5: by Nona (new)

Nona (goodreadscomnona) the series is something you take your time reading, cannot rush it or it gets overwhelming. The time period is different and thats originally why I picked it up wanting something new. I enjoyed them greatly but can understand why others would not.

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