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Annaclaire | 28 comments I find that many students don't enjoy what is taught to them; especially when it's in text (we all know or have heard the horror stories about the dryness of textbooks).

What I love to do, is find a great, wonderful, clear, easy, interesting books on subjects that you would normally learn (or should learn) in school.

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Annaclaire | 28 comments Here's an example:

Intro to Mind & Brain (Intro To) Intro to Mind & Brain by Angus Gellatly

My rating: 5 of 5 stars
Great book, a real turn-pager.

I loved how it went through the history of how cultures thought about the brain in the past, the history of theorists on the brain and some of the strange beliefs about the brain (standing on an electrified fish for treatment),lots of information about how the LH and RH work, and details about some really cool disorders that I have never heard of like split brains, Wernicke's vs. Broca's Aphasia, Balint's Syndrome.

The great thing about this book is that throughout the information, there were comics,drawn pictures, and lots of maps to easily understand where the part of the brain they are talking discussing.

Very cool. Read it in about 3.5 hours.

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I'm also starting Grammar Sucks by Joanne Kimes with Gary Robert Muschla.
The first chapters subtitles are: Nasty Nouns (to which most of the examples had to do with something vaguely sexual),Pain in the A** Pronouns (Reflective example: George reminded himself to go to the grocery store on his way home from work or else he'd get no lovin' tonight....Intensive example: Susan herself is always grateful to George when he does what he's been told), Very Vexing Verbs ("In fact, there are more variations of verbs than there are ways to spend money on Ebay. Just as hunger pangs make dieting hard, the many forms of verbs make grammar hard..."), Annoying Adjectives ("If used sparingly and specifically, they can make the meaning of a noun or pronoun more definite and precise. But if they're used to the extreme and exuberance - as too many people do - they are just plain annoying"), The Trouble with Adverbs (All the examples follow a couple where the woman decides their vacation should be too his parents house!), Puzzling Prepositions ("...Yet prepositions are also very important. Okay, maybe not as important as backing up your computer or having a decent anti-frizz hair product, but prepositions do carry their weight in grammar."), Catching Conjunctions (referring to Schoolhouse Rock, and all the examples have to do with being a kid back then), and Not-So-Interesting Interjections ("The list of interjections sounds more like words from a porn movie script than words from the English language...Here's a list of some of the most common interjections, which, coincidently, is the exact same dialog from the classic film, Debbie Does Dallas").

As you can probably tell, I'm looking forward to writing my review of this book. I may even write an article reviewing it for my college campus newspaper... :)

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