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If you were involved with Clarence?

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NuHunni How much of bull would you take from a partner like Clarence in real life before you say enough is enough?

Bridget This book was so so good! One of my first african american novel reads in my late teens and a decade later I still love it! The sister that was married to Clarence took to much, As I read the book it was like...Come one sista wake up. She finally did. I wouldn't have been with someone like Clarence for too long I cause I read crazy from a mile away.

NuHunni no doubt u have guys like that everywhere, some of my friends boyfriends are like that and even i could say that ive had a little taste of it... reading it as an outsider ill be like 'how' and 'why' but i guess when you are in the situation there are so many other things attached that makes it so difficult to just say 'thats it, im out'..

Brittney G I don't think I would have been able to put up with Clarence's shenanigans for very long. He was a liar, a drug user, and much more. I was so happy when she finally kicked that tail to the curb..This is one of my favorite books. I might have to dig it out and re-read it!

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