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message 1: by Martin Lamb, Head Moderator (new)

Martin Lamb | 212 comments Mod
What were some great battles fought by the Roman Empire? What lead to the fall of Rome?

message 2: by Paul (new)

Paul Pellicci The Empire actually came into being with Agustus. Before that it was the Roman Republic. I'll get a small list soom. What led to the downfall, which took over a thousand years. It began to go away when Constantine took it to Constantinoble, then it became The Holy Roman Empire. Then it became something else when Constantidoble fell and it moved to Russia.

Some factors for it's fall from Rome are:
The dilution of the coins. "watering down" it's value.
The lack of Romans in the armies; from a majorty part of the army gradually to a minority part, then less.

message 3: by Martin Lamb, Head Moderator (new)

Martin Lamb | 212 comments Mod
A quick question I have is, what were the significance of city-states both politically and militarily?

message 4: by Paul (new)

Paul Pellicci As the empire declined chaos became the norm. The empire couldn't protect anyone. The military fizzled out without money and loyal Roman recruits. Nobles and other wealthy persons created their own armies to protect their territory. They had the wealth. People flocked to the safety of these nobles. They lost their freedom but received security. These became the serfs. These territories became serfdoms and later city states.

but don't quote me...

message 5: by Martin Lamb, Head Moderator (new)

Martin Lamb | 212 comments Mod
Could city states conquer and take over surrounding city states? Has that ever happened?

message 6: by Paul (new)

Paul Pellicci The ancient Greeks operated like that. One time the Athenians were running out of land for it's citizens, they grabbed a nerby island community, killed every man, women and child and moved in.

In Medevial Italy it occured constantly. The Papal states were won and lost many times. Ceasar Borgia, fighting for his father Pope Alexander, fought and won many city states for the pope, but they were lost to others. That is why Machavelli wrote the "Prince".

Rome, as far as I know only turned into city states when the Empire moved it's capital out of Italy.

message 7: by Paul (new)

Paul Pellicci Rome's Greatest Defeat was the Massacre in the Teutoburg Forest. I'm sure you guys heard of that one. Forests were the wrong place for the Roman Army.

message 8: by Martin Lamb, Head Moderator (new)

Martin Lamb | 212 comments Mod
I probably have but do not remember it. What happened?

message 9: by Paul (new)

Paul Pellicci It happened in AD 9. A Roman General Varus was defeated by Arminius,the German Cheruscan leader in the Teutoburg Forest.

Between 12,000 to 18,000 perished in a 3 day slaughter.

Varus was not a skilled general, he got his post due to his governorship of Syria. He wouldn't listen to information about a trap and he treated the germans like slaves rather than allies. Arminius, one who once served in the Roman army as an ally hated the Romans. The battle was in confined spaces within the forest. There were civilians, wagons of supplies and the rest of the camp followers with the Romans in this crowded space. Varus let his army spread out as well.

This battle was not the Roman army's finest hour. Varus killed himself on the 4th day to save himself from torture and death. I believe I saw a program on History channel about this and I believe they said that Arminius may have been the famed Arthur.

message 10: by Silvana (new)

Silvana (silvaubrey) How bout the famed legion (Ninth?) who supposedly got crushed by the Picts?

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