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True Blood > True Blood Returns June 13!!!!!

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message 1: by Leslie (new)

Leslie | 73 comments Don't know of anyone mentioned it yet. Article :

Season three of the hit vampire series True Blood kicks off on Sunday (June 13) @ 9PM ET/PT on HBO. No commercials for the entire hour from the premium cable network, of course!

Last September, the second season finale pulled in a fangtastic 5.1 million viewers. Will True Blood continue to pull in strong ratings? Methinks so!

Earlier this year, it was reported that Southland stud Kevin Alejandro joined the cast. He’ll play Jesus, an orderly who takes care of Lafayette’s mother and gets romantically involved with Lafayette (Nelsan Ellis).

message 2: by Jayme (new)

Jayme (jaymetheghostreader) I have to watch it off of the internet again

message 3: by Kenna (last edited Mar 16, 2010 03:35PM) (new)

Kenna (kennas) Ive been on a squee trip the last few days! HBO is showing season two again starting this sunday and then the premier of season 3 will be the following sunday. I think thats a great idea so that we can remind ourselves of the madness that happened last season.

Jayme, dont feel bad. Id totaly watch it off the net if my 'puter wasnt a complete POS. HBO is expensive and not something I can really afford. Unfortunately they wont let you cancel anything untill you catch back up on your bill and thats not gonna happen anytime soon. I dont see how its legal for the cable company to make you keep something you cant afford when its OBVIOUS you can afford it when your not paying the bill untill you turn the TV on and there is no programming! >.< Stupid layoffs!

message 4: by Jayme (new)

Jayme (jaymetheghostreader) I really want HBO come 2011. They are turning my favorite book series into a tv series.

message 5: by Na'kia (new)

Na'kia leftridge | 6 comments I cant wait!!! I wonder who Alcide will be.

message 6: by Angela (last edited Mar 17, 2010 04:37AM) (new)

Angela (angbens) Can't wait! They casted "Owen" from One Tree Hill and Alcide. I can't remember the actors name. Not my ideal pick...but Oh well.

I watched the whole season 1 online....then I got a great deal on HBO, so I have that now.

message 7: by Carrie (new)

Carrie Jayme wrote: "I really want HBO come 2011. They are turning my favorite book series into a tv series."

Which series is that? I love watching movies/tv shows about a book I've read. Even though I'm usually disappointed, it's interesting to compare.

message 8: by Jayme (new)

Jayme (jaymetheghostreader) They are making a miniseries out of George R.R. Martin's A Game of Thrones. I loved that series. The series is in production now.

message 9: by Sandra (new)

Sandra (sandram1967) | 67 comments I'm so glad they are running season 2 again. We have on demand and used to be able to watch reruns but they took them down for a few months. I was po'd about that. It will be nice to watch season 2 again before 3 comes out.

message 10: by Leslie (new)

Leslie | 73 comments Waiting Sucks!
True blood Season 3 Teaser. Apparently it was aired during the season 2 re-broadcast.

message 11: by Alex (new)

Alex (coffeeaddicted1988) Leslie wrote: "Waiting Sucks!
True blood Season 3 Teaser. Apparently it was aired during the season 2 re-broadcast."

Waiting does suck!!!

Does someone know who the guy with the tattoos is?
I can't wait to watch it!!!!

message 12: by Nicole (new)

Nicole (nlojeda) | 471 comments Mod
This teaser is nothing more than a tease! LOL! It's going to be a great season!

message 13: by Kate (new)

Kate (kshiv) | 51 comments I heard from my sister (who is an internet rumor junkie) that the guy with the tatoos is part of a biker gang that kidnaps Bill. I hope they have Lorena behind the kidnapping. That teaser is not long enough.

message 14: by Leslie (new)

Leslie | 73 comments True Blood "Waiting Sucks" Season 3 Promo #2

message 15: by Kandice (new)

Kandice Sam is so cool!:D

message 16: by Jayme (new)

Jayme (jaymetheghostreader) that was funny.

Jael ~ *~ Syhren ~* ~ (wwwgoodreadscomprofilejael) | 182 comments oh I have to make sure my DVR is programmed . I can't wait.

message 19: by Leslie (new)

Leslie | 73 comments Waiting Sucks #4

June needs to hurry up!

message 20: by Brittany (new)

Brittany (bgriff) | 1 comments i love the actor they got to play alcide and i love the character alcide... i cant wait for the show to come back! but i didnt like the second season as much as the first... strayed too far from the books..

message 21: by Leslie (new)

Leslie | 73 comments Ya i agree^ but the director always says True Blood is his world and the books are Charlaine's world. I wish he would spend more time in Charlaine's world! :)

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