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The School of Essential Ingredients

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Patti I finished this totally satisfying book while I was on vacation and have been frantically trying to find another like it.
Does anyone have any sugggestions?

Lindsey (Bring My Books) There is a new book coming out soon called Aftertaste ( and it's actually up for a Goodreads Giveaway! Looks really good & the synopsis kind-of reminded me of this book.

(Sorry this is a such a late response!, Hope it finds you well and still on Goodreads! :)

Lauren Grossman My mouth watered as I read it.

message 4: by Dee (new) - rated it 4 stars

Dee she has another book out called Joy For Beginners - told in multiple short stories like SfEI

Sara The most similar book that I can recommend is The Love Godesses Cooking School.

This book is different from School of Essential Ingredients in that it follows just one lady as she tries to make her cooking school a success, but you can see that the cooking theme is similar.

The Love Goddess' Cooking School

Barbara a light, enjoyable read

Brenda Nystrom I found it ordinary...wasn't one that I could just put down and walk away from but at the same time had to force myself to finish. I had the movie "Julia Julia" in my mind the movie about Julia Child's. So perhaps I expected more but it is a book that I will be giving away and not keeping in my collection.

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