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I will be assigned a job for giving hunts for huntresses who are willing to hunt these creatures:
1. Empusa
2. Cerebus
3. Hydra
4. Lydian Drakon
5. Medusa
What Olivia said.

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Thomas (artangel) | 1079 comments Mod
well! posting a thread and making yourself in some post has to be approved by all the Mods. Every single post no matter how big or small HAS to be approved by all three mods. its always been like that and it will always be like that.

Its something made to keep every single person in this group on equal footing when it comes to authority. There is none above or below in terms of power and authority when you are a member here unless you are assigned a specific job or post be all three of the mods.

Sorry! its just the way it is. Every other member here knows it. Its okay cos you are new here.

Olivia ^^The Awesome Mushroom^^ (canttaketheawesomeness) Oh, come on, Tom, seriously? They should have a bit of freedom, at least.

How about they can make topics, but we delete them if they are not, what's the word? Active, or kind of pointless.

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