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If you could be a character from a book, who would you be? Why?

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message 1: by Vanessa (new)

Vanessa (delfie) | 4 comments Mod
If I could be a character in a book I would be Falcor, the luck dragon in The Never Ending Story. He was wise, able to fly, lived in a fantasy world, and was instrumental in the moral development of the hero during his journey.

message 2: by James (new)

James enebrad | 3 comments i would want to be dr seus because he lives in a world where everything seems to be abundant of joy.

message 3: by Akira (new)

Akira Casch (jagwar902) | 7 comments I would probably be the evil magician Trent from A Spell for Chameleon (part of the Xanth series) just because he experiences so much. He isnt the main character, or even one of the main character, but his sophistication and brave attitude make him a favorite of mine. He is thought of as evil, and in a way he is, but that is only because his goal can be reached through no other alternative. A tyrant with a good intentions, and a bad way of getting things done. Plus he can turn you into a tree or chipmunk or something.

message 4: by Akira (last edited Mar 15, 2010 11:54AM) (new)

Akira Casch (jagwar902) | 7 comments As fun as that sounds, i dont think dr seuss is an actual character in his books.. but i guess the idea of all that wierd stuff may be appealing to some. It just doesnt seem like much an adventure if youre the one who makes it all up, no surprises around the corner. Perhaps one of the characters in his books would be a better choice.

message 5: by Vanessa (new)

Vanessa Tran | 3 comments James wrote: "i would want to be dr seus because he lives in a world where everything seems to be abundant of joy."

thats true i agree with you i would like to be dr.seus becasue it seems as he has everything under control, he seems to have everything figure out in life. also dr. seus seems like a while man due to that fact that his little books that you read when your young shows you little parts of living the right life and having fun at the same time. he seems to have everything cut out for him. and also his books are short and fun at the same time.

message 6: by Ari (new)

Ari | 2 comments I Would Have To Agree With James And Vanessa. Being Dr. Seus Is Like Living In A Peaceful World Were Nothing Can Stop You From Achieving Your Dreams. Because You Can Never Claim The Sky Is The Limit When There Are Foot Prints On The Moon. Just Living His Life Is A Poetic Life And The World Seems To Revolve Around You And No One Else. In All Of His Books There Is A Problem But There Is Always A Solution To Every Problem. That Is The Exact Type Of Life That I Would Like To Live!

message 7: by Aaron (new)

Aaron | 1 comments I think I would be jacob. Dude gets to turn into a big (A**) wolf. He gets to rome the forest and kill vampires. He gets the speed, strength. He gets stonger sences and the dudes heal faster then boiling water. Team Jacob!!

message 8: by Josie (new)

Josie Dumlao (oahu_islander92) | 5 comments hahah I'd rather be bella because she's stuck in between edward and jacob. and she seems more shy and carefull.

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