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Caroline (carolinedavies) 1. Something beginning with Something Beginning with - by Sarah Salway

A very interesting construction - this is a story told through the letters of the alphabet. I enjoyed it but felt that the structure rather constrained the author from developing the story to its fullest extent.

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Caroline (carolinedavies) 2. Pilgrim by Timothy Findley

This was a charity shop find and I'm so glad I picked it up. Findley was a Canadian writer. Pilgrim is set in Europe at Jung's clinic in Switzerland and features a character called Pilgrim who apparently is unable to die completely and so has had previous lives... or has he... is he simply deluded?

It's left to you as the reader to decide.

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Caroline (carolinedavies) 3. To kill a mockingbird by Harper Lee

This was my book club's choice for January. I thought I'd read it as a young teenager but if I had most of it must have passed me by as it felt as if I'd never read it before. It is rightly a classic.

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Caroline (carolinedavies) 4. The White Tiger by Aravind Adiga

Another book group choice. This novel won the Booker for its portrayal of life in modern India. Once I'd overcome the difficulty of really not liking the narrator I got into it. It is not a comfortable read but it stays with you long after you have finished it.

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Caroline (carolinedavies) 5. The Ruby in the Smoke by Philip Pullman

I read this purely for fun. It is not as dark and deep as Pullman's Dark Materials trilogy but a rattling good read nonetheless.

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Caroline (carolinedavies) 6. Poems by Anne Michaels

This is really three books in one as it includes her collections Miner's pond, The weight of oranges and Skin divers. My copy came from the library but I'm going to have to go out and buy it now - the poems are so good including There is no city which does not dream which you can read here

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Caroline (carolinedavies) 7. The Reluctant Fundamentalist by Mohsin Hamid

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Caroline (carolinedavies) 8. Enough: Breaking free from the world of more by John Naish

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Caroline (carolinedavies) 9 The Garbage King by Elizabeth Laird

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Caroline (carolinedavies) 10 Night Train to Lisbon by Pascale Mercier Night Train to Lisbon by Pascal Mercier

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Caroline (carolinedavies) 11 Clockwork by Philip PullmanClockwork

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Caroline (carolinedavies) 12 Dear Ceridwen by Jan Fortune-Wood.

Read this in one sitting - best book I've read for ages.

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Caroline (carolinedavies) 13 Tender Morsels by Margot Lanagan

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Caroline (carolinedavies) 14. Natural history by Dan Chiasson.

More poems.Natural History

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Caroline (carolinedavies) 15. Inventing the Truth: Art and Craft of Memoir

I'm sure I've read more than 15 books this year but keep forgetting to post them on here.

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Caroline (carolinedavies) 18. Cloud Busting

This was shared with my younger son. A book in verse but he and I liked it.

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Caroline (carolinedavies) 19. An Elegy for Easterly

One of the best books I've read this year.

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Caroline (carolinedavies) 20. The Suspicions of Mr. Whicher: Or The Murder at Road Hill House

This was my book group's choice for December - not the sort of book I'd normally pick up. It's based on a real life Victorian murder of a small boy. Found that I did get caught up in the mystery and wanting to know who did it.

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Caroline (carolinedavies) 21. Works by T. S. Eliot: Plays by T. S. Eliot, Murder in the Cathedral, the Family Reunion, Tradition and the Individual Talent

Not sure if the link is to the book I read but it was Murder in the Cathedral by T S Eliot. Written in the 1950s but still relevant today with its meditations on faith and martyrdom.

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Caroline (carolinedavies) 22. Human Chain

Borrowed this from the library but I'm going to have to get my own copy.

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Caroline (carolinedavies) 23. The Circle Is Sacred: The Pathways to Peace

Another library borrowing from earlier in the summer. There was much to ponder in this book.

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Caroline (carolinedavies) 24. Dog Years: A Memoir

A lovely book. As you'd expect from a poet there isn't a superfluous word.

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Caroline (carolinedavies) 25. Once

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Caroline (carolinedavies) 26. Love and Obstacles: Stories

Another library book - an author to read more by.

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Caroline (carolinedavies) 27. Hour of Gold, Hour of Lead: Diaries and Letters of Anne Morrow Lindbergh, 1929-1932

This was partly research for the creative writing course I'm doing.

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Caroline (carolinedavies) 30. A Place of My Own: The Architecture of Daydreams

Trouble with this book was that I immediately wanted a book shed in which to write.

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Caroline (carolinedavies) Just realised that as I didn't start until March I have another two months in which to get to fifty - phew.

32. Hello Mum by Bernardine Evaristo

Hello Mum

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