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Marth Sohma
Personality: usually social and will talk to anyone...but is also very cautious and on-guard because of her curse.
Renee Fournier (Forn-yay) Pictures, Images and Photos
Crush: Open
Other: had been alone for many years. She had watched her brother murder her parents when she was 5. It of course cause a scar in her mind to form. She was locked in a room for two years and when they finally let her out she had a grateful and happy smile and has been that way ever since.
Zodiac: Black wolf with red on it.
Zodiac Appearance:

Xox_Kyosuki_xoX (aleka) Rowan Sohma
age: 18
gender: Male
Personality: He is out-going but quiet.

Zodiac: A pure white cheetah.

Other: He lives in the big house and is a great doctor.

Xox_Kyosuki_xoX (aleka) Eve Foret
Age: 7
Gender: Female
Personality: Kind and sweet, she smiles a lot. She loves ice cream and making people happy.
Zodiac: none

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