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Life is hard and then u die *Smiley* (greenpurpleblackmaggie) | 949 comments Mod

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Karli As Molly walked into her new school, she was extremely nervous. Would the teachers and students like her? Would she make any friends?

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Dusty (mrsbieber) cloe walked up to molly "hi im new here my name is cloe" she said smiling nervuiously

message 4: by Karli (new)

Karli "Hi," said Molly, "I'm Molly and I'm new here too!"

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Jordan sat on the edge of the fence at the skate park across from the school. "darn." thought jordan, "why did school have to start again?"

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Sam walked around the school and looked around,"well",she thought,"school hasnt changed one bit.."

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Jordan looked towards the retreating footsteps, "HEY!" he yelled towards the girl walking away, "Hey you!"

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Sam swung around to the voice to see a boy much older than her and simpley said,"what?!"

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"whats your name?" Jordan asked in a playful tone, "Mines Jordan.and could you come over here so i dont have to yell?"

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sighing sam walked oveer to jordan and replied,"Sam"
But Before she could say anything the bell rang.

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"oh darn." jordan sighed. he jumped off the back of the skate park slope and started jogging toward the building, "catch ya later!" he yelled, then he turned around and stopped in the middle of the road and looked back at sam, "ok?" he asked.

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sam looked at the boy."sure"
she walked of to her first class

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Karli Molly walked into her home room and sat down next to a girl. "Hi," said Molly, ",my name is Molly." The girl looked at Molly as if there were something wrong. "Hi, I'm Jessica," she said after a few moments. "You new here?" Jessica asked Molly. "Yes," Molly answered. "Well, here's some advice:" Jessica said, "stay away from the cafateria food." "Will do" Molly said.

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sam sat down on her seat quetly,she put her books and binder on the desk and played with her pencil absentmindedly.she noticed two girls talking something about deadly food.Suddlenly Her math teacher stood from his desk
"Hello class,my name is Mr.Rubion.I will be your new math teacher."
I instantly hated him.He was tall and thin with a small bered and a long nose.The girls across from me stoped talking.

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Karli Molly also noticed that her teacher stood from her desk. "Hello children, my name is Miss Gutral. I will be your homeroom teacher and I teach language arts." said the teacher. Instantly, Molly thought she was the nicest teacher. Jessica whispered something to Molly, "She seems nice doesn't she?" Molly nodded. "Well, my brother, Jeff, had her and she gave him so much homework and classwork!" Jessica said. Molly thought to herself, 'Miss Gutral doesn't seem like she would give us homework, she seems laid back.' Then, she heard a LOUD screech. All of the students covered their ears hoping the noise would go away. "Sorry kids. This chalkboard is so old. But good news, the principal, Mr. Jefferson, is getting all of the classrooms white boards" Miss Gutral said. "Well, I'll leave the chalk and chalk board alone for now and just talk to you all." The class sighed in releief.

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Sam crossed her legs on her seat,bad habit. She was a math wiz but she didnt look like it."So,today will be your first time in my class. I have stict rules and I dont want ANY of you to disobay me."
"yes,sir"the class said together.
"Now,I will be giving you a quiz to see what you have learned"
The whole class groaned.
'the first day of school and ALREADY a quiz,' i thought,'oh joy.'

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hope slammed the door open and dashed into her math class she was very late becuase she was fixing her makeup in the girls bathroom and didnt hear the bell. she hurriedly sat down in a desk in the back as the math teacher, mr. rubion, glared at her madly.

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((Question,can we use other characters,4 now i will but if I cant i can edit it later))

"Name",Mr.Rubion snaped at the girl.
"Hope",she replied firmly.she stuck out her uper lip.
"last name"he said his face getting red.
"well i dont think you need to know."
I sighed.People these days.
"just tell him your name,"i said to her
"no,why should I"
"Because the whole class is getting tired of listening to your voice,thats why"...
I glared @ her and she Glared right back.
((sorry i wantted a little arguement between these two characters^^))

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((no your not supposed 2, but u can leave it 4 now, just dont keep doin it!))
"look on your class list!" hope sighed, "its not that hard." she replied to the teacher. she looked over the girl by her, "if u wanna look at me all day," she said, "then take a picture of me and stare at me someplace else." she whispered snappily.

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((oh thanks for informing me,i wasnt sure!))
I'll admit, she was good at comebacks.
But it wasn’t anything I couldn’t handle.
"Well dear I feel bad for you, you have to deal with that-"I paused for a dramatic effect,"-Face all day!"
"Now ladies please don’t get overboard", Mr.Rubion said, but I could tell it was amusing to him.

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"oh boo hoo," hope snapped, "why do you talk to yourself so much? i know you dont like having to deal with yourself, but you dont have to whine about it during class."hope then smiled sickly sweet and said, "its ok dear." she said sarcastucally.

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I rolled me eyes and used me hands like mouths speaking as she continued to blabber on and on.
I buried my face under my long hair and started to doodle on my brand new math journal.Time flys by when your drawing.I looked @ the clock.Only 8 more mintues of class left.
Mr.Rubion continued to teacher when I heard a small noise.
"Hey, Hey You!!GIRL"the voice whispered.
I looked up from my drawings and turned my head behind me.
"HEEEY, you, yah you listen"
I pointed at my chest and the boy nodded.
"Aye listen" he said a little louder than a wisper,"my friend here wants to go out with you."
I rolled my eyes, it was the first day of school, what a jerk.

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the bell rang to end class, hope stood up and put her stuff back into her plush retro fleece bag the newest "in" thing. she walked towards the door, before she walked out she looked back at the girl she was talking to, " i cant believe i have to spend a whole year next to YOU." hope said, "you need a serious attidude adjustment if you ever wanna be in the in crowd like me." hope stalked out the door and didnt look back till she got to her next class.

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I coulnt help but surprese a giggle.Wow she thinks she's so tough.Aahhh the amusement of blondes.
"aye!you again"the same boy who was bugging me during class,"do you want to go out with my friend."...
"Oh sorry whats your name"
"Ok sam do-"
"my anwser is no"
His face fell.I felt bad as I always do to see that i hurt someones felings.
"Hey,I dont even know your friend,Its the first day-"
"WAIT so if you know him you would go out with him!"
"Thats not what I said-"
"Hey thanks Sam!see you tomarow
I much for a good first day of school.I ran to my next class,english and noticed the same boy who I was Talking 2 before school.Jordan i think His name was...

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Jordan sat up in his seat as he saw the same girl he was talking to earlier come in the door, she caught his eye and he winked. then he turned back around and tried to act casual, but really he was just eyeing the seat next to him hoping she might, maybe....

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I noticed Jordan talking with his buddies,but he seemed distracted.i plopped on the desk to him.
"Hey Jordan"

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jordan immediatly snapped to attention and turned to face sam, "hey!" he said casually, "whats up?" he tried to casually flex his biceps in front of her. ever since summer jordan had been on the wrestling team and well, it was hard not to notice his guns.

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I looked curiously at his musles and was impressed.
and now that I looked at him more He was....well interesting....
"oh nothin much,just spolied brats and desprete guys.."

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jordan laughed, " im not one of those guys am i?" jordan asked flirtatiously, as flipped his hair and smiled.

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I grinned
"course not,Jordan,your cool"
I studied jordans face.He had a goofy smile and medium length brown hair.He caught me staring at him and I got sudden intrest in my purle ends.

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the teacher started class and was talking loudly about some book and writing things on the whiteboard.
jordan started whispering to his friends again. but he was a little distracted. he ripped i lined peice of paper out of his binder and passed it to sam, on it it said, "how old are you??????" in messy boyish handwriting.

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jordan passed me a note.I opened up the note and it said in squawrlish handwring "how old are you?????"
I blushed and looked at him,he was absentmindly playing with his pencil.his friends across from him were laughting a little too loudly and the teacher was scoolding them.I got my purple mechanical pencil and write in big bubbly handwriting "16, but why"

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Jordan played with his pencil and watched out of the corner of his eye, he saw sam write something, but she hadnt passed it back yet... he was getting a little nervous.

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i squesed the note in my fist and stuck my arm out for jordan to take.He reached out and his skin brush against mine.i handed him the note and a chill went up my spin.'what was that??!!' i thought.out of habit i coverd my face with my hair to keep jordan from seeing my face,which was all red.

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jordan opened the note he read it and grinned. he stopped smiling almost immediatly hoping she didnt notice. he hurried and scrawled a reply, "i dont know, just wondering." he wrote. he added a little smiley face by it for effect. its head was kinda lopsided though. oh well.

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jordan passed the note back to me.I opened it,it said,"i dont know,just wondering."it have a little smiley face,it was cute.
i got my pencil and wrote "oh,so whats your next class?" i couldnt think of anything better to say.

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The bell rung and jordan got up from his desk he looked over at sam...

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((KK bye!!))"so I'll see you later,huh"

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jordan was sad they ended on such a low note. "ya, guess..." he said. "where are you going after this?" jordan asked. ((im still here but only 4 a minute!!!))

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"well i am gonna go to break near the snack bar,thats were my next class is gonna be,"sam replied.she tucked a strand of hair under her ear.
"hey,Jordan man lets go!stop flurting with some chick",said on of his friends pouncing on him.
"well I'll see you later,i guess".I waved bye and walked out the door.

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"dood, quit it!" jordan yelled playfully rumming up to sam, "sorry about that, can i walk you to your class?" jordan asked.

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Sam smiled.
"Sure,"I replied

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"ok." jordan said smiling. "so... um..." jordan was getting nervous he wasnt used to being nervous before, hed always been the laid back dood who didnt care. "whatd you do during the uh.. summer?' jordan asked. right after he said it he realized what a dumb question it was.

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"well it was...well nice"

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"hey sam?" jordan asked looking at his feet, "do you ya know...have a..."

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(( I am back))
"..a what?"
I looked at him curiously.

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jordan backed out, "a pen? i need one for my next class." he couldnt do it. he just couldnt say it!

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"oh ya,sure Jordan,"
I pulled out a black ball-point pen and handed it to him.
"here you go"
I looked at the room number.
"this is my stop,thanks for walking with me Jordan."

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((cracking up rite now!!!!!!!!!!!))

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"yeah no problem see you later k?" jordan asked. he had that same look on his face that he did the first time he met sam. almost dazed, but happy. he smiled "see ya." he turned away, but just before he was out of sight, he turned around and looked back at sam. he winked.

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