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( Have Fun! )

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Nick and Alexis were walking back from the store.

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Danni walked along the side walk, hands in her pockets.

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Shayla was walking towards the mall.

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Nick and Alexis got home

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Shayla walked to the mall and into Hollister to start her shift.

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Alexis put the grocerys away while Nick upstairs

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((is it okay if shayla knows nick?))

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Shayla leaned against the counter and texted Nick. Hey, what's up?

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Nick texted back, nothinnnn...u? :P

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At work. Sadly. she sent back.

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I kno rite? Boring as heck...

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Danni got to her house and changed quickly. She walked out again and ran to the grocery store.

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yea Nick texted.

Alexis was bored

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You and Lex should come over to the mall Shayla texted.

((Srry i have a friend named alexis and we all call her either lex or lexi. is that okay if i call her tht too?))

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Danni was coming back with a bag of dog food when she stopped infront of her house to and reached to get her keys. She banged her head against the door. "I left them inside."

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((ya thats fine))

Alexis walked outside and saw Danni banging her head against her door...."Uhm.....are you ok Danni?"

I think Lexi just left, but I will come Nick texted

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Yay thnx Nick :)

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"I left my keys inside my house," Danni told her, still hitting her head. "I'm so stupid."

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ya ya :p :) Nick texted. He walked to the mall.

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Shayla sat up on the counter, talking to one of her gay co-workers, Damien.

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Alexis smiled, "Don't beat yourself up" she said, she got a bobby pin out of her hair and picked her front door lock and opened the door for her, "Here ya go"

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((omg i did that when i got locked out of my dorm.... it was insane and my roommate's all like 'peyton has legit ninja skills' and i'm like 'it wasn't that hard' but after that i learned to wear my key on my neck lol))

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Nick walked into where Shayla worked, "SHAYLA" he yelled across the store. He smiled and walked over to ehr.

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☼Peyton☼ wrote: "((omg i did that when i got locked out of my dorm.... it was insane and my roommate's all like 'peyton has legit ninja skills' and i'm like 'it wasn't that hard' but after that i learned to wear my..."


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Shayla chuckled and smiled at him. "You had to shout?" she asked him, raising an eyebrow.

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"YES I DID" he shouted again and smiled

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"Oh yes!" Danni turned aorund and hugged her. "You are the best!"

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Shayla laughed. "Stop screaming, you're going to freak out all of my customers," she said.

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"OK" he yelled again, "Ok all done" he chuckled and said normally.

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Alexis laughed, "It's no biggie"

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"Should I get you a megaphone?" she offered sarcastically.

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"that would be great, thanks" he said sarcastically.

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She chuckled. "So what's up?"

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"Want to come in?"

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"Sure" Alexis said.

"Nothin" he said

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"I hope you weren't busy when I texted you," Shayla said. She hopped down to check out a customer.

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"Nope I wasn't" he said

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She smiled at the customer and said, "Have a great day," as they left. She turned to Nick. "Is that a good or bad thing?"

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"Uh...both" he chuckled.

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She chuckled. "Then I'm sorry, and I guess good, since I wasn't interrupting anything," she added. "If that makes sense."

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He chuckled

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She smiled. "So," she said.

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"Kingstons inside," Danni said, grabbing the dog food. "That chocolate lab's a little rascal right now though, so I'm forwarning you."

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Tyler walked home from practice.

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Tyler looked up, "Oh it's okay."

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"It's okay, I was looking where I was going either." Tyler said, smiling at her.

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"I'm Tyler by the way." Tyler said.

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