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( Have fun! )

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Olivia and Justin were walking to school

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Elliot pulled up his Lexus into the school the school parking lot. "Alright, we're here." He said to the girl sitting in the passanger seat.

Mal finished up her bagel. "We're going to be late." She said, getting out.

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When Olivia and Justin got to school, Justin walked off with his friends and Olivia walked up to the doors of school.

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Mal grabbed their backpacks and threw Elliot his. "Let's go." Mal said, hurrying off to class, jumping over people laying on the grass.

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Olivia went to her locker and Justin went to class

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Elliot shook his head and walked calmly to his locker, getting his books.

Mal skidded into a class room a paper in her hands. "Its here! Before school," she panted, stopping in front of a desk.

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Olivia got her books and closed her locker, not hurrying off to class.

Justin walked to class.

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Elliot walked to the front office and set his back pack down.

Mal sat down at a table and set her head down, trying to regain her breathe.

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(can Olivia like your charrie Elliot)

Justin sat in the back of the class

Olivia hated class so she took her time walking there.

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((sure. anyone can like anyone...i don't know why you had to ask...))

Mal looked up barely. "This is upsetting."

Elliot grabbed a bunch of files and walked over to the cabinets, starting to file them.

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( ok )

Olivia looked over to the office and saw a really cute guy, she almost ran into a wall while she was looking at him but she looked away just in time.

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Zoey was at her locker, late to school yet again.

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(u need 2 make a charrie for zoey)

Justin looked up at Mal, "What's upsetting?"

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((shit wrong rp. let me just copy her charrie thing over))

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(haha it ok)

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((ok got it))

Zoey grabbed her books and shut her locker, walking slowly to class.

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"This class," Mal said, turning to face him.

Elliot looked up at a crash.

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Justin nodded, "Yea..."

Olivia was embarressed tat she almost just ran into a wall, so she walked to class a little faster, in case he saw.

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Elliot poked his head out the door. He looked around and only saw someone walking away quickly.

"So what upsets you?"

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"School" he said, "I'm Justin by the way"

Olivia got to class and sat down, I'm such an idiot she thought to herself

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((any1 willing to make zoey a guy maybe...?))

Zoey made her way to class.

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Mal grinned and sat up. "Mallory, but everyone just calls me Mal. Nice to meet you."

Elliot went back to work. I'm pretty sure I've seen her before...

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"Nice to meet you too" Justin smiled

Olivia sat down and waited for class to start, to get her mind off of almost running into a wall.

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"Weird we haven't meet before. Junior year and all," Mal thought outloud. "Unless you a new kid, then that just makes me ignorant."

Elliot filed everything and just sat at the desk. "I really hope I don't have to do the morning announcments..."

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He smiled, "I have always gone to this highschool"

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It seemed forever for class to start

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((i take that as a no...))

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"That means I am ignorant," Mal sighed. "Sorry."

Elliot sighed and looked over a piece of paper. He brought the mike over to him.

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Justin chuckled, "It ok...that just means I'm ignorant too...so we're even"

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Mal grinned. "Looks like it."

Elliot pushed the button on the microphone. "Good morning Northwestern High," he started, trying to sound the most unbored as possible.

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Olivia listened to the announcements.

Justin smiled

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"That guy whose making an idiot of himself, that's my cousin," Mal told him, listening to the announcments.

"So...everything is basically the same as yesterday. Except, lunch is spagetthi and meatballs. And the football team is having their first football game Friday."

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Justin chuckled.

Olivia listened, bored.

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Mal grinned.

"Lets hope they actually win for once," He muttered. "Anyway. Dance tickets are on sale tomorrow. Homecoming is next month."

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Olivia listed=ned...

Justin smiled

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Zoey listened to the announcements as she walked into Latin.

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Mal grinned.

"So...that seems to be all. Good day to all." Elliot said and turned off the mike. "Oh that was horrible."

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Miles and Jazzmine showed up late to school, but they had an excuse because they had both been at a doctor's appointment.

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Elliot was behind the desk when two students showed up. "Late," he said, underly bored. "Unless you have a good excuse, which you'll have to write on the slips."

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Amir didn't feel like going to school today so he slept in.

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"We had a doctors appointment, is that a good enough excuse for you?" Miles asked, already taking a slip and writing on it.

Jazzy rolled her eyes, but took a slip as well.

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Elliot shrugged. "I just work here first period every day."

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"Sounds fun." Miles said sarcastically.

Jazzy smirked.

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Elliot rolled his eyes. "Mhm. A blast."

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"Well, thanks for all your help." Miles teased.

Jazzy playfully pushe Miles, "Is it impossible for you to be serious?" she smiled.

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Elliot nodded. "Glad I could be of some help."

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"Oh shut up Jazzy." Miles said, and smiled at her.

Jazzy walked out of the office, and kicked Miles as she walked past him.

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Elliot laughed slightly and went back to work.

Mal tried to pay attention to class, but it was just so boring to be in this class.

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Miles winced in pain. "Stupid sister." he grumbled, as he walked to his class.

Jazzy walked into her class.

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