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( Have Fun! )

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Zoey was sitting at a Starbucks, drinking her white chocolate mocha and studying for history.

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Claire walked to Starbucks

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Amir went into his living room and turned on the television and watched Dora with his younger sister.

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Taylor was walking his dog through the park.

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Amir sighed and went into the kitchen leaving his sister to get them something to eat. He lived alone and sometimes his sister came to visit. He loved the freedom but hated the loneliness.

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Lana rode her bike slowly through the park, looking around.

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Taylor had his ipod blasting music into his ears and wasn't paying attention to anything around him.

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Lana didn't see where she was going, until it was too late. A dog got in her way and she swerved of the road.

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Taylor's head shot up, just in time to see a girl almost hit his dog. He quickly pulled his earphones out of his ears, "Are you okay?" he asked.

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Lana was on the ground. "Yeah. I'm okay, I think. How's your dog?"

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Amir went back into his living room and put his arm around his sisters shoulder and they fell asleep watching Dora the Explorer.

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"He's fine..." Taylor shrugged, "But are you sure you're okay?"

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Lana pushed the bike of herself. "Ow..." she muttered, getting up.

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Taylor watched her, his eyes full of concern.

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"I'm fine," Lana told him, pulling her bike up. She cringed slightly. "I'm glad your dog's fine."

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"He's just a dog though..." Taylor shrugged.

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Amir woke up just as her heard a car beep and saw his sister was gone. Finally! He thought and grabbed his keys and phone and ran out of his house to the park.

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Lana nodded. "I'm Lana, by the way."

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"I'm Taylor... nice to meet." Taylor said, smiling.

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Amir saw Taylor with a girl and sat on the bench behind them.

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Lana smiled back. "Nice to meet you too," she said, rubbing her arm slightly.

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"Is your arm okay?" Taylor said. He noticed his dog tugging on it's leash in an attempt to go somewhere behind Taylor. He turned around to see Amir, "Hey Amir." he said, and let go of the leash so his dog could go over to Amir.

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'Hey.' He smiled and bent down to pet Taylor's dog. 'Hey, there cutie pie.' He cooed to the dog.

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Lana cocked her head to the side slightly. "...I'm not sure..." she said leniantly.

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Taylor frowned, "We can have Amir check it out."

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"I don't want to intrude..."Lana said softly.

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"But he's a doctor in training." Taylor said, casting a mischievous glance at Amir.

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'It's ight.' He said and walked over to them. 'What happened this time? Did he try to beat you up?' He joked looking at her arm. He tapped it gently.

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"Ow!" Lana said, closing her eyes.

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Taylor watched.

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'I'm not really a doctor yet... but I think it's broken or sprained. Imma tap different parts of your arm and if it turned yell. Kay?' Amir told her.

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"...I'm not sure of this..." Lana said nervous.

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'I'll do it really like I promise.' Amir took his finger and started at her shoulder. He just ran his finger down her arm looking at her occasionally.

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"Ow, ow, ow, ow, ow" Lana shouted as he neared her wrist.

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Taylor watched them, and frowned.

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Lana decided not to look at her arm anymore. And all I wanted to do was get home... she thought.

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Taylor looked up at her, "You okay?"

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"Could be better," Lana said. "I think I'm taking my arm back now," she told Amir and took her arm back. "Could you hand me my bike? I think I'll go home..."she told Taylor.

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'I don't think that's a good idea. You should go check your arm out. I don;t believe you'll make it home with an arm like that.' Amir told her letting go of her arm. 'We could take you to the hospital or doctor of something.' he offered sliding his hands into his pockets casually.

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Taylor picked up her bike, and brought it back to her.

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"I think I could make it home," Lana said, taking her bike with her good arm.

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Amir looked at her skeptically. 'All right, but go get it checked out later or try icing it first.' He turned away from her as if to dismiss her. He went back to Taylor's dog and picked up a stick to play fetch.

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Taylor held the bike as she got on it.

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Lana stared at the guy and sighed. "It was nice meeting you Tylor," she told him.

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Amir threw the stick and followed the dog as he ran after it.

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Zoey walked out of Starbucks once she finished with history and walked down the street, window shopping.

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((can i jump in?))

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Claire walked down to the park

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