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( Have fun! )

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Sky walked onto campus and towards her dorm.

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Sky walked to her dorm door, she saw John, "Hey John" she smiled and unlocked her dorm door.

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Sky walked in her dorma nd left the door open, she could care less who came in and people knew that.

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Sky started to unpack

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She found her camera and smiled, "Smile John" and she took the picture

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Sky smiled and put her camera on the shelf and finished unpacking

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Daniella walked onto campus, and then headed to her dorm.

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((i go to a boarding school! lol srry being random again. :) well except mines an all girl one...))

Peyton was sitting on the bed in her dorm.

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Sky sat in her dorm room, she got bored and walked outside.

(also, can Abi and sky be roommates?)

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Sky hugged Abi and giggled, "Hey Abi!"

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Peyton got up and grabbed her dance bag and walked out of her dorm.

((hey, anyone mind if i say theres a dance studio at the school?))

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Peyton walked towards the dance studio.

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(I don't mind)

Sky smiled, "I missed you too!" She picked up a few of Abi's bags, "Lemme help you"

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"Your welcome" she smiled, they walked to their dorm room.

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Nate was walking to his dorm.

Peyton got to the dance studio and plugged her iPod into the speakers.

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Sky looked at Abi and smiled, "You have to tell me all about your summer."

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Sky sat by Abi. "Wait!" She stood up, "I'll be right back!" The guys dorm had all the good food. "Imma go steal some food from the guys dorm, wanna come?" she smiled deviously. They always did that.

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Nate walked to the boys' dorms.

Peyton started stretching.

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Sky giggled. They walked to the guys dorm.

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Nate saw Adrian. "Sup?" he said.

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Sky laughed, "Hola, we are here to steal y'alls food" she smiled, Adrian already knew they did that so it didn't matter if they told him.

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Nate put his hands in his pockets and smiled. "You guys do that pretty often, don't you?" he said, smiling mostly at Abi.

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Nate rolled his eyes. "Oh really? That's not hard to believe," he said sarcastically.

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"Psh..." Sky said, "We can't help it, the girl's dorm food sucks"

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"Speak for yourself," Nate said to Adrian with a smile.

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"Hey.....they have cheese too!" she smiled, "that's the only thing worth eating in the girls dorm."

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Nate examined Abi. "Maybe their right," he said jokingly and smiled at her. "Just kiding!" he said quickly, raising his hands up as if to surrender. "Don't hurt me!"

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Sky giggled at Abi.

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((grr i need someone to go meet peyton... she so alone! it makes me feel weird when i name a charrie after myself... idk y...))

Nate chuckled. "Are you sure? 'Cause I had a pretty awesome compliment to make up for my fake insult..."

((omg nate reminds me so much of my friend riley... god i luv tht kid lol srry i'm random))

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"Ok children, sorry to break up your flirtfest in all but we probably need to get the food" Sky teased.

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((yeah i understand. i'm just expressing my feelings lol))

Nate looked at Adrian quickly. "Maybe not in front of your brother," he whispered and winked at her.

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Sky giggled, they walked to the fridge.

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Nate smiled at her as she walked away. He leaned against the wall, watching TV from where he was.

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Sky giggled, she grabbed a can of soda and a bag of Sun Chips.

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((abi, not kinsley))

Nate sighed and walked to sit on one of the couches.

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Sky laughed at Abi.

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Nate ran a hand through his hair.

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Sky giggled a little, "Oh brother, sister love.....what an ugly thing" she joked. "Bye Nate, See ya Adrian" she smiled

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Nate chuckled. "I don't think Abi's as nearly as bad as Peyton is. Most of her boyfriends got jealous because she was flirting with every hot guy she met." He shook his head.

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Nate smiled. "Bye, Abi," he said and winked at her again.

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"Bye people" Sky said, Sky and Abi walked outside.

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Nate waved bye back to Sky and Abi.

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Sky waved, when they got outside Sky giggled and said, "You are such a flirt Abi"

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Nate sighed and got up to go to his dorm.

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"Yea" Sky agreed.

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They got to their dorm room.

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Sky sat on her bed and then looked across the room to Abi, "Ok, now you need to tell me about your summer" she smiled.

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She giggled, "What did he look like?"

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She sighed, "Why can't all the guys look like that?"

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