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message 1: by Martin Lamb, Head Moderator (new)

Martin Lamb | 212 comments Mod
Here we will discuss some of the major problems we are encountering in Iraq.

message 2: by Paul (new)

Paul Pellicci Things seem to be improving in Iraq. We see the new elections and wait for the results. When it is determined what the people want, we need to support them and slowly back out.

message 3: by Martin Lamb, Head Moderator (last edited Mar 15, 2010 03:16PM) (new)

Martin Lamb | 212 comments Mod
Yes, progress has been made their in contrat to what the media says. Veterans tell me that it isn't as bad as the media portrays it. Citizens there are actually grateful for the work we are doing there.

message 4: by Paul (new)

Paul Pellicci yes I agree...

message 5: by Martin Lamb, Head Moderator (new)

Martin Lamb | 212 comments Mod
Well how long do you believe we have left in Iraq?

message 6: by Paul (new)

Paul Pellicci Well besides the recent bombings witch I believe are just distractions, I think within a year and a half.

With the elections being completed and a new coalition being developed, we will really be in the way by that time.

My Opinion only...

message 7: by Martin Lamb, Head Moderator (new)

Martin Lamb | 212 comments Mod
I agree, my only concern will be the strength of the Iraqi Military and Police force. Hopefully they will be able to stand on their own two feet by then and continue the war on terror as our ally.

message 8: by Paul (new)

Paul Pellicci Yea, they are on the front lines of the war on terror.
My thought is that much of the violence is perpetrated to turn people against the government and the US forces. If they were finally on their own, with our army gone, the terrorist would lose much of the winds in their sails.

I think they will be fine unless they get invaded by Iran.

message 9: by Martin Lamb, Head Moderator (new)

Martin Lamb | 212 comments Mod
Yes we are the center of most attacks and outbursts. If they stand on their own though that will be of great interest for both countries. It will instill a sense of pride and accomplishment amongst the Iraqi people and is another step to rebuilding their country. For us it will relieve us of sending troops over there and focus on only one front for now. Even though the war on terror is everywhere, we need to stay focused on only certain areas and not overstretch our hand.

Iran has alot to deal with right now and invading Iraq would be a bad idea. Especially since they are creating a nuclear plant. The Israelis blew up an Iranian nuclear facility before if they have to I am positive they will do it again. So at the moment Iran is under pressure from other nations to end its nuclear program and has to protect the facility from destruction. A full on Invasion of Iraq would leave them open to an attack from Israel.

message 10: by Paul (new)

Paul Pellicci Idon't agree.

Iran has dug very deep this time. Their Nuclear facilities are beyond our reach even with our bunker busters.

These guys are lunatics. They already have their people in Iraq. One good shot with a nuclear bomb, Israel may not have a chance.

Their strength is the fact that we are not lunatics. Israel don't take anything from anybody, so it may be a crap shoot.

message 11: by Martin Lamb, Head Moderator (new)

Martin Lamb | 212 comments Mod
After having one facility blown up before they better have learned something. Yes they are dug in deep but we are not alone in this dispute. Other countries are demanding Iran's termination of the facilities, so a nuclear strike would cause severe military intervention to storm their country. If they launch a missle at Israel I am sure they will be well informed of it from our eyes in the sky. But thats if they let them get that far. Israel believes in striking first and I believe that is what they will do.

message 12: by Paul (new)

Paul Pellicci I think religion has a lot to do with what they will do. I also believe they think they are slik and they make fools of the west. I hope I am wrong though.

message 13: by Silvana (new)

Silvana (silvaubrey) Has any WMD facilities ever been found? I rarely follow Iraq news since last year.

message 14: by Martin Lamb, Head Moderator (new)

Martin Lamb | 212 comments Mod
From what I have read no. There has been reports they were moved into Pakistan before we seized control of the country.

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