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(((((((((( OK every one, DO NOT make the character start running until I give the all clear!!!!! This bit here is just their thoughts/opinions whilst waiting for the start whistle...BTW, the arena is dark, abandoned ghost town. It has lots of grey, gothic, run down buildings, the streets are made from hard stone, and only few buildings have furniture in them. Every building is run down and 2-storys.
In the middle of the town is a huge, gothic clock tower (like Big Ben) that towers over everything. There is NO open grass erea's or forest. Just many thousands of streets and gothic architecture))))))))))

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Districts 4's fifteen year old female tribute, Astrid Davinella stood on her plate, waiting the starting whistle. She looked around. She, among with the other tributes were in a huge, gothic style, dark town square. Buildings towered around her, and infront she could see a rundown town hall. On the stairs were numerous bags and weapons.
Astrid mumblled a silent prayer, hoping her quick reflexes and seductive charm over boys would get her through this. There was a lot of pressure on her shoulders.
She looked at the other tributes, some scared, some ready.
Many tributes, Willow from 9,Slade from 5, Luke from 6 and Dawn from 7-all throwing her looks of recognition. They knew her because her father AND brother had won. She was somewhat a celebrity in District 4, and know all over Panem. She saw Neveah. Her brother had been murdered Naveahs brother 2 years ago...
She saw Cameron, the other boy from district one, admiring her nervously. He was too weak to be a career.
She also saw Kyle. Perhaps the most attractive guy she had ever seen, also sneaking a glance at her.
She thought of the Capitol. They would love Astrid and Kyle too be star-crossed lovers in the arena. 2 very attractive teens. It would get her many more sponsors. But for now, she had enough.
She saw Sapphire from District one. The two already hat an alliance going. 2/4 careers. It wasnt enough.
Astrid thought about extending the invitation to Kyle, who got an 11 in training. He was handsome too. If they met, she would ask him.
Astrid tossed her silky blonde hair over her shoulder, adn prayed once more she would survive the 23rd Hunger Games in this Ghost Town....

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District 4's other tribute, Cameron Twist stood 2 places away from the beautiful Astrid, who he had a crush on.
He was the Games youngest Tribute, at just 12 years old. No one expected him to win, but he was great at climbing and hiding, and this gothic, run down town looked perfect for that.
He looked at the tiny camera in front of him, and mouthed: "love you mum" as it sped past.
He held back some tears, knowing that he didnt have long to live....

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Hope (heyhopeful) Run run run as fast as you can…

Shay closed her eyes tightly as the little platform raised up through the portal. She felt sick to her stomach and so nervous that she thought she might vomit all over the spotless glass (or was it plastic?) of the tube she was being transported through. Then she stopped moving, and opened her eyes.

They were in an old town-like setting. Cobwebs hanging off banisters at the old storefronts. Shingles falling off of roofs, almost every window broken, the boards of the buildings rotting and the paint was chipping grotesquely. It was made to look as if it'd been uninhabited for uncounted years. A ghost town.

Eerie sounds streaked through the still twilight air, and Shay wasn’t sure if they were real or if the game makers were just trying to scare them, but then she shook her head…because she knew they were trying to scare them. An owl hooted in the distance and Shay flinched involuntarily. The slight wind that rippled through the streets made her shiver slightly.

Swallowing the bile rises up in her throat and trying to breathe normally as her heart pounds a fast hammering beat. Her entire body is trembling almost imperceptibly, like a taught arrow. Waiting for the alarm to sound that tells the tributes they can step off the plates. The hall in the center of the town is tempting, with all the lovely packages sit around it, looking like treasure in this ugly box. Shay knows that she’s fast enough to grab one of them, but it’s such a risk…and risks are something she can’t afford to take right now.

For Laney. Shay remembered the day of the Reaping, when Laney couldn’t go because she was to ill to even get out of bed. Laney was just eleven years old…someone so young shouldn’t have to be sick all the time. Laney always had a headache, some days it hurt so bad that she just lay there and cried because she can’t do anything else. Shay gulps, because she won’t cry. But she knows she has to win. Has to become the victor so that she can afford the medicine and help that will make Laney well.

Shay tries to push the thoughts and memories that threaten to choke her. She can’t run to the Hall, she has to run in the opposite direction. She’s terrified of the Careers, because they’re all so strong. If she and Devin had an alliance maybe she wouldn’t be so afraid, but…he’d never asked for one, and she hadn’t either. Because she didn’t want him to feel like he had to say yes.

And, you know, maybe her timidity was going to be the death of her after all. Somehow her eyes found Avanna, the 13 year old girl from 11, and it was as if they understood each other. The girl's eyes seemed to say, "I'm afraid too, let's run together?" Shay gave a barely perceptible nod.

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Hope (heyhopeful) How ugly… was the first thought to enter Devin’s handsome head as he swiveled on his metal plate in wonder.

It was like a maze, made of stone and old buildings and cobwebs.

Devin chewed the inside of his cheek thoughtfully, making up his mind to go ahead and race to the Cornucopia like the Careers. Because, what the heck, might as well!

He’d been hoping that he’d make it through this year without being drawn, and that he’d never have to worry about the Games again. Roxie would make it through, too…then he intended to ask her to marry him.

But those dreams weren’t to be.

A wife, a house, a family, a quiet life…that was all in the past. He’d be so lucky to survive, and if he did…the Capitol would always be there, watching them. There were more ways to ruin his life than to completely destroy it.

And the truth was, that even if he hadn’t been drawn, he’d still have to worry about the Games.

Because his children would have to face the Reaping, and they could be chosen. And what kind of agony must that be for a parent? He couldn’t even imagine. He didn’t want to know.

So maybe it was better if he just died. Saved himself the future pain.

But there was still Roxie.
Roxie laughing and teasing.
Roxie worrying about him.
Roxie crying when his name was drawn.
Roxie’s gentle kiss when she had to let him go…

She was what was precious to him, what was worth fighting for…the Capitol couldn’t have those memories, they couldn’t make him give them up.

And letting that dream go was still impossible. So he wasn’t going to let death get him without a pretty dang good fight.

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Joel (gocaps8) Trinity got her first glimpse of the arena and knew this was perfect for her. Plenty of places to run and hide. She could just hide out for a few days and wait until most of the other tributes had died to come out and fight. But where can I get food? she thought to herself. The Cornucopia was standing only one hundred yards away but the bloodbath that would ensue would be too much for her. No, I must find another food source she argued.

She glanced over at Menlow. He seemed to be taking all this in calmly, even though he and the rest of Panem knew that there was no chance that he could win this. She suddenly had a thought. If she followed him around at a distance, his size could be an advantage. He would most likely go looking for food first, and he had the best nose in District 8. If he was attacked, she could get away before anyone noticed she was around. She could see that he was already looking for a store in this ghost town that could contain food. This was her only chance.

She readied for the sprint that would ensue, except that she would be going in the opposite direction, away from the Cornucopia. She must get away quickly or else she could faint from the sight of blood. That might put a damper on my chances she joked to herself. The countdown was beginning. Focus, she thought, and got ready to run.

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Joel (gocaps8) Menlow, the ultimate underdog, waited for the starting gun. He glanced around at the other competitors, noticing things that other people wouldn't notice. Sure he was a couch potato and a slouch, but he didn't become an overseer at the biggest textile factory in District 8 for nothing. He had an eye sharper than an eagle's. He had also been working out since he was reaped and had shaved almost 50 pounds of his weight. He might not be a lean, mean fighting machine, but there was a lot people didn't know about him. I'm going to ruin a lot of bets he thought.

He started looking around at the buildings in this deserted ghost town. He needed food because he had no chance at the Cornucopia. He noticed Trinity looking at him with a look of thought on her face. He couldn't leave her behind, but there was no way to talk without revealing plans to the others. He assumed that she'd follow him because of the alliance they had discussed earlier.

He continued to glance around at the town. It was enormous and seemed to stretch on in all directions. The clock tower seemed to be the center. Definitely not the place for me he thought to himself. Too far to a good hiding space.

Menlow suddenly got a feeling that someone was looking at him, and looked at the other tributes to discover that the careers were looking at him like wolves that had chanced upon a baby deer. Uh-oh, he thought. Get ready to run.

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Both tributes from 2 (Bethany)
Tribute from five, Leigh (taylor)
You can write your own death scene, dont identify the killers for this one

Ceasar Flickerman's voice echoed through the arena. The dark, gothic town.
ladies and Gentlemen Ceasar began.
"Oh God, oh God" thought Astrid. She brushed her blonde hair from her eyes, and tossed it behind her shoulder, praying.
Let the 23rd Annual Hunger Games...
Astrid flicked a glance at Kyle, nodding at him, confirming their alliance

The whistle blew, and all Tributes stepped of their plates.
Astrid sprinted straight forward, towards the gray town hall. She saw a bag of knives and a a spear. Thats mine! she thought as an arrow flew over her head. Some one was already trying to murder her.
Astrid arrive at the cornucopia in front of the town hall. Some one punched her in the gut, causing her to fall over.
She got up, winded and dived at a green back pack. She pulled her self into the cornucopia/town hall, threw the bag on her back, and scooped up a sack of sharp blades.
A canon sounded. 45 seconds gone, and some one was already dead.
As she turned away in a hurry, a shoulder hit her in the face. Some one had just jumped towards her. IT was one of teh district 2 Tributes.
Astrid held a blade, then she felt warm blood explode on her face.
Another Canon.
She saw the boy from District two lying at her feet in a pool of blood.
Fear engulfed through Astrid. She was alive. She was still alive! Astrid held her sack of blades and backpack, and made a run for it.
She tripped over a stone, and when she got up, Avanna,from district 11 was about to murder her, with a tremendously sharp spear. Astrid shrieked, and held up her own blade. The two weapons collided with a huge bang! Astrid snarled, and lunged at Avana, who reflected her blade, and the two girls were now in a ferocious battle.
A second late, an arrow missed Avanna by inches, and the two girls knew they had to escape.
Astrid jumped out of the way from Avannas spear, turned and ran.
Her blonde hair flew behind her as she sprinted, scared to death around the corner of a tall, grey building, and out of the way from the blood bath, just as a third cannon was let off.
She kept running, down a narrow alley surrounded by huge dark buildings, with the repetitive thought in her mind: YOU SURVIVED THE BLOODBATH. YOU ARE STILL ALIVE. FIND KYLE. FIND THE CAREERS.
But she kept running...

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The male tribute from 4, Cameron, jumped off his plate quicker then you could blink.
Get Out of there. Do NOT go anywhere near the cornucopia The voice of his coach rang through Cam's ears, and in a split second of fear saw Astrid and Avanna fighting with spears and blades. He hoped Astrid won, so perhaps he could team up with her. THey were from the same district, and he had no one else.
Cam turned his back on the cornucopia, and with absolutely nothing, after hearing a second cannon fire, he ran away, into a tall but narrow grey, wooden building.
He rushed up the old stairs 3 at a time, and flung himself into the top room. It was bare, great and empty, with a single broken window over looking the cornucopia. No one had seen him come up this way.
He sat in the corner of the room, sitting on hard wood, huddled up, and cried.
Then a third cannon sounded

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Joel (gocaps8) Trinity sprinted away from the Cornucopia, hoping she could get out of the way before the bloodbath started. An arrow almost took her head off. Gotta stay alert she told herself.

She looked around, but couldn't see Menlow anywhere. A cannon shot rang through the air. Who could be dead already? she thought. She hoped it wasn't Kyle. That boy was more beautiful than an ang -- No,she told herself.I must stay loyal to Payton. He's the only thing left that's worth fighting for.

Menlow suddenly appeared at her side as another cannon cut through her thoughts. "Do we have an alliance?" he asked.

"Sure," answered Trinity.

Menlow visibly relaxed at that. He was red-faced and puffing from running. Trinity hoped that he wouldn't just pass out. Another cannon sounded, making it three all together. "C'mon," she said, "Let's get out of the sun." A saying suddenly popped into her head. Out of the frying pan and into the fire... Trinity hoped that she knew what she was doing.


Menlow knew that he had to get a good jump on the starting gun to have a chance at getting away. But if he stepped off to soon, mines embedded in the ground would quickly ruin any tiny chance he had of surviving this.

He had a strange thought. Maybe all us underdogs could band together and try to overthrow the Careers. He turned toward Cameron, the little boy from District 4. He had surprised everyone during training by scaling the monstrous rock wall in the training center. But the next day, he didn't even look at the climbing station.

Well, I guess I'll wait to see if he survives the Cornucopia to make my offer.

Caesar was beginning his countdown. "Ladies and gentlemen," he announced, "Let the Hunger Games...BEGIN!"

Menlow sprinted off his plate, and not a moment too soon. He heard a cannon fire almost immediately, but did not turn to see who it was. He had to get away fast. He saw Trinity ahead of him, running full-speed, and sprinted to catch up. By the time he got there, he was huffing and puffing like the big bad wolf. The second cannon shot cut through the air, as he said, "Do we have an alliance?"

She answered, "Sure." A moment later, the third cannon sounded. "C'mon," she said, "Let's get out of the sun."

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Luke shook his head, clearing his mind of thoughts of Caylee. He couldn’t afford to lose focus now. He heard Caesar Flickerman’s voice echoing throughout the arena, and got ready to run. He was going to run towards the village and hide out in one of the houses for a while.
Go! Luke took off, sprinting towards a side street, hoping no one would come after him. His heart was beating a tattoo against his ribs, a stitch forming. BANG! A canon went off. One tribute dead, 22 more to go.
He squeezed between two tall, dark buildings, and saw a small shack up ahead. He ran to it and wrenched open the door. BANG! Another canon went off. He wondered who had died, whose lives had ended suddenly.
He crouched down and peeked out the window, trying to make sense of what was happening. He couldn’t see anyone, but in the distance the top of the clock tower was visible, rising above the gloomy rooftops.

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Hope (heyhopeful) Shay scrambled off her plate in the opposite direction from the Careers, nabbing a light blue backpack resting against the steps of one of the old stone buildings, then whirled around when she saw Avanna out of the corner of her eye, darting towards a pack resting nearer to the Cornucopia.

Shay wanted to scream at her to stop, but instead watched with a fixed expression of terror as Astrid Davinella of District 4 swooped in on the 13 year old tribute and challenged her.

It was all so quick, before Shay could throw herself in to help the partner she had just found a minute before, suddenly there was Jule from District 1, helping Avanna by distracting Astrid.

Shay almost laughed with joy as Avanna caught up to her, then they sprinted outside of the square with Jule following closely.

Avanna had a spear. Shay still needed a weapon, and she had no idea about Jule.

3 cannons sounded, and Shay was reminded of Devin. She’d seen him run towards the Cornucopia…
“I hope he’s not dead…” She thought, even though she didn’t really know Devin. She hoped he’d make it through the first few rounds.

“Alliance?” Avanna asked the question to Jule before Shay had the chance, but she was thinking the same thing.
Jule nodded, and Shay smirked triumphantly as they got as far away from the square as the could.

Suddenly the town ended, and all you could see were tombs.

They were in a giant graveyard.

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Hope (heyhopeful) Devin bolted from his plate as fast as his feet could carry him and threw himself toward a pack of food and a knife near the Cornucopia.

He wasn’t fast enough, though, because the girl from 2 had them in her hands a second before he got there.
Without a second thought, he threw himself at her, trying to wrestle the supplies from her grasp.

And suddenly she stopped fighting and went limp, a dull thud sounding in her back.

Devin’s eyes widened, and he was vaguely aware that one of the tributes was displaying some talent with throwing knives, and all the attention was on him now.

With a low gasp, Devin got a grip on the knife and backpack, and bolted out. He was no match for all of them, the third cannon…the one for the district 2 girl…went off, and now what was left in the square (the Careers) were getting ready to eliminate Devin.

There was no point trying to take them on, he wasn’t stupid, so he took off down one of the narrow alleys.

But before he was safe, one of the throwing knives found his left shoulder and buried itself there. Devin let out a strangled cry, blood trickling down his arm, but managed to keep running until he found a house far enough away that he felt at least halfway safe.

He forced the door open and sagged onto the floor, gritting his teeth and groaning in an agony of physical pain as he pulled the knife out of his shoulder.

His left arm was now useless for the time being.

So he sat there, trying to figure out what he should do, hoping that Roxie didn’t have to see all of that.

Blood dripped off the tip of the knife in his hand and splattered onto the creaky floorboards.

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As soon as the games began, Nevaeh was running flat out towards the Cornucopia. Her heart was pounding a hundred miles an hour, her legs aching with the exertion. She thought she could see other shapes moving beside her, but everything was a blur of colours, save for the stack of goods directly in front of her.

She reached the enormous mound and reached for the first thing she saw. It was a large, acid green pack. She didn’t know what was inside, but anything was useful right now.

As she turned, she looked over her shoulder. A scene of horror met her eyes. The ground was slick with blood, trails of it leading into the village, and people were fighting everywhere she looked. She stumbled backwards, turned, and ran straight down a street.

She couldn’t hear anything; the beating of the heart was filling her ears. She dashed around corners and barricaded herself into a random building. The dark engulfed her as she descended, shaking, onto the floor.

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Astrid Davinella sprinted away from the cornucopia, but not before she had thrown a blade, inserting in deep into Devin's arm.
She ran down the narrow alley of the arena. Her silky blonde hair flying behind her.
She turned a corner onto what looked like an olden day, main road.
There, she saw Kyle, the 'smoking hot guy'-as she had thought when watching the Reaping.
Kyle was letting the district five girl, leah, slide to the cold ground, blood flowing like a morbid waterfall from her chest. Her pale head making a splash as she fell into her own blood. Dead.
Astrid clapped her smooth hands together, as Kyle turned around.
He smiled. "So our alliance is in action?" confirmed Kyle.
Astrid grinned, showing her pearly white teeth, which added to her astounding beauty. She nodded.
"Great!" Said Kyle, as he retrieved and cleaned his blade.
Astrid brushed her blond hair over her shoulders. "Where to now?" she asked.
With out taking his eyes of her, Kyle responded: "We need to find Sapphire. From District one"
Astrid put her knifes in her backpack, whilst looking what she had.
A bottle of water, a packet of crackers and some disinfectant/bandages.
"Yes" Astrid said, closing the bag, and looking at Kyle.
"We should head back to the Cornucopia, and scavenge remaining items. The others should be gone by nightfall, and eve if they not, we'll kill them."
The words sounded weird coming from such a pretty face.
Astrid crowed over a few paces, so she was right next to Kyle.
"By the way" she began,putting her mouth right by his ear "Your not too bad. Nice face, hair, body. And super training scores"

As she said that, The Capitol cheered. They liked that last little speech. Montagne, District 4 coach smiled. Word for word.

"How on Earth did you get an eleven?" asked Astrid, winking and smiling.

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His lips curved around hers. Cold around warm. The kiss was sudden, unexpected, and ended quickly. She hadnt seen it coming. At all. But she smiled.
She knew that they were perhaps crowed favorites now.
The two walked in teh shadows, togheter, around to the cornucpia.
Every one had gone now.
No one was left.
The two Tributes raided the steps. Astrid on the left side, Kyle on the right.
"Anything over there?" asked Astrid, as she scavenged through backpack, taking out the water and medicine, and putting it in her own.
"Just a bag full of clothes and a slice of raw meat." Kyle replied.
Astrid picked up the empty bag and threw it over to Kyle, who put the clothes and meet in the bag.
"All the weapons are gone" Astrid noted, as the two were back side by side again.
"Either some one is loaded" began Kyle "Or the Game Makers didnt give us much. Meaning they want to watch murder by hands or starvation"
Astrid shuddered at the thought. But they should be fine. They had a pack of crackers, a slice of meet, 3 bottles of water and some clothes. Plus a bag full of knifes and other weapons.
"Should we wait for Sapphire?" asked Astrid.
Kyle looked around, "lets wait inside the town hall."
So the two, each holding a back pack, plus weapons, hid inside the shadows of the empty town hall.
It was empty, and cold.
They would be safe there for the time being.
"Hopefully Sapphire arrives soon" Astrid whispered. "But until then..."
She turned and kissed Kyle's lips briefly, though it felt like ages as hers lightly brushed his.
"So. Perhaps you can share your training secret in due time" smiled Astrid flirtily.

And as that happened, 4 more sponsors signed on, and both mentors smiled widely.
"Image this" Julius Templesmith shouted on the live commentary station in The Capitol.
"This is amazing. Not only do we have the golden girl from District 4, but the muscular jock of District Eleven, but the two will probably be joined by the remarkable Sapphire form District one!"
The Audience clapped.
"What a fine trio they will be" Temlesmith continued, smiling as he watched the coverage on his big screen TV in the commentary room.
'BUT" Julius continued. "This begs the question, where is the other tribute from 11 and 4?"

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Hope (heyhopeful) “Holy…” Shay’s whisper trailed off into nothingness. The fog that swirled around the headstones was grim, the tall stones standing like grim sentinels, watching.

“I…I don’t think we should go in,” she said, quietly.
This place gave her an awful feeling. But Jule was rooted, staring at their surroundings, and she couldn’t quite catch Avanna’s eye.

“Shoot, they’re not going to listen…

Suddenly a scream pierced the air, blood-curdling and frightened.

“Sapphire.” Jule breathed.

Shay wondered, idly, if Jule and his district partner were better friends than they thought--though they'd barely appeared to acknowledge each other in training. But the thought fuzzed out as quickly as it had come, because there were more pressing matters to think about as they moved towards the screams, not away from them.

Shay’s eyes lit upon something nestled up against one of the tombstones, half covered with dirt. Kicking at it softly with the toe of her shoe, she uncovered a steel hilt. Her heart jumped into her throat as she leaned down and picked it up.

It was a rapier.

She didn’t have time to figure out why the game makers would have placed a weapon so formidable so far from the Cornucopia.

Another scream echoed around them.

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Hope (heyhopeful) OOC (Out Of Character): I’m going to make the phantoms be invisible to everyone but those whom they are attacking/scaring. It makes it creepier. XD BIC (Back In Character):

“We’re lucky to have him,” Avanna whispered.

“Yeah,” Shay nodded quickly, managing a tight-lipped smile and squeezing Avanna’s hand. It was nice having a friend…but dreadful, too, because..

“One of us has to die.” Shay gulped.

She was finally able to make out Sapphire in the distance. The girl from District 1 looked as if something was standing in front of her, terrorizing her. But no matter how Shay squinted, she couldn’t see what it was. "Maybe Sapphire's just lost it..."

Suddenly, right in front of her eyes, was Laney…looking pale as death. A strange doctor came out of the fog to stand beside her, he led Laney over to one of the tombstones--a long, granite slab--and had her lie down. He got out a long syringe. Tears streaked silently down Laney’s cheeks.

“What’re you doing?!” Shay broke away from Avanna.

“We’re putting your little sister out of her pain. There’s no hope for her to become better anymore, no matter what you do. So we might as well end her suffering now…we can’t wait until later.”

“Stop it!” Shay tried desperately to reach the doctor, to keep him from administering the fatal injection, but no matter how she tried, she couldn’t get any closer.

“It’s too late, Shay…” the doctor smiled a horrible smile. Suddenly it felt like thousands and thousands of sharp needles were being plunged into Shay’s arms and legs.

All she could do was tremble and collapse onto the ground, weak and shaking, as Laney’s eyes closed. Her breathing stopped.

And then it started over again.

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Lydia | 290 comments Dawn started forward. She grabbed whatever she saw first, thinking about it later. She could do this. Maybe. Dawn looked around and saw Damien, the other tribute from District 7. He was glancing around scared. Instead of grabbing a weapon or a bag, the smart thing to do, he ran off into the town. Dawn watched him go.

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Taylor (taylorjaylene) | 4557 comments ((Sorry to jump in so late.... I will do a quick death scene for Leigha, and then I will put Slade somewhere.))

Leigha jumped at the word "go!", the word they all listened for, the word she both feared and longed for. She began to run, as fast as she could, away from the others. As far away as she dared.

But then.... Something hit her. Some immeasureable pain that she never would have been able to describe hit her as she ran. And she felt herself falling. She would never know what had hit her, or who had made it do so. All she knew was that she was dying. That was all that mattered.


Slade's face showed no emotion. He wanted no one to see what he thought, or what he felt. He just wanted to get this thing over with. So when he heard the word that set everyone running, he was off like a bullet. Running was what Slade did best, and he was not going to stop until he was assured of his safety for a while. He paused for the slightest moment to grab a backpack, and kept running.

Slade ran farther than he remembered running in a long time. He finally slowed when he reached a street of the eerie town that seemed uninhabited. He smiled to himself as he thought the word "uninhabited". Of course it's uninhabited, he thought, it's supposed to be. He had meant that it was deserted of tributes for the moment, but he allowed himself some humor in this dismal landscape.

Slade chose a Gothic-style stone building that had few windows and a hidden exit. He entered a cobwebby room whose floorboards creaked under his feet. He chose a corner that he deemed "least dusty" to examine the contents of his backpack. It was small: inside, he found a canteen of water, a packet of crackers, and a sort of towel, all of which were very small. The final thing in the pack made Slade smile in satisfaction: it was a sturdy knife, the kind that could be used for any purpose.

Slade did not relax, much as he wanted to. He knew the other tributes could be anywhere near, despite his precaution in finding a shelter. So he sat in the "least dusty" corner of his shelter and simply listened.

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Lydia | 290 comments Dawn crept slowly. She stopped when a floorboard beneath her creaked. No one came. The bank was deserted, except for a few rats. Dawn sat down and opened her backpack. It consisted of: a compass, a canteen, and a knife. In her other hand she had a bow, and a pouch of arrows. She smiled.

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Cameron stopped his crying.
He wiped his tear stroked face, and peered out of the broken window. 4 levels down, he could seen Kyle and Astrid sneaking into the town hall, hand in hand.
Maybe he could follow them, perhaps make an alliance.
BUt he didn't dare.
He paced the small, bare room, deciding what to do next.
There were still a few, small weapons lying around the cornucopia.
Maybe he could go down, grab a few, and hide again.
Yes. Thats what he would do.
But how? When?
Would Kyle see him and kill him.
Would Astrid, fellow district parter, kill him too?
He sat down by the wall again, wondering what to do.

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AS NIGHT STARTED TO FALL, AT ABOUT 6:30, getting surprisingly dark.....

Astrid and Kyle had ate one cracker each, and Kyle had just passed Astrid a drink of water when the Panem Anthem started to play.
Astrid quickly had a sip, and her and Kyle rushed out side.
In the sky they saw the images of the dead.
Both Tributes from 2 appeared in the sky,
followed by Leigh, from 5. Astrid had seen her die at the hands of Kyle.
As Kyle turned to go back inside the shelter of the town hall, Astrid could swear she saw at least 3 other Tributes from near by buildings. BUt it could have been her imagination.
She went back inside the town hall, closing the big door behind her.
Astrid sat on the floor next to Kyle. She adjusted her blonde hair, and took out the clothes.
"Too sleep on" she explained, and Kyle nodded.
Thought they were both the same age, 15, Kyle was much more muscular and bulkier then her. And whilst Astrid might have been tall in District 4, Kyle was taller then her.
"Im sure we have a fair few sponsors now" Astrid smiled, resting her head on her shoulder.
"Im sure we do" Kyle agreed.
Then they went into silence, both knowing that this could be their last night alive.....

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Luke crouched at the window as night fell, watching out for anyone that ran past. So far only Nevaeh, the other tribute from district 6, had passed the little shack he was hiding in, and he watched as she sprinted into the house next to his, her face a mask of shock. He wondered if he should go talk to her.
I shouldn’t leave her alone, he thought. Maybe we can make an alliance. And if she has supplies…
He decided to see if she was alright.
He crept out the door, his back against the front of the house. The sound of the anthem tore through the silence, and he paused to look at the faces flashing across the sky. The tributes from district two and the girl from district five. Rest in peace, he thought softly.
He knocked softly on the door of the house Nevaeh was in. They door swung open at the lightest touch. He took one careful step inside.
“Ahhh!!!!!” Something crashed into him, sending him sprawling into the opposite wall. A huge shape jumped on him and started punching every part of him. He saw a glint of blue eyes and recognized Nevaeh.
“Stop!!” he screamed. “It’s just me!!”
She paused, breathing heavily, and a spark of recognition lit up her eyes. She rolled off him and stood up, offering her hand to Luke. He took it, and she heaved him to his feet.
“Are you going to attack me again?” he asked her. “Kill me?”
A dark shadow crossed her face, and her eyes turned almost black. “No. Will you?”
“No,” Luke replied. Nevaeh’s face relaxed, and she turned and picked up a bright green pack. “What’s in that?” he said.
“Don’t know.” She sat down and tipped the contents of the bag onto the floor. A variety of things spilled out; dry food, a thermos, a blanket, a short silver dagger.
Luke sat down next to her, a smile on his face. He might not be giving the Capitol the excitement they want, but at least he was alive…for now.

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Cameron stared out of his window.
He saw Astrid come out of the town hall, wrapped in the arms of Kyle.
She saw him. But did nothing.
Only 3 died at the Cornucopia. He hoped that most Tributes would die,making it easier for him.
Because this was a hard arena. A hard batch of Tributes.
Even harder then last year.
Last year was an arctic wasteland. It was over within a week.
14 had died at the cornucopia. A record. The Capitol loved those games. And there was hardly anywhere to hid, except a few ice caves.
That meant you could see attackers, and have a chance to defend yourself.
This year, it was a maze of buildings and alleys.
Any one could sneak up at any minute.
Judging by the cites clock, it was only quarter to 7, and already dark.
THey had got in the arena at 3:30.
Only a few hours had past. BUt they were a long few hours.
Cam wondered how long until Tributes would start to get thirst, get hungry.
He paced his small room, wondering what to do.

He decided to be risky. He climbed out the window, using the jagged bricks to get to the dark ground.
50 meters away was the town hall and cornucopia.
Inside the town hall were two career tributes.
He snuck across the deserted square, tiptoeing, hoping not to be seen.
Only a limited number of items remained at the cornucopia.
He snuck over, slowly lifted what looked like a super large nail, and snuck of into the darkness.
He had survived.

Kyle saw Cameron, he picked up a blade, and started to sprint outside, but Astrid held his arm with her delicate hand.
"No" she whispered. "hes from home. Leave him for now"
Kyle understood. HE dropped the blade, and returned to the back of the hall, slightly ashamed he was prepared to kill Astrid's district parter.
"Who should keep first watch?" Kyle asked once they had both sat down again, weapons resting on their laps.
"I will." AStrid replied quietly. "But we'll wait till its later to sleep. It gets dark early here..."
Kyle nodded "Making it harder to see forthcoming attacks" he added.
Then, together they said: "Like the Game Makers want it. The element of surprise."
Kyle examined his blade in the silver moonlight that shone through the dusty windows.
"These will be the hardest games yet..."

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Hope (heyhopeful) Devin had made several attempts to bandage up his arm with the cloth in the pack he’d gotten from the District 2 girl, but it was impossible with only one hand.

“Maybe I should have made an alliance with Shay when I had a chance…” He thought of his district partner for the first time since the games started, “Stupid! I’ll probably bleed to death here!

Then he heard footsteps upstairs, pacing.

“Oh, God…” Devin scooted back towards the wall, but every movement jarred his arm, sending shooting pains through his entire body.

He gritted his teeth to keep from crying out with pain, and hoped that when whoever was upstairs came down, they wouldn’t see him, and if they did…he hoped against hope that it was Shay. She wouldn’t kill him…

Then the noises stopped, and he knew he was alone again...hopeless again.

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Hope (heyhopeful) The images just kept replaying their grisly scene, each time worse than before. Now, the letters on one of the tombstones were rearranging slowly, Laney McAllister written in bold lettering on the face.

Tears welled up in Shay’s eyes, but never tumbled down her cheeks, so her vision was fogged, and she kept shivering, needles prickling her skin, her hands breaking out in a cold sweat. She couldn’t tear her eyes away from the sights before her, couldn’t think of anything else.

Suddenly something hit her. She blinked, suddenly conscious of something outside of the nightmare.

And then she was hit again. The images faded slowly. She turned, as if awaking from a stupor, and saw Jule. Surrounded by fog and sadness and pain written all over his face, evidenced in his eyes. Shay could’ve hugged him with gratitude and sympathy. He must've seen his own nightmare...

Instead, she got out an extremely weak, whispery, “Thank you,” and collapsed into sobs, the tears finally falling

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Lydia | 290 comments Dawn heard footsteps. She grabbed her bow and an arrow. She pointed it at the door. SHe caught a glimpse of Wolfe.

message 29: by Lydia (new)

Lydia | 290 comments "Stop." Dawn's voice filled the open room. She pointed the arrow at Wolfe's heart.

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Lydia | 290 comments Dawn looked him over. He didn't have a weapon in his hand. "Prepare to die." Dawn said. She flexed the bow.

message 31: by Lydia (new)

Lydia | 290 comments Dawn thought about it. Finally, she lowered the bow. "What do you have?"

message 32: by Lydia (new)

Lydia | 290 comments "That all?" Dawn asked.

message 33: by Lydia (new)

Lydia | 290 comments "Fine." Dawn dropped her bow and collapsed on the floor. She was too tired to argue.

message 34: by Lydia (new)

Lydia | 290 comments Dawn moved her backpack to make a pillow. "you good with a knife?"

message 35: by Lydia (new)

Lydia | 290 comments "Hmmm." Dawn fell asleep.

message 36: by Lydia (new)

Lydia | 290 comments DAwn woke up hours later. She fumbled around in the dark, looking for her bow.

message 37: by Lydia (new)

Lydia | 290 comments "thanks." Dawn whispered. She rubbed her eyes and stretched. :You can sleep; I'll keep watch."

message 38: by Lydia (new)

Lydia | 290 comments Dawn picked up the knife and slide it into her belt. She notched an arrow in the bow. Dawn's eyes finally focused and she saw the outline of Wolfe in a corner.

message 39: by Lydia (new)

Lydia | 290 comments Dawn looked at him. She flinched at the thought that she would have to kill him soon. But not now. She was glad he didn't kill her in her sleep.

message 40: by Lydia (new)

Lydia | 290 comments Dawn sighed and grabbed her backpack. She heard Wolfe's breathing quicken and looked at him.

message 41: by Lydia (new)

Lydia | 290 comments "You okay?"

message 42: by Lydia (new)

Lydia | 290 comments "Me too." Dawn said.

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Hope (heyhopeful) Devin, with grim resolve, finally got the bandage tied decently around his shoulder, as tight as he could with only one hand, and picked himself off the floor slowly. He still couldn't use his left arm, it was too painful, but he managed to make it to a broken window as the anthem played and the faces of the dead tributes flashed across the sky.

He'd made it through the first day. Now if he could only make it through the night...

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Lydia | 290 comments Dawn sighed. "WHat do you want to do?"

message 45: by Lydia (new)

Lydia | 290 comments "I agree." Dawn said.

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Lydia | 290 comments Dawn was thinking the same thing. GHosts? Rotted floorboards that fell beneath your feet?

message 47: by Lydia (new)

Lydia | 290 comments Dawn sighed. "Thank goodness."

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Lydia | 290 comments ((kay))

Dawn sat down again.

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Nevaeh had heard the anthem playing, but couldn’t be bothered going to see who had died. What did it matter anyway? They were all going to end up the same way in the end.
Then someone had come inside. She didn’t think. She just acted.
Her instincts drove her forward, pushing her into the stranger. Her fists moved downward, pounding the body underneath her, and it wasn’t until he spoke that she realized it was Luke.
Now, sitting here next to him, with the contents of the pack spread before her, she felt, for the first time since the games had started, that maybe she could get through this after all. Having some company could do wonders for being optimistic.
Although, lurking in the back of her mind, was that worry about what would happen to them. There could only be one victor, and she didn’t think she could bring herself to murder her one friend in the games. Well, she would cross that bridge when she came to it, she supposed.
For now, all she could think about was sleep, lying on the floor with Luke keeping watch. She would take over at midnight. Nevaeh closed her eyes and let the calm, darkness of sleep wash over her.

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Luke sat on the hard ground next to Nevaeh while she slept. He was supposed to swap with her at midnight, but he was worried that if he tried to sleep now he wouldn’t wake up. Midnight came and went, and he still hadn’t woken her up.

As he stared into space, he heard a noise. It seemed to be coming from outside. He stood up and quietly made his way to the door, opened it a crack, and peeked out.

There he saw a girl of his age sitting against the wall with her knees drawn up and her head down. Her long, blonde hair glowed in the pitch-black night, cascading around her, and a bad feeling bubbled up in the pit of his stomach.

The girl raised her head and looked straight at him, tears streaming from her pale blue eyes.

Luke’s heart stopped.

No!! How can she be here?! She shouldn’t be here!! It isn’t real!!! the logical part of his brain screamed out to him. But he couldn’t hear that little voice in the back of his head. He just stood there, with his mouth open, staring at her. At Caylee.

Through the haze in his mind he realized that her eyes looked blank. Unseeing. He also noticed her lips were moving, chanting something softly under her breath. He crept closer, until he was kneeling right next to her; she didn’t seem to see him there.
He leant forward so he could hear what she was saying. “He’s gone,” she whispered. “He’s left me. He’s gone.” Over and over.

She means me, he realized suddenly. She thinks I’ve left her. And if she thinks that then…

Luke scrambled to his feet, ran into the house and slammed the door, his heart thundering in his chest.

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