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((Start here! YAY))

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((I'll join this one in a minute))

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Savannah (savannahmd) | 4 comments ((i'll join!!))

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((I'm gonna start))

Talise swam through the ocean, observing everything.

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Talise noticed Ginny and swam over to her. "Good day." She smiled.

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Savannah (savannahmd) | 4 comments Abigail sat on a rock bored.

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Talise smiled. "Well, the waters are clean, but they won't be for long." She looked down at her legs. "Something is coming. The whole ocean can feel something coming."

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Savannah (savannahmd) | 4 comments "i need friends," she sighed.

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Talise shrugged. "I don't think so. More like an event or something. But I really don't know."

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Savannah (savannahmd) | 4 comments Abigail dove into the water.

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Talise smiled, but it was a weaker smile. "Ok. That sounds best. I just hope it isn't something really bad..." She trailed off as she looked out into the waters.

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Talise sighed. "Yeah. So, what should we do?"

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Talise laughed and smiled, swimming after Ginny. She manipulated water currents so that she could go just a bit faster.

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Talise passed Ginny, but didn't pay attention to where she had gone.

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Talise eventually reached where they were racing to. She turned back but didn't see Ginny.

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Talise became worried and turned back. She swam the race course, looking for Ginny.

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Talise thought she had seen Ginny, so she swam faster.

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Talise could sense the waters getting colder, but she hardly payed attention.

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Talise smiled but looked out into the waters. "Hey. This place is just a little bit...strange." She said warily.

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Talise hesitated, but then followed a bit. "I don't know." She stuttered slightly.

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Talise shrugged. "Well, my sense of danger is usually stronger than my sense of adventure, but I guess we can go. I mean, I can always have the water currents take us home. I think."

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((hmmm... I don't care. You pick))

Talise let herself relax and swim faster to catch up with Ginny. Red flags were popping up in the back of her mind, but she ignored them and kept swimming.

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((ok awesome))

Talise stopped and stared up at the ship. "It's amazing." She whispered.

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Talise sighed. "Ok, but they'll probably freak out more if they see you. I mean, you have a fin." She smiled.

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Talise smiled. "I do too. Only they are made for swimming and they have blue designs on them. Unlike humans."

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((haha its ok))

Talise rolled her eyes but smiled. "Humans are so stuck up. Few have seen us, but we are passed off as stupid daydreams or hallucinations."

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((thats from the little mermaid!))

Talise rolled her eyes again but kept quiet. Then she decided to comment. "Our music is so much better than theirs."

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((haha ok))

Talise sighed. "You are a silly girl."

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Shayla (shaylaalexander) Quickly a dark shadow swept past the other mermaids.
They're here for us." She whispered the warning to the others. She slowly brought her head to the surface.
"Watch all you like. They will find you. Hunt you down. Kill you as thay do our fish friends."
She warned once more.

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Shayla (shaylaalexander) "They want your scales. They beleive they poses power.
Follow me. I will show you what you want to know."
The dark sea creature had the voice of an angelfish. She spoke the words as she started to raise her hands above her.
"Follow. They have come for us." In a flash she disappeared under the wall of bubbles and vanished. All seen was the steep trail she had left.
"Follow Bridgett." A small voice rang in the aquarians' heads.

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Shayla (shaylaalexander) Bridgett swerved into the underground cavern with Ginny on her tail.
"Where's your freind? To shrimp to follow." Bridgett mocked, tilting her head annoyingly.
"They have hurt my generation for to long!" She screeched, rising her head to face the full moonlit veiw.
She swam to the nearest cave entry and rose her hands.
"Show me the humans." She chanted. A swirl morphed in side tilla glimpse of tidy humans with wooden rods showed into veiw.

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Shayla (shaylaalexander) "See what I mean, young mer-girl. I am one of a friend, not a foe. " Bridgett looked crossly at the weery child.
"I am her to help. They are fishing, hunting our brothern. Next they will find us, taking the precious tails we claim are our own." She quietly moaned on.
Bridgett snapped her hands and the magical wonder that was once the vision went back to the cave opening.
"Now. Any more questions?" She sounded quite calm and friendly for what she just did.
"I am a shadow-dweller." She confessed.

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Talise had followed the two mermaids silently, and at that, she gasped. "No! You aren't! They went extinct. Right?"

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Talise looked over at Ginny. "I don't know if we should trust this girl." She said quietly, but she didn't bother whispering because she knew the girl would be able to hear her anyway.

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Shayla (shaylaalexander) "A shadow-dweller, last of my kind. Although they have a hiddious history, I am one of great respect. No one beleives me when I tell them the humans are coming. Do you? I am young and will never be a normal." Bridgett forwardly explained her past, from when her dweller parents died to when she was coaght by sharks and nearly eaten.
"Shadow-dwellers are mermaids of shadows. They reflect on things their mer-kin do. Only in a not so good way. I want to change that. One time nearly half the mermaid poplation was wiped out. All by humans." She spoke claerly to the young ones. They nodded and listened carefully.

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Talise nodded. "I'm a water spirit. I have been around in many forms for a very long time. I guess I agree that mermaids have been wiped out, but not only because of humans. Plus, why should we believe you just because you say so?"

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Talise still looked skeptical. "I don't know..."

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Shayla (shaylaalexander) "It's not that simple, young one. There is a way to stop them, if you want to help Shadow-dweller." She sneered, not meaning to be rude.
Bridgett grasped Ginny's arm and shifted her to the othersire of where she stood.
"She beleives. Will you help? It will free me." She confessed, ltting her words take toll on all her past sayings.

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Talise eyed the girl holding Ginny warily. "Free you from what? Free you so you can wreak havoc on the mermaids and the creatures of the sea? I don't think so."

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Talise glared at the shadow-dweller. "They are evil. They always have been. They were banished from the mermaid cities long ago, because they were killing too many. And they weren't very subtle about it."

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Talise nodded. "Yeah that's right. She's not a good mermaid. Sure, she's against the humans, but what mer-person isn't?"

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Talise sneered at the girl. "Why are you even trying?"

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Shayla (shaylaalexander) "I ... I am cursed. And so will you be!" Bridgett snarled, throwing Ginny back over on top of Talise.
"So will you!" She hissed.

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Talise grabbed Ginny's arm and made them both dissolve into millions of water droplets. They flew through the water, out of the cave, and back up near the surface, where they reformed. "Are you ok?" Talise turned to Ginny.

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Shayla (shaylaalexander) "No one believes me. My last chance. Sea witch, I have failed." Bridgett called out. A black cloud came over.
"I supose. These girls will come back. Watch."
The cloud stated before vanishing.
Bridgett charged back to the cavern, sobbing.

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Talise had sensed the shadow-dweller's feeling of failure and hopelessness. She just didn't get it.

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Shayla (shaylaalexander) "You should!" Cried out the cursed dweller.
She feared the worst.

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Talise was curious to find out about this cursed girl. She spoke to Ginny. "Stay here, or go back to the city. I'll be back."
She swam back to the shadow-dweller's cave, looking around cautiously. She wasn't scared of the 'curse' because the water can't be cursed, so water spirits couldn't either. Or so she thought. "Hello?" She called out.

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Shayla (shaylaalexander) "You have come. Sea witch was right." Bridgett sobbed.
She turned to face Talise and the near by Ginny. She layed down on the ocean floor, thinking of a solution.
"Your my only hope. Will you stay and listen? I am no foe of yours. Believe Talise, Ginny, and you will find." She whispered, the silent wid tracked her scaled one by one off her majestic dark tail, revealing a glint of hope in the shimmer of violet scales showing up in the abandoned patches.
"No hope without help." She moaned helplessly.

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Shayla (shaylaalexander) "I think, if your wise, you could help this sea nymph free herself." Bridgett feared the wrong answer.
She swam over in front of Ginny and put out her hand.
"I'm Bridgett." She announced to the mermaid child, a glowing violet star outline shown around her silvery eyes. It sparkled, showing a glimpse of hope for the nymph.

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