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Name: Rose
Age: 17
Looks: Waist length, wavy black hair. Emerland green eyes, gorgeous, but hides it.
Personality: In RP
Species: Siren/Mermaid
Other/Background: you'll see

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Name: Talise
Age: 16
Gender: F
Looks: long wavy dark brown hair, sea blue eyes, has a wavy blue dress that she wears all the time, it's flowing and simple, about knee length, her legs have translucent blue vine-like designs winding around them, she has blue designs on her skin on her upper back and all over
Personality: clever but can be quiet, will rp the rest
Species: mermaid, water spirit
Other/Background: she doesn't actually have a mermaid fin, but she can.

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Shayla (shaylaalexander) Name: Bridgett
Age: 15
Looks: Cursed- Long black/blue hair and a dark fin
Normal- Incredibly bright blonde hair and long legs that can twist to look like a tail, violet carvings around her eye(star), an unmistakable personality
Personality: Willing, Helpfull, Clever, reliable
Species: Cursed- Shadow-dweller Normal- fairly missed water nymph that does not huddle over male mer-men
Other/Background: Cursed as Child; needing to redeem her true identity-one chance left

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Sketchy Z Name: Fey Griffith
Age: 12
Looks: Long, bloodred hair. She is super pale, and she has a long, black fish tail mermade thingy...., with bloodred fins. Her eyes are dark green, but they tend to change color.
Personality: TBA
Species: Mermaid/human hybrid. She can change into a human when she wants to, and the other way around.
Other/Background: She is known as the Fey child. ((fairy changleing...))

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