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((Start here!))

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Liam groaned inwardly, annoyed as two women, a fuzzy headed red haired woman, and a blond woman with an odd beehive do perched atop her head, stopped at the entrance and both placed hands on his shoulders. He gave a polite small before pushing through them and rolled his eyes. Maneuvering through the throng of dancing, half tipsy people in their tight clothing, trying to make his way towards the back.

He supposed tonight was probably a bad night to choose to go to a dance club. 9 pm, a Saturday night. But he needed the time to get away from his neighborhood-especially the people in it and grab a drink or two. He rubbed his black tousled hair and pulled out a small leather stood and sat, ordering a drink then resting on his elbows.

((Sorry If I respond slow, I just switched to my moms laptop since it's faster, and all the keys are different than I'm used to.))

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Liam was handed his drink, a spicy tomato juice concoction in a thin, but very tall fancy glass with a celery stalk sticking out of it. He prefered it non alcoholic, and had grimaced when the bartender gave him an odd look.
Taking his drink he turned in his seat and watched the dancing people. Young teenagers rubbing up against definitely too old guys, some boys fiddling with cigarettes and lighters, looking rather out of place, and some seemingly just having fun.
Liam sipped his drink, pursing his lips and leaned back in his seat as people pushed past him, almost spilling his drink.
God, how rude can people be? He hissed in his mind, narrowing his eyes.

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((Haha, sure.))

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Liam finished off his drink, the music pounding in his ears and his brain already feeling clouded over by the blinking lights and the puffs of fog from the smoke machines everywhere. Leaving a 10 dollar bill on the counter, even though it was definitely over the limit of how much the drink really was, he left it anyways and stood, knees popping as he did so.
Brushing his black hair out of his eyes, a familiar shade of hair he'd seen at least everyday caught his eye. He began walking forward and watched as Ginny made a face saying she hadn't mean to be see and darted behind people.
"Ginny?" Liam called, even though it probably did no good

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((You still can and Liam can follow if you like, hehe.))

Liam tensed and spun. "Excuse me?" He asked, shooting a look at Ginny. Ignoring Rick and trying to brush off the hand, he turned to her. "Gin, it's 10 pm, you're 17. What the hell are you doing in here?"

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"Yeah. We live in the same neighborhood." Liam said, trying his best not to glare. "And you ask, why?"


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Liam shrugged, still unsure and cast an omnious glance at Rick.
"Well okay. But Ginny--" Liam began and turned to her, "I'm taking you home. You don't know the type of people who could hurt you." He said, his gaze flickering to the odd people around, Stumbling, dancing, singing, yelling, slapping. all different stories, all different people.

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Liam scoffed and rolled his eyes, watching as Rick walked away and disappeared into the throng of people.

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Liam pursed his lips and paused, taking in a deep breath he contemplated the consequences of the choices he could make, let Ginny stay, or take her home. Where she'd probably be safer.
"Do you want to stay?" He asked after a minute, examining her face.

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Liam nodded and gave a small smile.
"I couldn't leave you here alone, Gin. Your mother would kill me anyways." He muttered the last part and looked past her, softly grabbing her by her elbow, directing her close towards his chest as a man with a 3 o clock beard and scrappy clothes charged past them both, mumbling obscenities.

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((Oh dear. Don't kill us! :P ))

Liam yelled as the noise of the gunshot rang and bounced off the walls, echoing painfully in his ears.
He cupped his hands to them, looking around madly and ducking to the ground, bringing Ginny with him.
was someone shot? He thought, feeling slightly annoyed. Liam had come to the club to get away, try to have fun. Not possible get killed.
He swore under his breath and rubbed his hand over his chin, then dragged Ginny back behind the bar as another shot rang out.

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"I don't know." Liam said, kicking away some glass, managing to cut his hand. "Come on." He whispered this time, jerking his head towards the end of the bar.

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Liam grabbed at his ears again, ignoring the people screaming and fleeing the sound of the gun. The sound of glass breaking, dropping of purses and scuffling of shoes. Liam reached for Ginny's hand and pulled her closer to him,
"Stay low." He warned in her ear

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Liam stuck his head above the bar, immediately seeing the back of Rick. His breath caught in his throat when he saw that he was one with a gun, and just beyond someone else.
Great. Just great, great, great, great! Liam thought bitterly, clutching the edge of the counter

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"Sshh." Liam hissed, pulling her back down and cupping a hand over her mouth.

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Casey ((Crap! I missed all the excitement...))

Eve watched the chaos from start to end, sitting unmovingly on a barstool. She watched the gunman run out the door, and she smirked, as if she was amused. Eve blew out some smoke, and took another breath of the cigarette. She couldn't help but feel overjoyed at the thought that no one died, the police would come, and investigate everyone, time would be wasted, and time is precious.

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Casey ((Thanks. :D))

Eve's expression turned from amusement, to alarm. What was the man doing? Chasing after him? What an idiot. Eve sighed, and slid off the barstool, feeling like an idiot herself.

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Liam frowned and peeked above the counter, slowly standing, wiping glass of his black dress pants.

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Casey Eve smashed her cigarette on the table, killing the fire. She threw it in the trashcan, and quietly stood behind the man that was pointing the gun at Rick. Her hand slid into her jacket, and her hand curled around a gun.

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Hart turned the corner, laughing, then they saw what was happening. "What's going on?" she said as she paused.
"You wait here, I'll go see." James said. He wrapped her hands around her and gave her a kiss. They stayed there for a moment, arms wrapped around eachothers backs, then James ran off, leaving Hart with Andy, Becky, Izzy, Cob, Anna and Sam.
"Somethings going on!" she shouted

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Hart paced, nervously.

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