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((Start! At Camp! Yes.))

Kaleb Firestone | 671 comments Mod
lol hey

Kaleb Firestone | 671 comments Mod

Kaleb Firestone | 671 comments Mod
lol kaylibe lays on his bed and plays hid gutiar

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Katrina sat on her bed scribbling on a piece of paper.

Kaleb Firestone | 671 comments Mod
kaleb starts to write a song on his bunk

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Katrina crumpled up the paper she was writing on and threw it in the trash, "Ugh!"

Kaleb Firestone | 671 comments Mod
Kaleb look at the trash 4 a second smiles and goes by to my song add new lyrics

Kaleb Firestone | 671 comments Mod
stares at the girlz with his peircing silver eyes than winks and leaves the cabin with my bow on my back and head 4 the archery range

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Kaleb Firestone | 671 comments Mod
Kaleb stops and turn his head and grins then continues walking

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Kaleb Firestone | 671 comments Mod
"Kaleb Firestone" I say "Son of Apollo "

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Kaleb Firestone | 671 comments Mod
hey cuz

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Kaleb Firestone | 671 comments Mod
Margaret wrote: ""Nice. " She smiled."

''thanks'' Kaleb says

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Katrina walked out of the cabin, and went to the archery range.

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Kaleb Firestone | 671 comments Mod
Margaret wrote: ""Welcome. Wanna shoot some targets?" She asked, gesturing to the bow and arrow."

"sure but i warn you im really good" Kaleb says

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Kaleb Firestone | 671 comments Mod
" OK " Kaleb smiles shoots an arrow and splits Ginny's arrow in half

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Kaleb Firestone | 671 comments Mod
Margaret wrote: ""Hey!" Ginny laughed. She ran up to the target, putting her hands in a "T" formation. "Don't hit me." She yelled."

"haha" Kaleb laughed "why would i hit you "

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Kaleb Firestone | 671 comments Mod
Kaleb grins "ok''

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Rose wandered out of the camp office, tears brimming hers eyes in which she furiously wiped away with her sleeve.
She looked up towards the sun, closing her eyes and taking in a deep breath, smelling the new, unfamiliar air around her. Then scanned her eyes around the Camp, her new home, and still a bit shaken-- finding out your mother is Athena definitely doesn't happen everyday.

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Kaleb Firestone | 671 comments Mod
Walked over to Rose and greeted her " Hey there " he grined but noticed the same fire in her he had when he first came, her aroura seemed almost identical to his

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Kaleb Firestone | 671 comments Mod
"New kid " as he put hands on ginny's shoulder and said " she seems special"

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Kaleb Firestone | 671 comments Mod

" get to your cabin kido " Kaleb says he headed back to the achery range

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Kaleb Firestone | 671 comments Mod
" idk" Kaleb answers " shes new to me but yet so fimiliar "

he looked at ginny and smiled "for now well just wait"

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Kaleb Firestone | 671 comments Mod
nice " Kaleb beamed ,shoot an arrow right next to ginny's and winked towards her

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Kaleb Firestone | 671 comments Mod
((LOL we got go along with each other well ))

Kaleb went to his cabin to change for waterfront

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Kaleb Firestone | 671 comments Mod
Kaleb headed for the lake his blonde hair shimmered in the summer sun , his shirt is off revealind his 6ix pac and scar of a claw on the right side of his chest

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Rose walked around the Camp, easily identifying her own Cabin

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Kaleb Firestone | 671 comments Mod
as Kaleb walked farther in the beach water spirits giggled "ladies" Kaleb grinned . he paused than ran up a tall hill and dove into the water like a stream-line bullet , he found a rock and sat on it looking at the camp around him thinking about Rose that strange girl and Ginny his archery mate , partner and, best friend

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Shayla (shaylaalexander) "Hey there. I'm Shay." A tan demi-god appeared from the bottomless lake, ripples trailing down stream.She dunked herself back in the icey clutches of the lake top. There was no trace of what just happened. Shay shot herself up out of the water, then dantely plunging back. A single scale of defiant shining silver scratched the rock where Kaleb sat. It seemed to dance even though it stood perfectly still.

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Shayla (shaylaalexander) "Posiedon, Posiedon." The scale chabted on and on.
"Find her, help her, free her." It said at last.
The silver blaze sat there, motionless under the earth's ungratefull pull.

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Shayla (shaylaalexander) 'Fing her, help her, free her." They scale started to shiver and then burst with the spirit of a thousand gods.
"Find Shay. Deni-god of Posiedon. Help Shay. Free Shay." The spirts chanted again, over and over.

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Kaleb Firestone | 671 comments Mod
Kaleb freaked out and shoot into the air with his fire wing aimed at shay "Wow!!" Kaleb yelled " what the - oh ur just a demi god " he dive bombed into the water holding her moitionless body but the watter pulled her back he shot fire and evaporated the water , than he calmed down and flew on the land and landed next to ginny " wow " Kaleb said again

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Shayla (shaylaalexander) "Hey!" Yelled a voice out of nowhere.
Shay lightly trotted out of the water as it churned in her presence. She stood to face Ginny and Kaleb.
"I am Demi-God to Posiedon. I feel water and only fire is my weakness." She edged her head around to face Kaleb, who had shot fire with her.
Holding out her hand, she summoned the lake to follow her every movement. Motioning Her body to face Kaleb, she threw the water to land at his face. The droplets clung to his skin as the rest dropped to the ground.
"Who's laughing now?" Shay smurked. She turned to Ginny.
"You called."

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Shayla (shaylaalexander) ((K.))
You walked to water. you echoed my name then backed down. Hello, family eh?" Shay replied with tone.
She circled her half-kin with delight and wonder.
"What to do?" She repeated under her breath several times before examining the shrimp who happened to be her family.

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Shayla (shaylaalexander) "The water? Know, what you heard was my father. He sends scales to those of my generation to warn them a Demi-God they might now is around." Shay explained.
She grasped Ginny's hand, trying to force her near the water. Then she let go.
"You shocked me!" Shay stomped to her face and whispered words only she would understand.
"At least your not of fire or you'd already be toast."

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Shayla (shaylaalexander) "Heh...oh, staticy fire. Well, knock it off! Do you not know that water and static fire don't mix?!" Shay snapped, waving her hand and conjuring a little ball of showering rain water. Tossing it, the drops splattered her half-sister's face. A revengefull sensation ran through the water girl's body.
"How does that feel, half-blood?" She dared for her to do something. Shay had never met one of such power in her background;only water nymphs that stare at male demi-gods, playing their harps in reply to their husky hellos.

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Shayla (shaylaalexander) ((yes.))

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Shayla (shaylaalexander) "Got that right, oh. Your name?" Shay had a forgetfull look on her face.
Who does she think she is, Shay thought?

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Shayla (shaylaalexander) "Oh yeah. Not much good news about Zues where I live." Shay stated, not meaning to offended the only half-sister she knew.

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Shayla (shaylaalexander) "I live near the lake, in Posiedon's old lounge. Tridons,fishing gear, pen swords, you name it.
The water nymphs live near me, they don't talk to well of Zues." Shay answered.

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Shayla (shaylaalexander) "If there's water I'm there." Shay ran a hand threw her mesmurixing blue-black hair, untangling seaweed and untwining small shells.
"You know I can heal any injury with water. I can be in a battle and never be hurt!" She announced her new-gound power swiftly to adjust her reed necklace.

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Shayla (shaylaalexander) "I can do it to other people to, not mortals though." Shay want ed to heal her mother badly. She felt a single strand of hope left, but no more.

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Shayla (shaylaalexander) "My mother, she's a mortal. I want to see her. She has little to gain from. I want to leave here and find her, she is suffering." Shay concentrated.
I will be there,she thought.

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Shayla (shaylaalexander) "Well maybe we can find Persephine's pearls, just my brother,Percy. Then we use them to see mom at Mt. Olympus. She lives at the current location." Shay explained, pouring out her idea.

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Kaleb Firestone | 671 comments Mod
WAIT !!! " Kaleb yelled " i saved you and u soak me "

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Stepping into her cabin with her old black, backpack swung over her shoulder, she pushed open the door and smiled. The smell of olives and something sweet and pure floated. It felt so calm and quiet, she felt she could think in her cabin. And for once in her life, was unbelievably happy.

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Shayla (shaylaalexander) "You are no savior. your shot me with fire you ignorent demi-god!" Shay lashed her arm for one more formal revenge.
"I chose to let you go in peace. your lucky, kin of posiedon are no friends of yours." She dropped her arm reluctantly and turned to face Ginny.
"Ready? Or do we need to propare?" She questioned.

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Shayla (shaylaalexander) "I will ask Darwin. Meet you here at sunrise tomorrow?" Shay asked, hoping for an agreement.

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Jackie was battle training with her sword; Shadow Night

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Shayla (shaylaalexander) Shay darted off to the water in search of her father's scale.
Don't hate her. She hoped her father heard her mental cry.
She appeared back to the surface with two silver scales in stead of one, matching the sparkle in her twinkling silver eyes.
Read my mind, Demi-God of Static Fire. I know your strengths and weaknesses as you do mine.

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