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((Start here!))

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Emily ((I'll only start if someone comes to rp with me!))

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((Lemme make a charry!))

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Emily ((YAY!))

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Emily Air sat in the grass , listening to a rock talk about the rock cycle

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Emily ((Ya sure.))

"I HAVE TOLD YOU AGAIN AND AGAIN I DO NOT CARE ABOUT THE ROCK CYCLE!" She screamed, chucking the rock at a random person

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Emily "Oh, hi Ginny." Air said smiling. "The stupid rocks wouldn't shut up." She muttered bitterly

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Rose dragged the only suitcase she had down the thin hallway, and pulled out the key she was given in her pocket, sticking it in the lock then pushing her door open. Rose let the door swing open, and stared at the empty room, trudged her luggage in four feet, then shut the door.

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Emily "You know I can't do that, the voices follow me." She said, her eyes bugging. She shook her head. "So anyways, what's up with you?"

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Rose sighed and walked around her quiet, assigned dorm. Examining the four beds pressed against different sides of the rooms, all complete with closets, bathrooms, drawers, a bed side table, and a big cough with a TV.

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Emily "GAHH!" Air fell to the ground screeching. "SHUT UP!!!!!!!!! SHUT UP I DON'T CARE HOW OLD YOU ARE GAHHHH!"

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Emily "I hate my power, except this one," She said, asking a tree branch very nicely telepathically to snap off right in front of Ginny. "Oh, and this one." She said, blowing Ginny out of the way with a breeze

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Rose finished unpacking and slipped on dark washed jeans and an oversized black hoodie. She grabbed her dorm keys, stuffed them in her pockets and walked out of the dorm, wandering around aimlessly until she stumbled upon Air and Ginny.

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Emily "Hi!" Air said to Rose. "The grass doesn't like you." She mumbled

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Rose blinked and cocked her head, opening her mouth but found herself at loss for words. "Why?" She stammered out, confused.

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Emily "I'm sorry, but that's confidential." She said smiling and zipping her lips. "Ginny I have to go finish something with the flag pole." She said pulling up her sleeves

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"Hey." Rose said with a faint smile, waving her hand lightly and the and then stuffing them back into her hoodie pockets.

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Emily "You wanna come with?" Air asked. "It'll only take a minute."

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Rose nodded a 'Yes' to Air. "Sure." She said, then looked at Ginny, pulling her hands out of her pockets and wiggling her pale fingers in the air. "Nothing, just cold." Rose smiled, rubbing them together as if to prove her point and them sticking them back

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Emily "Okay." Air said, she flipped over on her hands and began walking on those

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"What's CTF?" Rose asked, trying to scramble a bit of information she'd heard earlier

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Emily "No." She said, switching to a one handed hand stand

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((Should we all know about one anothers supernatural powers?))

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Emily ((No, cause if Rose doesn't know Air can talk to inanimate objects and thinks she's just crazy it'll be funny))

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((Lol...well one of you says yes, and the other no. XD So I'll wait like 50 more posts. ^^))

"Ohhh." Rose said, drawling the letters. "Cool, sounds like fun."

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Emily "I don't play." Air said. "The ants that are always all over the field always distract me."

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Rose began to repsond as if the comment Air had just said was normal. She paused and raised an eyebrow at Air. "Ants?"

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Emily ((delete it))

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Emily "Yes, the ants always distract me then I have to smush them all." She said simply


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Emily "It's true." She muttered

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((Wait. Now I'm confused, lol))

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((For both? K.))

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sydney Mallorie and Jake walked into the school. Mallorie carried her suitcase into one of the dorms, which looked like someone was already here. ((is it okay if she is dormmates w/ rose?)) Mal put on a purple tank top with black stars and black shorty shorts.

Jake put his stuff away and walked into the sunshine. He stuck his hands in his pockets. He'd mostly seen girls at the school, which was perfectly fine with him...

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Emily Air sat in the grass and stared intently at it

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Emily ((hi!))

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sydney Jake saw some girls standing around, he walked over. Mal came up next to Jake. "Hey, I'm Mallorie and this is Jacob. But I go by Mal-"
"And I go by Jake." He interjected.

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Emily ((Sup?))

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((roleplaying. The Usual XD you?))

Rose said a small good-bye to Ginny, and Air in which she was convinced was slightly crazy. Spinning on her heel and slowly shuffling back towards her dorm, she took time to look around the grounds and half admire the old stones with moss and ivy crawling towards the sky, the clean cut grass with a stench that stung her nose, and a nice clear view of the wide open sky above. Not a cloud in sight, but it was nearing dusk and the color had settled to what Rose though an intense orange-red glow. Almost like fire.

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sydney ((hola!♪))

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Emily ((Same here, no duh, lol))

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Rose swung open the doors of the thin, narrow corridors and walked upon them, doing her best not to make too much noise. Reaching into her back jeans, she pulled out her dorm key and unlocked the door, stepping inside without looking up and shutting. When she turned, a chill ran through her spine and she jumped, letting out a small shriek.
"Oh, I'm sorry! I forgot I was having roomies." Rose apologized, biting her lip and feeling awkward

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Madeline (madelinemoghimi) ((is there room in that room for one more person))

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Emily ((lol, how about Air's room, she can be in there))

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sydney Mal jumped. "I dropped my key outside..." Mal blushed, she must have looked odd climbing in through the window. "I'm Mallorie." She stuck out her hand.

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Emily Air sat in her room, staring intently at her lamp, it was telling her about how Benjamin Franklin invented the light bulb. She was ready to kill it

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((We can have as many as we need :P))
Rose looked at Mallorie's hand warily, looking apologetic and sad. "Sorry, I don't shake hands." She said, thinking about her power and how much fear crowded her heart and brain. It's why she preferred not to touch anyone, and keep her hands to herself. "I'm Rose, though."

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Emily ((I feel left out...:'(...))

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