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((Start here!))

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Rose's eyes fluttered slowly open, and just as she opened them she shut them again. Grainy, hot sand pushed into her skin, and she was instantly aware of the aching and pain over her body, the warm breeze that ruffled her damp, dirty and tangled hair. Rose lifted her head and looked around, immediately seeing palm trees and then a giant canvas of rain forest began, looking like it spread for miles.
Now sitting up, she looked around and coughed. Salt stinging her eyes and a bitter taste in her mouth.
Water. Waves. Ocean water.
"Oh no." she whispered hoarsely, suddenly frantic

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Lydia Skye held onto a piece of driftwood. The waves crashed against her. She felt sand beneath her feet and pulled herself up onto the beach. Skye laid down on her back, staring into the glare of the sun.

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Rose jumped back in shot, a surprised scream escaping her parched throat.
Rose stared at Ginny as if she was crazy. "I'm on a god damn island. That's what." She frowned, feeling bad for snapping. She looked up to see another figure, John, stumbling towards them.
"How did you get here?" Rose asked, directing the questin to both of them

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"Swimming?" Rose asked incredulously, looking towards the horizon. There didn't seem to be land for thousands of miles.
"Plane crash. I think. My memory's fuzzy." She said, rubbing her fists into her eyes then resting them on her temple

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"Swimming?" Rose asked incredulously, looking towards the horizon. There didn't seem to be land for thousands of miles.
"Plane crash. I think. My memory's fuzzy." She said, rubbing her fists into her eyes then resting them on her temple

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"Year.." Rose repeated slowly, staring at John. It couldn't of been that long--she wasn't dead, and not too hungry, just mainly thirsty and exhausted.
"2010, of course."

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'I'm from Washington." Rose murmured and began to trudge along

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Lydia Skye started through the trees, trying to find fruit.

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"Cool." She said absently, watching the sky.

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Shayla (shaylaalexander) "Hi, Im Shay." Shay came around the corner and bumped into Ginny.
"Sorry!" She apoligized. This is no way to greet a person, she thought silently to her self.

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Shayla (shaylaalexander) "Its okay. Im clumsy." Shay got herself together and reluctantly shot out her hand.

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Zeke woke up in a piece of wreckage from the plane and tumbled out.

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Shayla (shaylaalexander) "I fell from the trees. I am Shay. This your friend?"
She stated, unraveling her finger and aiming in at Ginny.

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Shayla (shaylaalexander) "Hey. Where is Rohana. DANGER!" Riley yelled in the girl's face.

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Shayla (shaylaalexander) "Hello?" Shay stated, waving her hand rapidly in John's face.

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Zeke stumbled onto the beach and tripped.

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Shayla (shaylaalexander) "I'm Shay. Nice to meet ya." She confronted Ginny's friend.
Stunned, she turned to let her gaze meet Ginny's.
"Who are you?" She asked dazely.

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Letta sat in the wreckage of the plane and cried as the sky darkened. She hugged Alice's dead body. Letta got up and walked towards the woods, she tripped and started to crawl. She saw some other teenagers collecting food, had everyone been in her plane?

"Help..." she whimpered as she collapsed onto the sand, her arms felt paralyzed.

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Shayla (shaylaalexander) "I heard something. The beach, hurry!" She cried, making her way to Letta.

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Zeke heard noises and started running.

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Rose heard the sound and her head turned, "Oh my gosh!" she shrieked, seeing Letta and began running

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Zeke ran to letta and crouched down "Are you alright?" he asked

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Rose kneeled beside Letta, and tried to carefully pull her up, her eyes filled with sadness and confusion

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Casey Cosmo heard a plane crash, and despite his nature to go, help, and look for surviors, he stayed put. The other islanders would help. He went back to picking coconuts from the trees, jumping from each tree to the next. Dark clouds cluttered his mind, what if no one else heard it? What if he was going insane and there was no plane after all? What if it was a rescue mission here to save them? Cosmo sighed, and began to climb down, taking his coconuts with him, as he ran to the beach.

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Rose looked around at all the faces who were on the island. Something flickered at the corner of her eyes and she averted her gaze from Letta to Cosmo. Rose sat back on her heels and sighed, "Was everyone on that flight to Miami?" Rose asked

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Rose arched an eyebrow at John, then sighed again, straightening her torn clothes. "I'm Rose."

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"Miami." he said looking at the others

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"So you were on my flight?" Rose asked Zeke, now standing.

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Casey Cosmo stayed in the background, gripping the coconuts as if his life depended on it. The amount of people was making him nervous. He thought about going back to the trees since they were here after all, but gulped instead. He dropped the coconuts and almost as if was against his will, began walking up to the other islanders.

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"Yeah." he said standing up

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Rose's mind raced, she pressed her fingers to her face and groaned inwardly. Exhausted and tired, and in the middle of nowhere. She forced small threatening tears back and removed her hands, running one through her light brown hair, and looking around at all the islanders.

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"Arcades?" Rose asked incredulously, staring at John. "Doubt it." She muttered

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"Alright." he said walking backwards "I'm gonna go see what i can find from the wreckage."

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Rose nodded to Zeke. "I'm going to go wash off and maybe find some food." She said, rubbing some of the encrusted blood that stuck to her face and arms.

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Casey Cosmo, amazed at himself, decideed to speak. "I've been here for a year now. No arcades."

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((You like Evanescence?))

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((Anything Evanescence. Or perhaps Breaking Benjamin, Paramore, Incubus))

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((Powerman 5000,papa roach,rage against the machine.))

Zeke started walking off to the nearest piece of wreckage.

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Casey ((...okay then.))

Cosmo desided to search the destroyed plane, for anything that could be used to his advantage.

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Rose headed towards the shoreline, gasping, and shocked to see some red waves drifting towards her toes. Blood, she figured. Heading further down the island so no one would see her, she carefully peeled her clothes off, her shirt sticking oddly to her back. She winced in pain as she pulled off, seeing a thin line running through it, starting from the collar down to the end, it could of easily been ripped, only a centimeter left of fabric hanging on. Stepping into the water she chilled, large goose bumps raising on her skin. When she was waist deep in the water, Rose froze and cried in pain, water splashed her back and stung madly, tears threatened to drip down and she tried to get a look at her back.

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Zeke took off his sweatshirt and started tearing the doors off the storage compartments ignoring the dead bodies.

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Rose managed to see a gash of something thin, and red, that started at her collar bone. Angling her body, she managed to look at her waist, her eyes widening as she realized the line ran down from her neck to her waist. Confused, she poked it, it was squishy and more blood dribbled out. Biting her lip and ignoring her protests of pain, she used the salt water and did her best to carefully wipe the blood and dirty away. Rose mused at how she could of been cut in the first place.

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After a few minutes of searching through luggage he found a small switch blade and after slipping it into his pocket he kept looking.

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Casey ((Whats with everyone stripping? XD))

Cosmo saw Zeke, but stayed clear of him. Cosmo worked as silently and as efficently as possible, knowing that the wreck would soon be washed up by the waves.

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Rose hissed as another wave crashed into her back, stinging her cuts madly. Her body was shaking from the cold but the grime from the crash and island didn't seem to want to come off.

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He stood up and lifted a small pack he found of useless stuff and walked over to his seat pulling out his duffel bag.

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Casey Cosmo left the plane, carrying clothes and shoes he thought would fit him. He stopped and picked up his coconuts before disappearing into the forest.

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Zeke walked to a spot on the beach and opened his bag and put on his fedora to block the light.

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After she cleaned up, Rose swam back to land, and held up her torn black shirt in front of her, almost to shreds. She cursed under her breath and slipped on the ratty jeans she had, and then her shirt, pulling the pieces together to make something decent to cover herself. Frowning, she gave up and left it alone, and began walking further down the beach. Red flickered in her vision, and her eyes turned toward what saw. As she got closer Rose stopped, realizing it was a dead body.

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