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Sketchy Z Name:Tabetha Torneth
Looks:Long white hair, pale skin, and green eyes. She is 6'0 tall, long and skinny, and usually wears all black.
Personality:Very clever and evil. Knows when not to talk.
Background:She hates adults for an unknown reason.
Villian/Hero: Villan
Other:Her power is of Fire and Earth.

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(*if its okay I'd like to add a friend)
Name: Aly Clutz
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Looks: Jet black hair and pink highlights, Blue grey eyes. Averege style (jeans, shirt)
Personality: Shy, smart, lonely girl, Makes you feel subconsious
Crush: Dosn't talk at all ( only to people she trusts)
Background: Unknown
Villian/Hero: Unknown
(Does the character above me go to school, an Acadamy or just in the forest or hide out?)

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Sketchy Z Cool, maybe they could be allies or something. ^-^

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Sketchy Z MAybe she could be a villian.

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Sketchy Z Okay, then I shall make one.

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Sketchy Z Name: Leo Lorseth
Age: 17
Gender: m
Looks: Short, black hair, pale, with green eyes. 6'0
Personality: Very caring and loyal. He is very stubborn at times, and can be very aggressive, but usually he is a very nice and caring.
Crush: No one yet.
Background: He is a wanderer, and doesn't remember his past, but really doesn't care.
Villian/Hero: Hero

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Sketchy Z Yepo! Maybe he could turn into your characters boyfriend....

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Eli Reyes (pxndxEli) | 10 comments NAME:Amelia
LOOKS:she looks inoffensive, but when you make her mad wait for a revenge
PERSONALITY:very misterious

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Sketchy Z Yepo!

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Sketchy Z Sure.

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Sketchy Z Heh, yeah.

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Athena Name:Nikki
Background:Her mom was a hero and her dad was a villian. She ran away from home when she was 10, because her mom left and she didn't wasn't to be stuck with her dad. Her dad is still looking for her though.
Villian/Hero:She's not really sure right now. She's waiting for one side or the other to 'clam' her.

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Kaleb Firestone | 671 comments Mod
Name: Jason Swift
Age: 16
Gender: m
Looks: silver eyes . long siver hair in a pony tail spiked at the end. skinny and hansome , built and muscular
Personality: doesnt talk much but when hes happy hes really light hearted
Crush: open
Background: he was picked on by bullies until he found out his power ... his father was rich but died and his family lost everything they owned
Villian/Hero: hero but not a great 1

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Sketchy Z Name:Zelda Rosland
Looks: Although, her eyes are usually red...
Personality:Very happy, but can get serious fast, and is very dark. Loves to be Sarcastic, and has a dark sense of humor to her. She is very c and cunning, and can take care of herself, but will always get into trouble.
Background:Ran away from her house once she figured out her powers.
Villian/Hero: Hero, but can be evil. She can stray from the good side, but will always get back to being good.
Other:Power is mind control. She is very good at close combat and archery.

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Casey Name: Cele Kai
Age: 25
Gender: F
Personality: Cool, akward, doesn't like people, harsh, quiet, strong
Crush: Open
Background: Grew up in an abandoned, she doesn't remember anything before the age of 16. She thinks scientists experimented on her, which gave her her powers.
Villian/Hero: Neither. She doesn't like being put in sterio types, she does what she pleases.
Other: Can control ice.

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*X♥xQuincyx♥X*=*X♥xGigglyPuffx♥X* Name:Harley Fa'tale
Age: 21
Gender: Female
Looks: Dancer's softness, with a runners body, tone, Slim and curvy, with lush figure, Brown eyes, and Reddish-brown hair, golden tan.
Personality: She seems sweet and nice, cocky, confident, sensual, sexy, deadly, adventrous, mean sometimes. you'll see in rp
Crush: open
Background: Had a hard life growing up and decided she would do what she wanted to get what she wanted
Villian/Hero: A little bit of both

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Casey ((It doesn't count, we cant roleplay in the charater section...))

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Sketchy Z ((YEAH!!!!))

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Um...okay..Sorry I deleted it :S

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Sketchy Z YAY!

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that means i can start with my character right?

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Kaleb Firestone | 671 comments Mod

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Freedom is the greatest gift anyone can give you. No rules no parents, no sibling ,no homework nothing. Just fresh air and god's nature (Not that I'm Christian or anyhting). And the worst thing to do is to lock them away behaind walls, beside strangers.

I've managed to make them dely my school registration forms for a year and a half but any longer an I might be in GRAVE danger. That's what they do they brain wash you and send to the real world. Thinking that we'll fit in perfectly , well atleast they know I won't fit in.

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(:P This How she looks like)

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(are they humans? Vampires? Wolves? Gods? Supernatural beings?)

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Sketchy Z Jessica Parkinson wrote: "(*if its okay I'd like to add a friend)
Name: Aly Clutz
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Looks: Jet black hair and pink highlights, Blue grey eyes. Averege style (jeans, shirt)
Personality: Shy, smart,..."

Forest and hideout, my friend.

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Sketchy Z I know!!!

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