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Ooc: Start

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Zayy perched on a tree looking for her next prey.

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Jeydon walked in the forest looking for something to drink

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Shade went for a walk in the forest

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Jeydon scented a Buck

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Shade like to walk in the forest, when he had alot on his mind.

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Jeydon stalked the Buck and he came up behind it and tackled it and he heard someone say "Don't play with your food Jeydon". Jeydon drained it then looked up "Hey Chester" He smiled

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Shade heard so voices, but decide to stay away form them

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Cordelia  (mayflyflymay) Makenzee jumped from tree to tree to look for something to kill

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Shade found a rock to sit on

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Jeydon threw the carcass away

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Cordelia  (mayflyflymay) Makenzee flew down onto a bear and sucked it dry

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Jeydon smiled at Chester and ran away

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Shade looked up at the sky

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Jeydon walked back to his house

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S (neychur) ((Ooc: do you guys just post one sentence for roleplaying or what? Cause I'm the type who does those paragraph-long thingss with big descriptions so I was just wondering if that's okay. :/))

Deep in the forests of Canada, there is a giant mansion, crumbled to ruins. It had been abandoned about two centuries ago, due to some attack not recorded in the Canadian Records.
Under the piles of rubble and debri, in what used to be the basement, was a midnight-black coffin. It had been sitting there unknowingly for a long long time. Not even the residents of the manor had known it was there. But if they had, they would have not even know where it'd come from.
And now, as darkness enveloped the skies and the moon was just about ready to peek over the mountains, the lid of the coffin shifted.
After more than 500 years.

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Ooc; Depends on how much I can write due to what other people write

Jeyond was walking home,he lived in Canada and he scented something unusual and he just kept walking and the scent grew stronger. He was curious so he followed the scent and he saw a giant mansion crumbled to ruins and he walked along it wondering why hadn't he saw that before. And he stepped onto it and looked around and he thought to himself weird

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Shade closed his eyes

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Zayy smelt someone coming. Food! She attacked her prey and took it out if its misory.

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S (neychur) Suddenley the lid of the coffin, even though it had been sealed for a ridiculously long time, just blew off its hinges and flew into the sky. It landed at least a mile away.
After a few silent moments, a pale hand appeared and gripped the sides of the coffin.
A feminine figure sat up slowly.

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Jeydon saw and his mouth dropped and then he closed it and he walked to where he saw the lkid blow off. He saw a feminine figure and he looked at her "Hello" He said "I am Jeydon"

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Shade decide he better head home, he slowly headed home

message 23: by S (new)

S (neychur) It was a moment before the being responded.
"Huh?" she said, so utterly confused.

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"I said I'm Jeydon" Jeydon said to her and he examined her

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Kate  | 257 comments It was late at night in Toronto, and Ari was very thirsty. She walked down the street and human boy about 17 or so. She smiled to herself, knowing exactly how she could lure him in. After all, she was vampire, the most beautiful creature on earth, and she'd been luring innocent men into her traps for a very long time. She walked to him and gave him a brilliant smile.
"Hello, I'm Ari. I'd like to know your name." she said. He just stood ther speechless at her radiant beauty before he finally answered. This was going to be fun, she aways enjoyed playing with her food a bit before dining.

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S (neychur) "Um." She looked around herself. Where was she? She couldn't recognize her surroundings. Rubble and dirt and some types of metal and framework she has never seen before.
She stood up quickly. She looked around. The air smelled different. It was unusually. . . warmer.
She stepped gingerly out of the coffin and looked down at herself. Then she looked at the being who called himself Jeydon.
"What is this place?" she demanded cautiously.

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Cordelia  (mayflyflymay) Connor ran around the forest

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"I don't know actually I just noticed it and I've been living here for....24 years" Jeydon said

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Shade reached the edge of the forest

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Kate  | 257 comments Ari licked the blood from around her mouth looked down at the boy who called himself Aaron. 'Such a shame' she thought to herself, 'But it's his falt for being so...irresistable'

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Shade was walking down the street

message 32: by Kate (new)

Kate  | 257 comments When she was done, Ari disposed of the body and and walked back out of the dark closet they were in. She walked out into the street, her thirst slightly quench, but still there.

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Shade seen a beautiful girl down the street

message 34: by Kate (new)

Kate  | 257 comments Ari sansed someone staring at her, a male someone. 'they are just too easy tonight' she thought happily. She turned around and saw him, human, innocent, and smelled delicious.

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Shade smiled as he notice her look his way. He walked up to her. "Hi, i'm Shade" he said

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Chester walked around in Toronto and he wasn't breathing he didn't need to after all and he walked down the street and he saw some girls and guys staring at him marveling over his pasty white flawless skin

message 37: by Kate (new)

Kate  | 257 comments "That's an interesting name" She said seductively. "I'm Arianna, but you can call me Ari"

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Chester saw Ari and Shade but he didn't say anything

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"It's nice to meet you Ari. Yeah my name is interesting" He said kindly

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Kate  | 257 comments Ari smiled. "Why don't you come with me?" She asked. "I know a place where we can be alone, just you and me." She cooed.

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Chester walked past them his vampire scent smelled human

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Kate  | 257 comments The hairs on Ari's neck stood straight, She smelled vampire. Her eyes flicked to where Chester walked past and a small, involentary hiss escaped her mouth.

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"Okay, sure but I can't be out to much longer. I have to get home to take care of my mother" He smiled

message 44: by Kate (new)

Kate  | 257 comments She smiled radiantly to him. "Of course." She whispered in his ear. "We can be very quick. Don't you think so?"

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Chester turned to look at Ari and he pretended to marvel over her "Wow you so....beautiful" He said covering his vampire scent with a human scent

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Shade only nodded, he could stop thing how beautifuls she was

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Kate  | 257 comments Ari was momentarily distracted by Chester. He smelled human, but he still carried a strange scent with him. He was far too beautiful to be human, but shrugged it off anyways. She returned her gaze to Shade. "So what do you say Shade?" She asked.

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Chester growled slightly and quietly he loved Vampire Blood even though he was one himself

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"Okay" He said

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Kate  | 257 comments It was quiet, but Ari still heard it, the low growl emitting from Chester. She knew what he was, but wasn't sure why he was pretending to be human.

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