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Creating your own knitting book

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notgettingenough I've had some fun this weekend on the Vogue site creating my own book, binding and all.

Go here: to see how it works.

Mine's cost me $110, but given that I have exactly the book I want, rather than paying even as little as $30 for a book in which, truthfully, I might knit maybe 3/20 patterns...Maybe. I picked out 40 patterns and then organised them as I wanted.

One of the options is flat binding. Perfect.

Also, they have 60% off their .pdf patterns, ends if you happen to see this, it's worth taking a look. They have a thousand or more patterns up.

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Brenda | 7 comments Wow ... thanks what a great idea, that's so cool.

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Lisa (abycat3) That's an awesome idea!! Love it.

notgettingenough I've been away, just got back to find my new book sitting there. It is really very nice. Exactly what I wanted. Almost like I'd made it myself!

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