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The Weirdest Anything!

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For example, poor ChellaBella recieved this e-mail several weeks ago:

I can't sleep, and so I am going to send you an e-mail that probably will be incoherent and rambling and totally nonsensical. My head hurts, but that is pretty noraml. Why does my head hurt, Chell? My eyes feel all light and swishy, like a glass of water. Freaky, isn't it? I am completely and totally not sure what I am saying, so if I sound stupid, don't laugh at me, just laugh with me. My grandmother's computer is very large and sort of swirly looking, althouh that may be the lack of sleep talking. If I ever have children, I am going to name them Astrid and Klaus. Aren't those beautiful names? Astrid sounds all light and airy and pretty... Perhaps she would have blonde hair. I like blonde hair. I also like brown hair. I like hair in general, as long as it is on the head and not certain other places, such as the ankles. Cullen's hairy ankles frighten me. They remind me of my dog. Not Peanut, the other one. Do I wear too many rings? I like my rings. I am running out of fingers that fit the rings currently in my possesion all at once. I should like to own a pinky ring, one with a turquoise stone in the center. That would be pretty. Or maybe just a silver band. I have never understood the purpose of toe-rings. They are uncomfortable. That may just be because I have oddly shaped toes. I don't know. Who even cares anymore? Did you know that they make these things, fake to-nails? They are uber-long, and they have french tips and polka-dots and swirls. Wal-Mart has them out in the grand old summer-time. Do you enjoy clipping your toenails? Sombody on GoodReads, or maybe YouTube, said that they get pleasure from clipping their toe-nails. I found that to be very creepy and slightly perverted. All I can think right now is ,'That sounds raunchy!' Ms.Donofe is a perversion of nature, I think. I am extremely pissed off at her right now, because she belittles me so. I also am officially going ot quit Gifted Education now. Woot! I say, Woot! What is the purpose of ankles? What is the purpose of HAIR on the ankles? Come to think of it, what is the purpose of SHAVING the akles? What does it matter? Why must we be burdened with such a laborious task? Strange, isn't it, the odd things you think late at night? Do you ever sit at the computer and type every randome thing that comes into your head? Sometimes that is the only way I can clear my head. Sometimes I post my thoughts on GoodReads. Other times I print them out and read them in the morning. Still other times I send them through cyber-space in an e-mail to poor unfortunate soul. That poor soul often is by far mor esane than I, I fear. You, however, are quite crazy, my love. That is not meant to be offensive, merely factual. Why do we have toe-nails? They are just a great hassle, for I have a horrid time when they get too long, as they scrape the insides of my shoes. Urgh, it is an awful feeling! I wonder what might happen if I were to cut holes in my shoes. Would dirt and such muck get into my shoes and cover my feet? I wonder... I do not want to have children, I just think that Astrid and Klaus are pretty names. If you wish, you could Google Astrid Kirchherr and Klaus Voorman for more insight as to where I found these beautious names. Astrid means Divine Strength; isn't that pretty?


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