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Alexander The Great (sonofares) | 19 comments Mod
Talk about anything here.

message 2: by Dogluver (new)

Dogluver Hi!

message 3: by Psyc94 (new)

Psyc94 (pc-s) Good morning. =]

message 4: by Dogluver (new)

Dogluver So...

message 5: by Psyc94 (new)

Psyc94 (pc-s) I have a few new poems written, in case anyone's interested.

message 6: by Dogluver (new)

Dogluver Ooh, yeah! That's great! Are they posted? I'll go read them! ^_^

Alexander The Great (sonofares) | 19 comments Mod
How's everyone doing?

message 8: by Psyc94 (new)

Psyc94 (pc-s) Fairly about you?

Alexander The Great (sonofares) | 19 comments Mod
Not bad, do you see anyone I know anymore?

message 10: by Psyc94 (new)

Psyc94 (pc-s) Quite a bit, to be Nick, Kimi, both Johnathans, Tara, Laura, Sami, Joseph, and...a bit more...lots of them are in Lehigh.

Alexander The Great (sonofares) | 19 comments Mod

message 12: by Caporegime (new)

Caporegime | 2 comments I don´t wanna go for lesson, damn it !!

message 13: by Hitman (new)

Hitman (representingducksauce) | 35 comments wait wat

message 14: by Dogluver (new)

Dogluver Idk, I'm confused.

message 15: by Hitman (new)

Hitman (representingducksauce) | 35 comments yeah, me 2

message 16: by Psyc94 (new)

Psyc94 (pc-s) ...interesting...ish...

message 17: by Dogluver (new)

Dogluver La la la la la... We've gotten very inactive...

message 18: by Psyc94 (new)

Psyc94 (pc-s) Tomorrow's a school day...

message 19: by Dogluver (new)

Dogluver Yup. I've been in for two weeks tho.

message 20: by Psyc94 (new)

Psyc94 (pc-s) That's nice. I hope it's going well for you and Brandon.

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