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Jennefer (jenneferpracticex3) | 444 comments Mod
This is a folder for our monthly group read discussions and challenges! We will feature a regular quarterly reading challenge and the occasional longer challenge :)

Current Challenge Links:
Complete a Series Quarterly Challenge
Around the World Year Long Challenge
The Great Bodice Ripper Scavenger Hunt - with prizes!

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Jennefer (jenneferpracticex3) | 444 comments Mod
Thought I would post some ideas for some reading challenges. Please go ahead and take any of these ideas and adjust them to fit your own personal reading goals!

A-Z book challenge : Read a book (BR's only or any genre, you choose) that starts with every letter of the alphabet (x can be anywhere in the title).

A-Z author challenge : Read a book (BR's only or any genre, you choose) by an author whose name (first or last) begins with every letter of the alphabet.

Read your name : Read a book that starts with every letter in your name (first only or first and last).

Best bodice ripper list challenge : Read 10 (20, 30 etc) bodice rippers from this great
list! or from the GoodReads list here!

BR heyday challenge : Read a BR that was originally published in every year of the bodice ripper heyday 1970-1995 (or pick a decade, 5 year period, extend/contract to what you consider the era of the BR's etc)

Favorite Author Challenge : Read every book ever published by your favorite BR author!

New Author Challenge : Try 10(5,20, one every month etc) books by 10 different authors that are new to you.

TBR Challenge : Read 10 (20,30, 40 etc) books from your personal TBR shelf (BR's or any genre).

Just some ideas :) If you are interested in challenging yourself/setting some reading goals, start a thread and share with us your progress. You can choose to use only bodice rippers for these challenges or any genre you like. Give yourself a specific goal/challenge and timeframe you will try to finish in. We would love to see how you are doing and cheer you on! (not to mention get some ideas for our own TBR shelves!)

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