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message 1: by V.S. (last edited Jan 21, 2011 08:58AM) (new)

V.S. Carnes (vscarnes) | 2 comments I will begin. My name is V.S Carnes. I am presently in the process of having my first novel published. My influences include Frank Peretti and Ted Dekker, although I do not write thrillers. I enjoy the supernatural element in their work, and try to incorporate some of that into my own. I am a helpless romantic, as well, as anyone who reads my books will discover right off the bat. I am eager to communicate with other writers and get feedback and advice. I know so few writers in person.

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Dominique (theamazingdomino) | 1 comments Mod
I'm Dominique Rideout. I'm still a high school student, but I enjoy writing whatever God sends to my mind. I don't really have specific influences because I enjoy reading and writing pieces of all genres. I am currently working on a book of short devotional pieces to challenge the way people look at subjects such as Church and God.

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V.S. Carnes (vscarnes) | 2 comments That's great! It's nice to meet you, Dominique.

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Beverly (Beverly_Harless) I am Beverly S. Harless. I have one book published, One Night of Regrets, and have recently been working on poetry as well as a second book, Thoughts of Faith: The Journey Home. All my writing is inspirational with a strong Biblical message pertaining to the stories I write.

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Timothy (timothyniedermann) | 1 comments I'll take a risk here and ask for your reviews and feedback on a book I have written: “The Words That Created God: An Atheist Reveals the True Meaning of the Ten Commandments." Despite its title, it is a book about faith, and is not anti-religious in any way. Quite the contrary, I think my book says important things about faith and what it takes to truly practice a faith-filed life. I strongly believe that what I have to say supports true Christian values. My point is to draw attention to areas where so-called faith is masquerading as something else: narrow tribal intolerance that has nothing to do with spiritual values. The book is about the spiritual values the 10Cs represent and how the notion of a single God, rather than being their source, is in fact entirely dependent on certain critical values being firmly in place in society. A main point is that religious extremists, while claiming to represent God, in fact undermine the social stability that true morality has created. There’s a lot more to it, despite this being a fairly short book, including a look at just why the 10Cs were written into the Bible in the first place (they apparently weren’t there to start!). It’s a surprising story.
There are free sample downloads of the first few chapters on Amazon, CreateSpace, Smashwords, and Goodreads. Thanks, Timothy Niedermann

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