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message 1: by Carly (new)

Carly  (cloud-envy) (hehe)

message 2: by Carly (new)

Carly  (cloud-envy) The plane from Rhonde Island landed on the runway with ease. Inside, Chase and his sister Katet with his best friend Raine.

"I'm glad you actually decided to come." Chase said to Raine with his usual grin. He ran a hand through his flaming red hair, standing up when the flight attendants announced they could get up.

"How could I resist a vacation with my best friend and his little sister?" Raine asked, rolling her eyes. She stood up, smoothing out her jeans which Kate had constantly told her she wouldnt need, but it had been chilly in RI.

Kate rolled her eyes, smirking. "Hey, as long as I dont find you two making out, then its all good." she said with a smirk.

"Okay, we weren't making out and we were compleatly drunk!" Raine said, crossing her arms. "Besides, I dont think I could ever do that unless I was compleatly drunk again." she said, smirking at him.

The three laughed and walked off the plane and into the island heat.

message 3: by Scarlet (new)

Scarlet Terra sighed, getting off the plane. She got off and smiled, happy that she had decided to where shorts in this hot weather. She looked up at the sun and then walked into the airport so she could get her luggage, when she banged right into Tristen.

Tristen turned around and caught her elbow, steadying her. "You're not drunk already are you miss? You just got here." He smiled, letting her go as they both walked inside.

They got in line and smiled. "Actually, i was blinded by the sun." She rolled her eyes.

He smirked. "Really? Personally i find your hair even more blinding." He laughed.

She shrugged, twirling her hair between her fingers. "I'm Terra." She said, getting her suitcase.

"Tristen,." He answered.

message 4: by Carly (new)

Carly  (cloud-envy) Raine and Chase grabbed their luggage. "Where to first?" Raine asked, raising her eyebrow.

"Well, first we drop this stuff at the hotel, then we hit the beach." he grinned. "I cant wait to hit the waves."

"Me neither." Raine laughed and looked around for Katie, who was already flirting with a guy.

Chase rolled his eyes. "KATIE BABY, C'MON, WE'RE GOING TO BE LATE!" he shouted with a smug smirk when people turned to glare at him as his little sister stormed behind them.

message 5: by Scarlet (new)

Scarlet "Nice to meet you." She said, rolling her luggage behind her as she walked. "Are you taking the bus to a hotel?" She asked. "Paradise..."

"Cove?" He finished then nodded, following her. "Yup, onlt because it's right on the water and has same great water."

"Ya, i love the waves." She said, getting on the bus for the hotel.

message 6: by Carly (new)

Carly  (cloud-envy) The three climbed into the car they rented, speeding off past the bus twoard the hotel. "It should be just down the road a few miles off, right on the water." Raine instructed.

"Sweet." Chase grinned, driving straight twoard the hotel. After a bit they pulled up and parked, carrying their bags inside. Kate wandered aimlessly as Chase checked them into their rooms.

message 7: by Scarlet (new)

Scarlet ((sure!))

The two of them took the bus to the otel, talking occasionally, then walked in. going to the checkout desk, checking in seperatly.

message 8: by Carly (new)

Carly  (cloud-envy) (yaay ola)

Chase Raine and Katie dropped off their bags and changed. Katie opted to go to the arcade while Raine and Chase changed and headed for the beach almost instantly. Raine smirked at her best friend, who had been working out all winter waiting for this trip. She rolled her eyes at his slight arrogance when he removed his shirt to enter the water, and chased him in with her sleek black board

message 9: by Scarlet (new)

Scarlet ((thats your name Ola? lol, i was calling you everyone liesXD))

"Well...i'll see you later. Bye!" Terra said and couldn't wait anymore. She didn't even bother to put her luggage in her room. Just went straight to the beach. She left her board on the sand by her stuff, while running over to the water. She paid a man who took her farther out to go water boarding. She stood onto the board and held onto the handles whih were attached to the boat by a long string.

Tristen put his stuff up in his room, then walked down, looking around the hotel.

message 10: by Carly (new)

Carly  (cloud-envy) (lol yeah my huddy buddy)

Katie played random games before getting board and walking twoard the boardwalk

Chase caught a wave and surfed his heart out, missing a bit and crashing into the water. He came up, coughing and grinning, smirking at Raine who had been too busy laughing at him to notice the huge wave that knocked her over

message 11: by Scarlet (new)

Scarlet ((lol,nice))

TRisten went and bought a smoothly from the smoothly bar.

Terra laughed. "Faster!" She called to the driver as the board went over the wave. She had enough air to do a quick flip and she laughed.

message 12: by Carly (new)

Carly  (cloud-envy) (hehe)

Katie walked into a little open front stall, trying on sunglasses.

Raine laughed and got out, her throat burning slightly from the salt. She watched Chase surf for a bit before walking over to a small shack on the beach to buy herself a bottle of water, fixing her black swim suit

message 13: by Scarlet (new)

Scarlet Tristen noticed Raine and looked at her for a second, before looking away.

Terra let out another laugh when the board hit another wave and she went flying.

message 14: by Carly (new)

Carly  (cloud-envy) Raine glanced around the place, taking in everyone and everything for a second, before giving the guy behind the counter a smile. "Yeah, hi, can I get a water?" she asked, holding out a five. The guy handed her the bottle and two fifty in change, which she dropped in the tip jar

message 15: by Scarlet (new)

Scarlet Tristen watched her drop the money in out of the cornor of his eye. "You're good." He said quietly.

Terra came up, coughing and laughed.

message 16: by Carly (new)

Carly  (cloud-envy) Raine glanced over at the guy who had muttered. "Pardon?" she asked, arching a brow, cocking her head to the side just a bit in curiousity.

Chase howled with laughter as he caught a good sized wave

message 17: by Scarlet (new)

Scarlet Tristen drank more of his smoothie then shrugged. "Surfing. You're a good surfer."

Terra waved to the boat guys, then used the waved to body board to the sand.

message 18: by Carly (new)

Carly  (cloud-envy) He finished off going through as the wave tunneled over him, and finally crashed onto him.

"Oh, thanks." she said, brushing her damp hair over her shoulder. "Do you surf?"

message 19: by Scarlet (new)

Scarlet He shook his head. "I actually have no clus how to." He smiled slightly. "But you now, i see thoughs guys surfing on tv...doesn't look to hard."

Terra spit sand out of her mouth when a wave tossed her. She sighed, but couldn't help smiling as she stood, looking over the beatiful water.

message 20: by Carly (new)

Carly  (cloud-envy) Raine laughed. "Its easy when you get your balance." she agreed. "If you have a board I could teach you." she offered, smirking a bit.

Chase pulled himself out of the water, coughing a bit

message 21: by Scarlet (new)

Scarlet He shook his head, then looked around the beach and saw Terra's board. "My friend has one." He said, then raised an eyebrow. "You're offering to teach me?"

Terra saw chase come up, and covered her mouth to hid a laugh at his fall.

message 22: by Carly (new)

Carly  (cloud-envy) He leaned back on the sand, breathing.

"I dunno, I guess." she shrugged. "I must be a more laid back person when I'm on vacation." she smirked at him. "Im Raine by the way

message 23: by Scarlet (new)

Scarlet "It's vacation...you're meant to be laid back." He said. "And i'm Tristen."

Terra walked over to him quiely, bending down over him, smiling. "Are you dead?"

message 24: by Carly (new)

Carly  (cloud-envy) She smirked. "I'm not usually one to give free lessons to strangers. Maybe I'm a bit more laid back than i should be."

Chase blinked open his eyes. "Yep, totally dead."

message 25: by Scarlet (new)

Scarlet He smirked. "Don't worry. I promise to be a good student."

She giggled, a little tipsy from the scotch she had had on the plane ride. She cocked her head to the side. "Can i bury you in sand then?"

message 26: by Carly (new)

Carly  (cloud-envy) She laughed. "Right, right, Ill try not to laugh when you fall."

"Go crazy." he smirked

message 27: by Scarlet (new)

Scarlet He smiled. "Who says i'll fall?" He asked.

She giggled and started tossing sand on him. "Nice fall you took out there by the way."

((gtg, be back later))

message 28: by Carly (new)

Carly  (cloud-envy) (aw byes)

"Most begginers do." she replied coolly, smirking.

"Thanks, I thought it was pretty good myself." he grinned

message 29: by Scarlet (new)

Scarlet He smiled. "Well...maybe i'm different. Ya know, like...a natural!"

She nodded, smiling as she finished covering up his lower half. "Although, i think i'm a better surfer myself." She said, taking in her perfect accent.

message 30: by Carly (new)

Carly  (cloud-envy) "I just do it for the fun of it.

Raine laughed. "Doubt it"

message 31: by Scarlet (new)

Scarlet She nodded, finishing his top half, up to his neck, then sitting down beside him. "Yup, it's all about the fun."

He smirked. "jee...thanks for the confidance."

message 32: by Carly (new)

Carly  (cloud-envy) He smirked up at her. "So, you have a name?"

"Any time."

message 33: by Scarlet (new)

Scarlet She rolled her eyes and dramatically pretended to think. "Ya....i have a name."She smirked.

He stood up. "Then lets go teacher. I'm eager to learn."

message 34: by Carly (new)

Carly  (cloud-envy) "Id love to know it, if you ever get a moment to stop criticizing." he smirked

"Allright." she grinned and started walking twoard her board

message 35: by Scarlet (new)

Scarlet "Critizing?" She raised an eyebrow. "I'm not critizing."

He smiled and walked with her. "Then we gotta go steal my friends board."

message 36: by Carly (new)

Carly  (cloud-envy) "Oh dear god." she laughed

"Well you were criticizing my surfing, were you not?"

message 37: by Scarlet (new)

Scarlet He smirked, pointing to a shiny white and blue surf board. "Lets get it."

She shook her head. "no..just simply....comparing."

message 38: by Carly (new)

Carly  (cloud-envy) "You go first." she nudged him.


message 39: by Scarlet (new)

Scarlet "ah..." He looked around at spotted Terra over in the sand, back facing him. He walkeds over to the board and picked it up.

Terra rolled her eyes. "Whats your name?"

message 40: by Carly (new)

Carly  (cloud-envy) "Chase."

Raine smirked

message 41: by Scarlet (new)

Scarlet "Chase." She nodded and smiled. "Well, i hope you don't mind Chase..." She smirked and pulled out her camera. She laid down beside him and smiled, taking a picture before standing up. "Nice!"

Tristen laughed and ran back to her with the board. "Piece of cake!"

message 42: by Carly (new)

Carly  (cloud-envy) "Lets go!" she ran twoard the water

Chase laughed. "I don't think I had a choice huh?"

message 43: by Scarlet (new)

Scarlet He laughed and followed her into the water.

She smirked and shook her head. She leaned down, and wrote her name on the sand that covered him. "There, if you can see that. Thats my name."

message 44: by Carly (new)

Carly  (cloud-envy) He struggled. "Noo you muffin!"

She waded out and got on. "Lay flat, balance"

message 45: by Scarlet (new)

Scarlet She chuckled. "Muffin? Thats not my name." She rolled her eyes. "Well, i'll see you around Chase." She smiled, taking one more picture of him.

He nodded and laid on his back. "Nice, suntan."

message 46: by Carly (new)

Carly  (cloud-envy) I hate you!" he called

"On your stomach," she laughed, "Then paddel."

message 47: by Scarlet (new)

Scarlet She laughed. "Thanks for the compliment." She turned back to him, walking backwards. "Whats your room number?"

He smirked. "Oh!" He turned onto his stomach and paddled up next to her.

message 48: by Carly (new)

Carly  (cloud-envy) She smirked. "Just pretend you know what your doing." she teased, paddling out further


message 49: by Scarlet (new)

Scarlet He smirked. "Easier said then down!" He called up to her, paddling behind her.

She nodded. "Thanks. And just for the record. I'm not a stalker." She smiled then looked around for her board. "What the..."

message 50: by Carly (new)

Carly  (cloud-envy) "Wha?"

She laughed and turned. "Now wait for a good wave, and go. But you shouldn't try standing yet."

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