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message 1: by Stacy-Deanne (last edited Mar 12, 2010 12:51AM) (new)

Stacy-Deanne Stacy-Deanne (wwwgoodreadscomstacydeanne) Help! I need rehab because I am ADDICTED to Historical Romances! Someone book me on A&E's Intervention? LOL!

Yes, I'm happy. I feel like a crackhead that just came off a two-day hit! I am so happy and obviously too addicted to Historical Romances. I got my hands on a little extra dough and could NOT wait to get some new ebooks! Of course I headed over to some IR book sites but didn't see anything I wanted. I was surprised. The main book I thought was interesting was a book that involved a WM/BW/WM threesome. Needless to say, almost everything I ran into was erotic and a little too raunchy for me. Don't get me wrong, I don't mind erotica at times, but I wanted some IR books with a little more substance.

I didn't have time to search more sites. I'd already gone to three sites that publish IR books. I decided to buy my next favorite then, HISTORICALS! And man if you don't think my heart raced like a twenty-one year old guy at his first strip club show, you are CRAZY! I cannot wait to tear into these books, ladies! CANNOT WAIT! It might be spring but I'm ready to hybernate with these books! I cannot wait to get to reading!

So I bought about ten books in all. Eight were some delicious looking historicals and two were some Kimani mysteries from Adrianne Byrd. They looked so intriguing, I added them to the list.

As for the Historicals, I got some Elizabeth Rolls' books because I love her. Got some Carole Mortimer (never read), Amanda McCabe (never read), and Julia Juliss (never read). Since I never read these three authors, I hope I enjoy the books because I spent a bundle, LOL!

I must say I've never read a Historical I didn't like. I've read some that kinda missed the mark, but never one I couldn't see any good in so I'll be positive, LOL! I'd heard of Carole Mortimer's Rogue series books so I wanted to try them.

I felt like a kid at a candy store when I was downloading! Who says getting ebooks doesn't feel the same as shopping in a book store? I can't remember when I was this excited in the book store. It's been years!

I'm just glad I could control myself because if not, I'd probably have bought out the whole eHarlequin Historical store, LOL!

Can't wait to start reading! Anyone else get this excited over new books?

P.S. I changed my website. I'd love it if you guys dropped by and signed the guestbook!

Best Wishes!

message 2: by Arch , Mod (new)

Arch  | 6627 comments Mod
Wow! I hope the books are to your liking.

message 3: by CaliGirlRae, Mod Squad (new)

CaliGirlRae (rae_l) | 2005 comments Mod
Crikey! That's a lot of books! Sounds like you'll have a fun reading fest though. :-)

Btw, have you tried Zoe by T.A. Ford? That's a pretty awesome historical IR romance. I really liked that one.

message 4: by Stacy-Deanne (new)

Stacy-Deanne Stacy-Deanne (wwwgoodreadscomstacydeanne) Arch, you and me both, LOL!

Rae, No I haven't! Thanks for the heads up. I'll check it out!

Best Wishes!

message 5: by Chaeya (new)

Chaeya | 454 comments Happy reading!

message 6: by Debbie (new)

Debbie (halfpint66) | 221 comments Stacy,

I wouldn't worry about it. I've spent that at least that much,,,,,,,,,,,,sometimes more ( about $80) on printed books.

message 7: by Danielle The Book Huntress , Sees Love in All Colors (new)

 Danielle The Book Huntress  (gatadelafuente) | 7314 comments Mod
Yeah, we won't talk about my book budget. I love historical romances. My favorite in the romance genre, seconded by paranormal romance. I am a big fan of the Harlequin Historical romances. They have some strong, albeit overlooked books. Enjoy!

message 8: by Davina (new)

Davina D. | 796 comments Well, there are times when I spend that amount on books in one hour. In fact a day rarely goes by without me buying at least one book. It's one illness I don't really regret having. Enjoy your books.

message 9: by Jenn (new)

Jenn | 126 comments Nothing like a good splurge!! As long as you have shelter, heat and light go for it!

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