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Icelandic Sagas?

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message 1: by Jarl Erik (new)

Jarl Erik (jarlerik) | 2 comments Hi, I was just wondering wether any of you have read any sagas from Iceland? I've just read two, but I find them both entertaining and very interesting ^^
Oh, and the mentioned sagas are "Njåls Saga" and "Sagaen om Laksdølane" - don't really know of any English translated titles, but they can't be that far off :P

message 2: by Abi (new)

Abi | 12 comments Yes, I think the Icelandic sagas are really the main body of Old Norse Literature. The ones you mentioned are two of the most famous. The English titles are Njal's Saga (Icelandic: Brennu-Njáls saga) and Laxdæla Saga (same in Icelandic).
Those two are definitely two of my favourites, although I think Laxdæla has the edge. Are you planning to read any more? I would recommend either Grettir's Saga or Egil's Saga (in Norwegian: Grettes saga and Egils saga).

message 3: by Jarl Erik (new)

Jarl Erik (jarlerik) | 2 comments You use/have [æ,ø,å:] on your keyboard? Or are you perhaps from Iceland since you knew the names in Icelandic? xD
Yeah, I was planning on Egil's saga :D
Can't at the moment though :/ I have a butt load of books I have to read because of my studies at the University :/...

message 4: by Abi (new)

Abi | 12 comments No, I'm not from Iceland, but I spend quite a lot of time teaching myself Icelandic, which is why my keyboard is set up to switch between English and Icelandic, so I can do their 'special characters' (áéíóöúæþð).
Yeah, I sympathise - 90% of everything I read is dictated by my university, or stuff that I have to read for my dissertation. I love my course, but I miss non-19th century stuff sometimes.

message 5: by [deleted user] (new)

I have read the Eddas, and I have a very large book of Icelandic tales waiting to be cracked open. So maybe I can see what can be done about this!

message 6: by Lanea (new)

Lanea | 1 comments I read the huge Eiricksson _Sagas of Iceland_ tome a few years back, adn really enjoyed it.

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