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message 1: by [deleted user] (new)

Who is ur favorite character is this book? Mine I would have to say is Jezebel

message 2: by [deleted user] (new)

i know but he isnt in the book huntress it is between morgead jezebel claire or hugh

message 3: by Daylighter (new)

Daylighter (pantea13) emmmmmmmm, i love Jez, and her story was one of my favorite one's. but i gotta say Morgead is probably my favorite. i also really liked Hugh, the old souls are interesting characters.

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Daylighter (pantea13) wahaj wrote: "ASHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH <3"

oh i totally love Ash too, M'lyn and Ash were my favorite couple throughout the series. have u read L.J Smith's short stories about the characters?

message 5: by Daylighter (new)

Daylighter (pantea13) i know same here, i mean she wrote these originally back in the 90's and she never finished the series. it's like write the last book already.

message 6: by [deleted user] (new)

I totally agree with morgead he sounds like the perfect boyfriend.

message 7: by Daylighter (new)

Daylighter (pantea13) OMGGGGGGGGG, you just pointed out my favorite scene in that book. i LOVE that part, especially when she told him not to call her Jezebel even though she was almost dead. oh and i know i was crying too, i thought she was actually going to die.

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:P so who is ur fave thing in the supernatural world?

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i know that is exactly my order

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ok now we r friends thanks for the request

message 12: by Caitlyn (new)

Caitlyn (quietcait) wahaj wrote: "I'd have to say vampires, witches a close second. not too crazy about the shapeshifters and wolves honestly. you??"

Have you tried reading about Elene Michaels in Kelley Armstrong's Women of the Otherworld series? Might bump shifters up your list.

message 13: by Caitlyn (new)

Caitlyn (quietcait) wahaj wrote: "really now? what's it about, I think I might be interested. I've read the summoning, the awakening, and waiting to read the reckoning and they were pretty good."

Those are good and so are these. Her Women of the Otherword series includes books for a female werewolf, witch, ghost/angel, medium and vampire. My favorite is the Elena Michaels books which is the werewolf. She was bitten and turned on purpose by her boyfriend Clay and she's very rare because most females don't survive the change.

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Hey how is everyone?

message 15: by Brittany (new)

Brittany Faye (brittany0404) | 5 comments jez is my favorite!!!!!! of course

message 16: by Malithi (new)

Malithi | 8 comments ASH is my favorite

message 17: by Fatema (new)

Fatema Meamari (fmeamari) Both Morgead and Jez. Jez is the coolest heroin and Morgead is the most exciting, thrilling dude, no doubt about that.

message 18: by Fatema (new)

Fatema Bastaki (fatema_bastaki) | 3 comments Morgead of course is just irresistible and hard not to love HAWTNESS<3
but for me even though i love both alot, Jez is just one kick-ass character in the whole night world that i adore ♡!

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