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[ eff. i have no clue! ^o^ ] (me_want_cookie) | 13 comments Mod

message 2: by rebeccaaaa_ (new)

rebeccaaaa_ (beekaahh_) alreaaddy have

[ eff. i have no clue! ^o^ ] (me_want_cookie) | 13 comments Mod
tanks a million

message 4: by Dusty (new)

Dusty (mrsbieber) kk

message 5: by Elle (new)

Elle (2cute4u) | 23 comments me tooo :)

message 6: by rebeccaaaa_ (new)

rebeccaaaa_ (beekaahh_) elle! you joined! :) yay/

message 7: by Elle (new)

Elle (2cute4u) | 23 comments lol yess :D

message 8: by rebeccaaaa_ (new)

rebeccaaaa_ (beekaahh_) well hello ;)

message 9: by Elle (new)

Elle (2cute4u) | 23 comments lol :P we should force gabby to join
did u like it??? (the movie lol :P)

message 10: by rebeccaaaa_ (new)

rebeccaaaa_ (beekaahh_) i havent seen it yett :/

message 11: by Elle (new)

Elle (2cute4u) | 23 comments ohhh :(

message 12: by rebeccaaaa_ (new)

rebeccaaaa_ (beekaahh_) get gabby to join! ahah,

message 13: by Elle (new)

Elle (2cute4u) | 23 comments lol :P
i'll inbox her :)

message 14: by Gabby☺ (new)

Gabby☺ (pazzapotato) well helllllllloooooooo there :D

message 15: by Elle (new)

Elle (2cute4u) | 23 comments gabby! *high fives her* lol :P

message 16: by Gabby☺ (new)

Gabby☺ (pazzapotato) lol, wow :p

message 17: by Gabby☺ (new)

Gabby☺ (pazzapotato) gabby.elle.rebecca. slowly taking over goodreads one group at a time :p

message 18: by Anika (new)

Anika lol :)

message 19: by Elle (new)

Elle (2cute4u) | 23 comments lol soo true :)

message 20: by Gabby☺ (new)

Gabby☺ (pazzapotato) oh yes :p

message 21: by Elle (new)

Elle (2cute4u) | 23 comments hahah yeshhh...what's our next victim? ;) lol

message 22: by Gabby☺ (new)

Gabby☺ (pazzapotato) marks group idr what its called D:

message 23: by Briaq (new)

Briaq  (briaq) hi. heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeellooooooooooooooooooo? anyone? someone? *knocks on invisible glass*

message 24: by Briaq (new)

Briaq  (briaq) by the way...if you want to get more people to rp...just create a group that is attacking this group. people will come. I'm doing it with one of my groups. lol, we is the evil people! i would be happy to create it myself. thoug i am busy with a lot of other groups.

message 25: by Briaq (new)

Briaq  (briaq) oh. great. wonderful. someone created something that doesn't exist. is that even possible?

message 26: by Briaq (new)

Briaq  (briaq) If no one's on...I'm going to go work on my book.

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