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The mad Hatter was drinking tea.

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Dusty (mrsbieber) the white queen was walking around her castle

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The Hatter was looking around.

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Dusty (mrsbieber) the white queen sat on her throne

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Janna was walking around outside her house. She froze; something in the bushes was moving. It came into her view. A rabbit?? In a waistcoat.... She frowned and followed it, confused.((She finds underland the same way alice does. lol))

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Savannah (savvy15) ((lol))

The Queen of Hearts was sitting in her throne.

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Dusty (mrsbieber) ((lolz))

the white queen stood up and walked towards the armor

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Janna came to the rabbit hole. She looked down, curious.

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Dusty (mrsbieber) the white queen examined the armor

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Janna fell down the hole.((I wanna skip to where she's in wonderland. lol))

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Janna got slowly to her feet. "Ow..." She mumbled.

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"Uhmm, Where am I??" She asked, looking around.

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Janna jumped. "This place is like my dream.." She said, softly. She barely noticed as a pure white creature landed on her shoulder. "Oh.. So this is my dream, huh?? Hi arrog.." She said, patting his head.

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"Who??" She asked, tilting her head to the side.

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"I'm Janna.." She said. Arrog narrowed his eyes.

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"I'm just like what??" She asked, curious. "Janna i don't like him." Arrog said softly in her ear.

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Janna sighed. "I just love it when no one tells me anything!" She said.

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Janna rolled her eyes and got to her feet. "Okay, okay. Sorry. Guess there's no such thing as sarcasm in underland.." She mumbled. Arrog and her followed after glass.

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"Late for what!?" She asked.

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Divona sat on the top of a tree.

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((Sorry. I didn't know you posted!!!))

"A wish??" She asked, her voice faltering. She bt her lip, thinking.

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"I wasn't going to wish i'd be home, but.. something else.." She muttered.

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Janna sat up strait. Arrog hovered above Janna defensively.

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Janna's eyes widened. "Janna, hold out your hand and think ice!" Arrog told her. Janna did shat he said and shards of ice flew at the animals. "Oh my god!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

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Janna stared at her hands. "How...???" She murmured.

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"What about you!?"

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Janna bit her lip, but did as she was told. Arrog led her towards the castle.

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((Janna is the daughter of the white queen. lol. And Aarog changes colors with the element that Janna uses..))

Janna walked through the gates. "Hello??" She called out timidly.

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Divona saw Glass

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Janna sat on the bed, deep in thought. "I hate decisions." She muttered.

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((Yo Glass!!!))

Divona saw Glass and rushed to her side

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Janna had fallen asleep while thinking.

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Janna woke up a few minutes later. She got up and quietly left her room.

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Janna wandered down the halls, not really knowing what she was looking for.

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Janna nodded. "Yea.. But she made me come.." She said, quietly.

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"Why'd she do it, though??" She asked, confused.

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"But I'm not from here..." She said, confused.

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"What wish.." She murmured o herself. it was barely audible. She shook her head.

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Janna looked around in silence.

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Divona watched, she peered over to The White Queen

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Vicky was out in her flower garden, picking white roses to put on the table for dinner when she saw a rabbit. It was white with a waistcoat.
She went back to her mother's dying words (see charries to know her dying words), and put the roses down to follow the rabbit.
It kept hopping faster and faster. She realized that the rabbit was just going in circles. She got so dizzy that she fell down.

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When she woke up, she was laying on a giant mushroom. The white rabbit was staring over at her. She yelped and looked around at her surroundings. It look like the place that her mother would tell her about in the storys she told her when she was younger.
"Ma'am, please come! Your grandmother needs help!" The White Rabbit said.
Perhaps this is just a dream, Vicky thought. Might as well make the best of it.
"My grandmother? But I don't know my grandmother."
"Well, perhaps you'd better come with me. Hurry! The Red Queen gets mad very easily, and does not like to wait."
The Red Queen? Vicky thought,thats one of the characters that my mother told me about. She often called her own mother that.

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The White Rabbit beckoned Vicky to come with him, she followed. They walked awhile longer, then they came to what the rabbit said was the Red Queen's castle.
"I can not go past this border line, so you must go in unoccupied. I'm sorry. But go to the doors, and tell the gaurds that the Red Queen has been waiting for you. Good Luck."
Vicky followed his instructions and pretty soon found herself in a long hallway. A woman with an oversized head and red hair was sitting on a throne and talking to a frog in a waistcoat.
This dream just keeps on getting stranger and stranger, Vicky thought.
The lady with red hair sent the frog away and looked up to see Vicky.
"Ah yes. And who are you?" she asked sending the guards away.
"My name is Vicky. The white rabbit sent me here, He said you wanted to see me?"
The Red Queen stood up and walked over to Vicky. She put her hand underneath Vicky's chin to get a better look at her.
She smiled an evil smile and muttered, "Oh glouris day, my granddaughter has arrived!"

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"I don't know what your talking about. You're my grandmother?" Vicky asked once the Red Queen let go of her chin.
The Red Queen only smiled that same evil smile again and told her Knave of Hearts to get another chair her Vicky. They both sat down.
"I'm sorry, but I have no idea what you are talking about ma'am."
"Oh, I would explain now, but I have my complaints to take of. So, now you just sit there, shut your mouth and look pretty." The Red Queen answared beckoning the gaurds to open the doors.
First a mouse came into the room. She was wearing a dress made out of a rag.
"Ma'am, my husband has just died and I have sixteen mouths to feed. Please, could I borrow a few pents?"
The Red Queen put her head down to the mouse and smiled. "Why don't you just get a job as a nanny. Or a farmer. Now go before you waste too much of my time."
The mouse walked out and Vicky was astonished.
Next a big bird came in. "My lady I wanted to tell you you are being a very bad, good for nothing queen. Please, can't we go back to when the White Queen had rule?"
The Red Queen's nostrils flared, "Off with his head!!!!" she screamed to her gaurds. They took the bird away.

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Vicky's mouth dropped open. This is exacly like the stories that mother told me about, she thought.
After the Red Queen some-what took care of the complaints, Vicky again asked why she was here.
"Oh my dear granddaughter, you are here to stop someone for me."
"Well, it has been rumored that a girl named Jenna (I hope thats okay to tie you into the story, Jenna!) was come to Underland!"
"Who?" Vicky was very confused.
The Red Queen sighed, "A girl, rumored to have come here and wish Alice back to Underland! She is the daughter of my sister, the White Queen, so she gets a wish, and some of the Underlanders say that she will wish for Alice to come back to Underland."
Alice Vicky thought, a girl named Alice was in the stories that her mother told her about.
"Why can't Alice come back?"
The Red Queen had a look of evil on her face, "I believe that she wishes to take the crown away from me and give it to my sister. But, I am not entirley sure. But, the times she's been here, she's always messed something up."
Vicky nooded. "You must be tired, Knave of Hearts, show Vicky one of the guest bedrooms. Now!" the Red queen yelled out.
Vicky foolowed the Kanve of Hearts and went into what would be her bedroom.
There was a bed with a red conferter with the Red Queens crest on it. She opened another door which led to a bathroom.
Vicky was quite tired and found a crisp white nightgown which she put on and fell asleep on the bed, currled up like a cat.

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She awoke with a cat's face in her face. It had a huge simile and huge blue-green eyes. Its head did not seem to have a body. Vicky sreeched and rolled out of the bed. She was tangled in a huge sea of blankets and sheets that someone must've put on her.
"W-who are you?" She asked the cat head. Perhaps this just a dream she thought. But, isn't this a dream? Could you have a dream inside of a dream? she asked confusing her herself.
"I like to called the Chesire Cat, thank you very much." The head said, then suddenly, it had a body connected to the head. He was floating in mid-air.
"What are you doing here? What do you want?" She asked finally getting out of the tangles of the sheets.
"I just wanted to see if you were real. The White Rabbit sometimes sees illiosion."
"I think I'm seeing an illiosion right now." Vicky said, her head spinning.
The Chesire Cat smiled an enchanting smile, "Listen, the White Rabbit does not know what he did when he handed you over to the Red Queen. So don't blame him."
"What do you mean? He told me that the RedQueen wanted to see me, he gave me over to the Red Queen. How could he not mean to give me over?"
"Some things are not what they seem, Vicky. The Red Queen perhaps told the White Rabbit a lie. She does that sometimes."
Suddenly, Vicky heard the Red Queen yelling Vicky's name.
"I'd better go, say, I remember you now. My mother used to tell stories about you."
The Chesire cat smiled, then dissaperred.

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Vicky walked out of the room only to find herself face-to-face to the queen.
"Ah, there you are. One of my servants have found Jenna. She is really here, here is a picture of her that my servant got." The Red Queen said handing her the picture.
Vicky took it and asked why she needs it.
"Because, I want you to find this girl and get rid of her. I don't wnt Alice back in Underland. Since you are my granddaughter, and the only living relitive of mine, you have to bring her to me."
"But, I still don't understand why I have to."
"Because, if Alice comes back, she will take my crown and try to kill me! You don't want your grandmother to die do you?" The Red Queen said lying through her teeth.
Vicky shook her head and put the picture in her dress pocket.

Within ten minutes, Vicky was armed and ready to go find Jenna.

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"Ugh," Vicky groaned. She had accidently put her hand in some nasty purple goo again. She wiped her hand on a leave and pulled out the instructions to get to Jenna. Or at least where the servant had last seen her.
It was at The White Queen's castle. Another character in her mother's stories.

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"What's wrong??" Janna asked, worry flashing across her face.

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