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this looks horrid.

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what a terrible cover. how could anyone take this seriously?

Jessica I liked this book. A small group of women transform their recipe club to The Teeny Bikini Club, where they eat healthy food and motivate each other to lose weight. What do they say about not judging a book by it's cover?

Maryjo I liked it as well. It is not supposed to be a serious book but rather just a light easy read. I personally use these kinds of books in between ones that are harder to read.

Okie I don't usually read 'chic flic' books, but this was great! No big mysteries, just relationships, and great friends supporting one another. A nice, light, 'feel good' book. I loved it!

Carolyn V booknut wrote: "what a terrible cover. how could anyone take this seriously?

some opinions are better left unsaid

Tolly I like the friendship. Mature adult women that aren't our to sabotage each other.

Lynne Evans Loved this book!! It was the first book of Sheila's that I read.

Star Forbis It's much better than it looks! My Bookclub read it & I love her Christmas books!

Carolyn V I may have to check out her christmas books coming soon

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