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message 1: by Traveller (last edited Mar 11, 2010 07:15AM) (new)

Traveller (moontravlr) | 80 comments Mod
Hey guys, here's a thread in which to just talk about general trends, fancies, or just make fleeting comments.

Such as : Interesting to see the new trend you seem to be following, Arkadia. From adding tons of horror fiction to your "to-read" books, you now seem to be delving into a more formal approach to the occult and supernatural (more non-fiction, in other words) and other mysteries of the unexplained.

I like it. I like when people go off on a tangent to find out more about a specific subject. (Like me and fairies/unicorns/(x)mythological subjects, recently)

I also went through a phase like this current one of yours, and I can highly recommend the works of Lyall Watson, btw.

A lot of his work has to do with nature and popular science, but he also takes a semi-scientific look at a lot of very interesting "unexplained" and paranormal phenomena out there.
I used to devour his books with great interest.

message 2: by Arkadia (new)

Arkadia (_arkadia) | 17 comments Mod
Thank you for the thread and recommendation, Trav :) I will certainly check Watson out. Horror fiction is what you may call a 'lifelong trend' for me, as it is the genre I started with and always go back to, and anything deviating from that is likely more of a real 'trend' for me. I actually have a reason for this particular non-fiction trend, that I shall PM you about :)

Besides non-fiction books on the mysterious and the supernatural, I've been focusing on horror anthologies for the last year or so. I really adore short stories, and I feel that short horror stories are typically the most effective of all. The great thing about short story collections is you get to witness such an amazing, broad amount of concepts and ideas in such a small amount of time. It really makes you impressed with the scope of the human imagination. I absolutely adore reading about all the strange and fascinating situations people come up with.

message 3: by Traveller (last edited Mar 13, 2010 08:53AM) (new)

Traveller (moontravlr) | 80 comments Mod
I've always been a great fan of short stories. Perhaps because they give you more distinctly different little windows on the world, whereas a long novel tends to simply give you a bigger window of a particular story, in the same space.

I don't know if I expressed that clearly enough. :)

"I actually have a reason for this particular non-fiction trend, that I shall PM you about :)"
I shall be awaiting it with great interest. ;)

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Elvet | 41 comments I am glad this is a gaming group, since you all will understand the next comment. I'm so entrenched in games right now that my reading is virtually a standstill. I love the book I'm reading, but the attraction of Uru is just too great right now. I find that books and gaming take up most of my spare time. Rarely are they in balance. I'm either reading like a fiend or gaming in every spare minute. I used to have a bit of time for TV and movies, but they are really on the back burner now :-)

message 5: by Traveller (new)

Traveller (moontravlr) | 80 comments Mod
I for one , definitely understand, Elvet. I never watch TV anymore, and I try and cath up on movies by watching them on my PC.

I only have time for either reading or gaming, so I tend to alternate, although my reading really fell behind in the last year or two.

Now that I'm trying to catch up my reading again, I find I don't have time for any gaming except for a bit of Uru now and then. :(

message 6: by [deleted user] (new)

I'm very tempted to join the URU online community, but I know it'll be a bad choice. Right now I need to focus on my real life. I'm about to carve out an entirely new career and the ground I'm standing on is a bit shaky. (No, not earthquakes, just decision-making and some anxiety about it)
URU Ages Beyond Myst was the game that brought me into adventure gaming and it was such a great experience for me at that time. Now, being able to go back there and also interact with people would definitely absorb me completely - I can really get obsessed- and I can't allow myself that. *shrugs* '

So, right now I get my reality escape from books (The Angel's Game: it's very good btw), Star Trek D.S.9 (yep, watching it box after box) and Still Life 2 and soon Dark Fall Lost Souls.

message 7: by Traveller (new)

Traveller (moontravlr) | 80 comments Mod
Gee, Elvet, but you can READ!! I used to be like that, I used to devour a book every two or three days (in the days that books tended to be shorter :P,) but I see I've bitten off more than I can chew academically unless I give up almost all my leisure time that used to be devoted to gaming and reading.

I went and took 10 subjects for the year, granted, 8 of them or only semester courses, (So I have six for first term, and four for second term ); so I'll just be watching you guys read away with droopy envious eyes... :P

message 8: by Elvet (new)

Elvet | 41 comments Traveller wrote: "Gee, Elvet, but you can READ!! I used to be like that, I used to devour a book every two or three days (in the days that books tended to be shorter :P,) but I see I've bitten off more than I can c..."
Yes, that's true. I'm at that stage in life where I have both some spare time and the freedom to do what I want with it. However, I will say that I look back at my memories of school as some of the times that I had during my life. I didn't watch TV, go to the movies, or read anything but texts. At least there were no computers back then to tempt me :-)

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Traveller (moontravlr) | 80 comments Mod
Hi guys. I'm still searching for a group who actually discusses the books I read, especially SF &F. Since I don't seem to be finding any, I'm just going to add whatever books to this group's shelves, and hope somebody comes along who's reading the same book and feels like discussing it. Will be adding City of Saints & Madmen by Jeff Vandermeer for now.

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