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message 1: by Zetta (new)

Zetta (zettab) | 7 comments Mod
I'm in a couple of these anti-piracy loops, and I often feel way out of my depth.

It appears that most of the people in the groups have a lot of experience in trying to deal with this, but for someone like me who just recently discovered that their work is being pirated, how do you start?

I've tried using the form letter(s) suggested, but when they don't work--what do you do? How can you find the ISP info for some of these sites where it looks like it's unavailable? What do you do when you find your pirate--like I did, on Facebook--is there a way that you can legally get access to their real name/address?

If someone could put together a comprehensive "how-to" manual, that would be a help--at least for me.

Zetta Brown

message 2: by Brenna (new)

Brenna Lyons (BrennaLyons) | 93 comments Mod
I have a piracy primer on my web site under For Authors.

If someone is pirating ON Facebook, complain to Facebook on copyright infringement and TOS (terms of service) violations. Facebook may choose to remove content and warn the person or even to scrap their Facebook page. That won't stop the infringer, but it will slow him/her down and annoy the abuser nearly as much as he/she has annoyed you. Same thing goes for Yahoo and for Twitter and MySpace and fact, any social networking or blog site would work that way.

On eBay, you have to post a VeRO complaint. Search for VeRO (verified rights owner) on eBay, and you'll see the form for reporting infringement.

Always use the DMCA form when speaking to them.

The simple way to find someone's web site information is to use a site like If you find the site owner unwilling to remove infringing content, you have the option plan to going to the servers hosting their content and the people selling them the domain. If the domain is through GoDaddy, file an infringement complaint there. They can take the domain back for infringement. If the content is hosted on Comcast or Cox or Verizon, contact them, and they can pull content, send warnings, and even yank whole sites. Like I said, it won't stop the person, but it will annoy and slow them down. And it might make some think twice before doing it again.

Now, if you find a major pirate site, while you work on the content and host, go ahead and hit their advertisers with complaints and get their funding yanked. If you see a banner ad for Verizon on a pirate site that is pirating your work, contact their PR and legal departments and tell them where their advertising is going. Chances are, they don't know it and will not want associated with it. Make it personal. Tell them you are CERTAIN they would protect their trademarks, and as such they should respect the IP (intellectual property) of others.

Now, aside from some sites on, don't expect anyone to give you personal information about an infringer, UNLESS you have a court case in the works and need to prove intent. This would work well for the types that post the infringement at site A...then at B when kicked off A...then C...then D. That shows very real and deliberate attempts to pirate and conceal activities. That's when you really need the information on who and where the person is. eBay is good about this. It's part of the VeRO program to provide that information to legal proceedings, and should be part of any other reputable site's workings.

Oh, and if someone pirates in conjunction with a business they run or work for, nail them there. Nothing will get someone's attention like the boss getting a formal complaint that the person is risking the business by putting them in an actionable position...or losing the business web site, because they are infringing on it.


message 3: by Zetta (new)

Zetta (zettab) | 7 comments Mod
Thanks, Brenna.

I'll check all this out. As far as the Facebook thing, I just found my pirate on the site. She's an Astatalk fan! Other than that, I have no info on her and it looks like I won't be able to get it which makes me sick since SHE'S breaking the law and I'm not.

message 4: by Rowena, Group Owner (new)

Rowena (rowenacherry) | 685 comments Mod
Excellent advice, Brenna.

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