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What do you think of the cover?

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Lubna Hi, obviously this book hasn't come out yet, but I was wondering what you thought of the cover?

Aaron sweeet

Jackie love it cant wait to read

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Tony(\\\) I think its pretty cool, if you notice as each book gets published, vlad on the cover becomes less and less insecure visibly by showing himself and not looking down. I cant wait to get my hands on the book. I finished 11th grade burns and im pissed with a cliffhanger and a 6 month wait till i can read the 5th installment. Still love Heather Brewer though.

John  Valentin the best cover ever ! its seems emo like the others but cool

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Jackie_torres He look sooo hooottt!!!

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Tirsana i agree. he looks soooooooooo freaking hot!!!!!!!!!!! really hated the cliffhanger in eleventh grade burns. come on heather brewer, finish writing already

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Winterfae *spiro, spero* Very dramatic. Love the contrast. It's a plus that it's a cute guy on the front, too! ^,^ Wish the books were as good as the covers, though...the first book was pretty good. I was captivated, and couldn't stop reading. But that's me with most books- I don't want to put them down. But in the Ninth, Tenth, and Eleventh Grade, Brewer's writing gets veeeeery repitious. So things tend to be extremely predictable. It's not exciting at all, if you know what's going to happen before you read it. And Vlad always cries. In every single chapter, there's a crying scene. That got me rather annoyed. But, regardless of obnoxiousness, I do want to read the new one. I wanna see what happens to Snow! :D

Melyssa The are cute little books. I'm not going to saying they are completely awesome... But I love them for what they are. I get so into series' that I really can't critique the writing. I just want to see what happens to the characters. So in a nut shell: I've pretty much loved all the books I've read. And I'm not really SUPER excited for the fifth book! Whoot!

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stephanie team bellaXD i like it!

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Ayla i love all the books covers and how he gradually loses his jacket and stops looking down and all (is it me, or does he look way older on this cover?)
I get how the extreme closeup fits in with the idea of the becoming-less-insecure thing, but his face kind of looks weird... maybe it's just me though :)

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stephanie team bellaXD nah, he looks a little weird:P

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Devin Hanson i just finished the 4th book. What a ending? I hate cliffhangers, i'd like to say that i read the whole series so far and its just an awesome series. I never heard of Heather Brewing till I started to read the book in Barnes N' Noble's waiting for someone. I bought the first,second,and third. Read all of it maybe a week. Read the 4th one. Awesome,completly awesome. Can't wait. September, you say? I read the comments about it keeps showing more visiblity on Vlad's face. Thats true, in each book he learns new things about himself, and his horrible past. I kinda thought that his dad was still alive for some reason, i was right. And that kinda sucked. He looks older on this cover. :)

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Amy baidi very cool..
I like it this cover..

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Sam Oh my who ever is up there! He's so hot! Cant wait to read it!

Cynthia Perez one word: stunning!and well hot... I can't wait to read it!Ugh I want it now!

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Devin wrote: "i just finished the 4th book. What a ending? I hate cliffhangers, i'd like to say that i read the whole series so far and its just an awesome series. I never heard of Heather Brewing till I started..."

hey...nice picture

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Kezia Santoso Awesome <3 I LOVE this one the best. It changed my opinion on everyone. Except Otis, that is. He's still awesome in all way possible *_*b

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Vikas pissed me off.....

Lyndsy I think that I am going to die waiting to read it. <3 it! The cover totally goes with how he's coming out of his shell.

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Buy it online! Check it out at a library! Borrow it from a friend! Doesn't matter how, just read it!!!

Emsely I love all the covers, they show Vlad growing up :D and the covers are just plain cool :P

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Blue wrote: "It coinsides with the others which I luv...and Vlad looks cuter here..."

sorry but he doesnt look cuter he looks HOTTER!!!!!!!

Jacqueline Awesome Cover!♥ It goes with the book

Gloria love the colour, love the cover,
it finally shows vlads face clearly, he's hot btw
the book i liked as the last instalment but not the ending and their weree a few twists into it that i didnt like

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omg so sexy!!!!

Gloria hahahah LOL i love vlad<3

Christopher Waltz It was my second facorite cover and my second favorite of the series. Fitting.

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