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Publisher Pulls "Last Train from Hiroshima"

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message 1: by Champagne (new)

Champagne I heard about this book on Talk of the Nation on NPR awhile ago and marked it on my "to-read" list. Today I heard this story on the same show and I'm really disappointed.

message 2: by Charles (new) - added it

Charles Pellegrino NOTE: The original publisher had been bombarded in 2010 by e-mails from a very small handful of trolls (fewer than 6), who essentially catfishes Holt and the NY Times by pretending to be everyone from Hiroshima survivors in my book, former professors of mine, a Los Alamos nuclear physicist who turned out never to have existed in the first place, and even James Cameron (claiming not to know me, and claiming I'd never been to the Titanic). Motor Rich at the NY Times was severely demoted for "truthifying" internet hoaxes without fact checking, and at the original publishing house (Holt), for the same reason, VP Marjorie Braman was fired and banned from NY publishing. The next edition, "To Hell and Back: The Last Train from Hiroshima" - was published by Rowman and Littlefield through Mark Selden's Cornell University imprint and (though one American aviator who exaggerated his WWII record was removed), not one atomic bomb survivor was removed from future editions because none of it - none of it - was made up. The question that remains to be answered is that, after demoting and firing people for their participation in a hoax, the NY Times and Holt refuse to print a retraction. One further note: The trolls who invented the hoax were posters on the "Nuke Lies" movement's site. This is a neo-Nazi site. Their beef? That I had previously co-authored books and archaeological reports on the Jewishness of the original Jesus movement. That such people can be empowered by the NYT, Holt, and NPR to hoax and bully a publisher into self-censoring a book in America today, should frighten everyone.

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