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what house are you in???

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what house are you in???

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=-( lol

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Are you going to play in the Percy jackson RP?

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oops sorry! :)

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It depends...I'm in a different one in each roleplay.

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plz choose one.

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Why? O

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Why? Of all my characters, I'm in Hermes, Apollo, and Hades.

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well, you could choose the awesome chatroom its for people that are not one of the big threes children. thats why its aweomse!

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So...I have to pick Hermes or Apollo, right?

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But...I love both!!!

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im sorry hey brandon r u gonna rp

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Uhh I am...

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okay fine.

message 20: by Kyle (new)

Kyle (deadbolt18) | 22 comments Hades!!!!!!!!!

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Which should I be in? Hades, Apollo, or Hermes?

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its for you to decide. im sorry i cant make the choice for you. where do you think you REALLY belong?? are you tricky? are you a good messange?? or are you dark and gloomy??? its up to you

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I love music...And healing. Anything artsy. That would be Apollo. Although I REALLY wanted Artemis...Too bad she's forever a maiden.

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then you are in appolo. ill see you in the awesome chatroom!

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Lyndsey you could be a huntress.

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she chose o be in appolo

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Kassandra Holloway Poseidon's the best

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Thats what i said. You could be a huntress and be in Brandon's cabin.

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i agree kassandra. he IS the best. brondon im glad your a mod but sometimes.........

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W/e The awesome one or should I say DAVINA

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AHHHHHH HE KNOWS MY NAME!!!!!!!!!! STALKER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Not realy when your sister anounces it 2 the world

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My friend Lia told me.

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EVERYBODY knows me! am i famous?????

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In goodreads.

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Well, no. Your just in alot of groups.

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:P i feel powerful!!! lol

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what should i do with my powers??? lolz :)

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gtg bye im going to a concert

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Kassandra Holloway who do u like best?
or Anabeth???

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