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由貴千秋 Brianna-Chan, Daughter of Zeus (xxtoxicxscenexx) -sighs- am I the only one here?

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i think sp

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YOUR not even SUPPOSED to be here. just cuz your a mod does not mean you can violate rules.

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Hey neither r you!

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I made this group. *smiles smugly* :)

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I made the mod group *Smiles also* ;)

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fine. but im onto you... >:(

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Brandon smiles and puts his hands up. Well thanks for the conversaiton boss. He said walking out of the room

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tia grabbs brandons arm. not so fast

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"what's up boss"?

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tia gave him the evil eye. "why are you so nice to me?? usually its a grunt and a nod."

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Brandon looked at her, "What do you mean?" he said walking out of the zues cabin.

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tia watched him walk out of the cabin. "remend him why i like him again???" she questioned herself

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"I heard that"!

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she blushed and closed the door

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Brandon laughed. "Night boss."

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she layed down on the bed mordified

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((who is she?))

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Brandon slept and walked to the archery range. (How bought we make a second rp for this?

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TIA woke up and went to the mess hall

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Brandon did too.

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((sounds good)) tia saw brandon and automaticly went to the posiedon table, where she laughed and talked to the other guys there

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Brandon sat on the table next to Aphrodite's table. He sat down and flexed his muscles making the Aphrodite cabin go, "oh...".

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((boys think they can get everybody with their muscles.)) tia raised her eyebrows. "are you guys really gonna be brainless chicks??" she asked them rolling her eyes. she then turned back and began talking to the guys again.

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Brnadon walked to the waters. He ripped off his shirtand dove in not knowing the Aphrodite's followed him.

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the aphrodites cabin cheered and swooned. tia was really dry, so she went to the other side of the lake. the aphrodites can left.

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Brandon swam deap and flicked his hair underwater unnessesarily, it was a bad habit.

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tia smiled to herself and was getting a tan. the hades cabin whistled and cheered.

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Brandon saw a water dragon swimming to attack him. He loaded an arrow and heard cheering. It was Aphrodite, agian.

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tia grinned and play flirted with them. the hades cabin left also. she sat up and went swimming.

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Brandon shot at the dragon, but it deflected off it's scales. He pulled for his arrows, but the arrows had gone all over the waters. He activated his sword.

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tia saw brondon hurting her pet and quickly threw a protective sheild against the water dradon. "hey! dont hurt my little baby!" she ran to the dragon and sat on its neck. it purred

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Brandon glared. He walked to the shore and shot an arrow at them and missed them agrily. He still had his sword activated.

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tia crooned to her pet. "okay, now go pway now and dont get seen." she kissed it on the head.

she pured and swam off

tia wetn to shore and the hades people were still there cheering and whistling

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Brandon looked for his shirt and saw the Aphrodite's hugging it. then the croud swarmed over him "Help" he yelled as they started grabbing on him. "What the..." as he was shoved down. The croud followed kissing him. A muffled "Tia.... Hel...." Was all he could saw inbetween the kisses.

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tia laughed and some popcorn popped up. "why should i??" she asked clearly enjoying herself

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Soon the Aphrodtes took turnes to change into bikines. Soon they all were somthering him again. "Tia!!!!"

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tia stopped grinning

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Brandon screamed "Help"!

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she yelled at them. "hey get of of my boyfriend!" the aphrodites cabin looked sheepish. "oh, sorry." they walked away. tia grinned. "problem solved."

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Brandon grinned sortof. "They shure know how to harrass."

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tia gigled. "you really should have seen your face!" she was laughing

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"Hey, it wasn't funny. I think they were trying to get me to date them. He looked on he chest were inbetween his 2nd and 3rd ab was a cut from thier nails.

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tia laughed and hugged him. "awww its ok. though the bikini part was the limit," she said frowning

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Brandon grimmiced, "I think that was the worst part."

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"aww do you want me to kiss it for you??"

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