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message 1: by Christine (new)

Christine (chrisarrow) | 1390 comments Mod
Heather Tomilson apparently writes fairy tale related YA fiction. I haven't read any of her books, but her post is interesting.


message 2: by Mawgojzeta (new)

Mawgojzeta | 240 comments She lives on a sailboat. How cool is that?!

Chris: Are you planning on giving her a try? If so, certainly give us a review.

message 3: by Christine (new)

Christine (chrisarrow) | 1390 comments Mod
Maybe. Just not right now. I went into Borders during the educator's discount period thinking I would only buy one book.

That didn't work out so well.

message 4: by Christine (new)

Christine (chrisarrow) | 1390 comments Mod
Heather Tomilson's new book Toads and Diamonds was released last week. This week Surlaluneblog is having a "Diamonds and Toads" week.

Here's the link

message 5: by Christine (new)

Christine (chrisarrow) | 1390 comments Mod
If you use the link in the post above, you can read Tomilson must recent blog entry.

message 6: by Elley (new)

Elley Murray (elleyotter) Heather TOMLINSON has three fairy tale books out - The Swan Maiden, Aurelie: A Faerie Tale, and her latest, Toads and Diamonds. I read (and loved) The Swan Maiden, and I can't WAIT for Toads and Diamonds. I didn't even know Aurelie existed until I was looking into when Toads and Diamonds was published, so hooray!

Here's a little more info:

The Swan Maiden: "Anything can happen. A third daughter can dream of being a creature of flight and magic, of wearing a swan skin like her sisters. But Doucette must run the castle household while her older sisters learn to weave spells. Her dream of flying is exactly that--until the day she discovers her own hidden birthright."


Aurelie: We promised, the three of us. No one would discover that we could see the Fae…

Once upon a time three children and a little river dragon were the best of friends, until a promise was broken. Now they are almost grown up and barely speaking to one another.

Of the four, it is Princess Aurelie who feels the loss the most. How can she prevent a war when she can't even make her friends get along? Heartsick
at losing her dearest companions, especially the handsome Garin, Aurelie finds comfort in the music and magic of fairyland. But a princess can't hide from her duties foerever. Her country needs her and so do her friends, whether they know it or not.


Toads and Diamonds: Diribani has come to the village well to get water for her family's scant meal of curry and rice. She never expected to meet a goddess there. Yet she is granted a remarkable gift: flowers and precious jewels drop from her lips whenever she talks.

It seems only right to Tana that the goddess judged her kind, lovely stepsister worthy of such riches. And when she encounters the goddess, she is not surprised to find herself speaking snakes and toads as a reward.

Yet blessings and curses are never so clear as they might seem. As their fates hang in the balance, each
sister struggles to understand her gift. Will it bring her wisdom, good fortune... or death?


I'm most certainly adding Toads and Diamonds to my bookshelf, and likely Aurelie as well! Hope this helped people get to know about these books a little more! =)


message 7: by Elley (new)

Elley Murray (elleyotter) I went to pick up Toads and Diamonds from my local Barnes & Noble, and they DON'T CARRY IT! ANYWHERE IN THE STATE! I live in Minnesota, and they said the closest B&N that carried it was in Utah or California. LAME!!

message 8: by Christine (new)

Christine (chrisarrow) | 1390 comments Mod
You only have access to Barnes and Noble? I feel so sorry for you.

message 9: by Elley (new)

Elley Murray (elleyotter) There's a Borders around somewhere as well... I guess I usually order most of my books off Amazon, though. OH, and I got to Half Price Books about a millions times a week. =) But I'll never find it there as it's a new release...

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