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How to Post a Picture

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message 1: by Heather, Moderator (new)

Heather | 8271 comments Enter the following EXACTLY the way it is written below:

img src="your link here" />

Put a < in front of 'img'. Keep the parentheses on both sides of your image link, and do everything else exactly as it is above. (I didn't put the < in front of image or it would have thought I was trying to post a picture without a link and it would have come up as a red X!) Anyway, to get your image link, right click on the image and there should be an option to select 'copy image link'. Paste that whole thing inside the parentheses. When you post it, the image should come up. If it doesn't or you have questions, please let me know.

message 2: by Monica (new)

Monica | 909 comments Thanks!!! Let's see how I do!...I'll get it eventually. Good thing there's a preview button. (I feel partially responsible for this feature...three years ago I suggested it to the Goodreads team!)

message 3: by Harley (new)

Harley | 21 comments Thanks for the tip.

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